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Christmas Traditions: Quilt Block Party Series Four
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Eleanor Burns invites you to create your own treasured heirloom quilt as this unique quilt block party series celebrates familiar, cherished Christmas Traditions. Each block depicts a different holiday symbol, sewn using an innovative strip piecing method developed by Quilt in a Day® author, Wendy Gilbert. Beginner and experienced quilter alike will be delightfully challenged by the variety of quilt projects that can be created from the designs in the series.
#801 Tree Block
Using a fresh new "diagonal sewing technique," Eleanor shows you how to quickly form the evergreen tree, representirig renewed life.
#802 Candle Block
Join Eleanor as she shows this simple block, commemorating a symbolic sign of welcome, the candle. Quick as a wink, strips form the candle base, candle and flame, adding light to your sampler quilt.
#803 Joy Block
This block, like the holiday season, will fill you with joy. Eleanor speedily forms the word "JOY" from strips of background and major colors of fabric used in the quilt.
#804 Bell Block
Ring in the "season," as Eleanor pieces the bell together topping it off with a cheerful Christmas bow.
#805 Star of Bethlehem Block
A star is born as Eleanor creates this adaptation of the traditional star pattern. Combining a nine-patch and using the diagonal sewing technique, Eleanor quickly creates this inspirational block.
#806 Ornament Block
The legacy of family treasures is reflected in the ornament block, Eleanor selects a distinctive decorative fabric center to set off this simple to make block that will be as treasured as those special ornaments your family saves from year to year.
#807 Stocking Block
Watch Eleanor construct, from her favorite scrap pieces, this favorite of children everywhere. The stocking quickly forms to add that special touch to your sampler quilt.
#808 Home Block
Eleanor forms the roof of this cozy home using the diagonal sewing technique. The rest of the home quickly comes together combining strips and squares of fabric to reflect our favorite place for the holidays - -"home".
#809 Church Block
Graced with lovely stained glass windows, cut from a favorite unique swatch of fabric, this traditional church adds a special touch to your sampler quilt. Watch Eleanor use a variety of quick cutting and sewing techniques to create this beautiful block.
#810 Angel Block
This block is as integral to the creation of this quilt as an angel is to the celebration of Christmas. Eleanor demonstrates the diagonal sewing technique to create the angel's wings, robe, and folded hands. The face and halo are quickly created using a modified "log cabin" technique.
#811 Wreath Block
In a gesture of friendship and welcome, like the traditional wreath on the door, Eleanor shows you how to create this customary block using the diagonal sewing technique.
#812 Gift Box Block
Use of different color values in the fabric selected for the cheery bow on the gift box gives this block an exciting dimension. Eleanor speedily constructs the rest of block using a variety of quick sewing techniques.
#813 Finish Your Christmas Traditions Quilt
Using a simple nine-patch, and fast cutting techniques, Eleanor shows how to add the chain blocks, put the quilt together, and suggests some wonderful machine quilting patterns that truly make this quilt a treasured heirloom.
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