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Baskets & Flowers: Quilt Block Party Series Two
Using Early American and country styles, the twelve quilt blocks in this delightful series have Baskets and Flowers as their theme. From the "Cactus Flower" and "English Ivy" to the "Star Basket" and "Pine Tree," each of these beautiful blocks blooms with a special piece of American lore.
#301 Cactus Flower
Cactus Flower, also known as Texas Flower, fitst appeared in Ladies' Art Company in 1898. Watch Eleanor Burns recreate that memory with this easy-to-sew beginner pattern.
#302 Basket of Scraps
Pioneer women created works of art out of their scrap bag or basket. Eleanor shows a unique "strip" method for creating the pattern named after their precious scraps.
#303 Flower Basket
Flowers originally supplied the quilter with all the materials necessary for dying precious quilting fabrics. Watch the flower basket block come alive with a simple sewing method of making pieced triangles.
#304 English Ivy
Typical of older quilt patterns, English Ivy is simply composed of triangles and squares. Eleanor shows how to finish the climbing vine with the fast approach of "blind hem applique."
#305 Cherry Basket
Baskets, a common container around farms, are easily reproduced in fabric with Eleanor's quick piecing techniques for the basket, and applique technique for the handle.
#306 Patchwork Posy
Nature inspired many quilt patterns, such as the Patchwork Posy. The block, which features diamonds in its design, is easy with strip sewing and rotary cutting on the 45 angle.
#307 Star Basket
First popularized around 1910, the Star Basket is also identified as Calico Bush and Tulip Basket. Learn to make the "star" in the basket with an updated, quick method.
#308 Pine Tree
The Pine Tree from colonial New England was used as a symbol of freedom in a rich new land. Eleanor "frees" you of time-consuming methods when she shows how to make pieced triangles for the tree.
#309 Carolina Lily
The Carolina Lily acquired many different names as it traveled across the country. The quilters in Pennsylvania that called the pattern Meadow Lily would have been grateful to know Eleanor's easy methods!
#310 Tulip
Among the flowers that are featured in quilts, the tulip is one of the most popular. Eleanor's technique is so easy, you can make it from start to finish on the overlock.
#311 Dobbin's Fan
Even though Dobbin's Fan is cut from templates, the assembly-line cutting and sewing methods shown on the program turn it into a fantastic project.
#312 Patch Blossoms
Like a "patchwork of blossoms," pieced triangles are arranged and sewn together simply into the last block for the quilt.
#313 Finish your Quilt
Watch as Eleanor sets the twelve blocks together on the point in diagonal rows, and finishes off the beautiful Baskets and Flowers Quilt with borders and binding.
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