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Special Episodes
#9301 Anniversary Special
Celebrate Eleanor's twentieth year in business! Eleanor shares the story of her quilting career, starting from her very first sewing machine to the book that started it all, The Log Cabin.
#9302 Eleanor And Friends Part 1
Take a trip with Eleanor as she visits quilting shops and quilt shows across America.
#9401 Eleanor And Friends Part 2
Discover the love behind quilting. Come with Eleanor and friends as they: make quilts for the less fortunate, Pass the heritage of quilting to children, visit more quilt shops!
#9403 Women Who Taught Us To Sew Part 1
Eleanor takes a break from her sewing machine to give you a historical look at creative women and their quilts from the early part of this century. Learn about influential designers such as Marie Webster, Ruby Mckim, and Anne Orr. Discover the history of the adorable faceless moppet Sunbonnet Sue.
#9404 - Women Who Taught Us To Sew Part 2
Hot off the press- Quilt patterns! Join the Nancy Page club with Florence La Ganke. Find out who really created the pattern that contributed to the famous quilter Grandma Dexter.
#9405 – Quilts Across America
Travel with Eleanor across the USA back to another life and time. Come enjoy her collection of old and new quilts depicting the evolution of regional differences in quilting styles and techniques.
#9406 – Crib Quilts
Remember your first warm quilt or blanket. Relive your childhood memories as Eleanor gives historical meaning to the old quilt designs you grew up with.
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