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#2701 Grandmother’s Flower Garden
Eleanor takes you back to the 1930’s as she selects feed sack fabric to for a beautiful Egg Money Quilt in two layouts. Eleanor starts us off with Grandmother’s Flower Garden. You will delight in her quick new methods to make this old time favorite as a block or as a stylish purse.
#2702 Road to California
Pack up your belongings and take a journey with Eleanor across the dust bowl to the promise of California. Her lying geese technique is so quick and easy, you will be soaring through this pattern. Eleanor shares a hand made cross- stitched quilt made for her by her Aunt Ann.
#2703 Turkey Tracks
To honor the boom of turkey farming in the late 1930’s, Eleanor brings this traditional template pattern to the table. Enjoy a visit with Tom and Drumstick, rescued from Thanksgiving, as Eleanor shares her collection and stories of Mother’s vintage aprons.
#2704 Rosebud
Using half-square triangles, Eleanor’s garden grows in beautiful roses in shades of red, pink, and yellow. Enjoy a history lesson on FDR’s New Deal and the most beautiful quilt from the Depression Era designed by Ruth Finley and gifted to Eleanor Roosevelt.
#2705 Old Maid’s Puzzle and Double Ax Head
Eleanor adapts two 1930’s traditional applique patterns to the 21st century with her fusible interfacing technique. “Waste not – Want not” was the motto of the 1930’s and Eleanor shares some of the clever ways quilters used up every bit of their fabric.
#2706 Dresden Plate
From her German heritage, Eleanor shares the history of this beloved pattern. She demonstrates the versatility of the pattern by color selection to create a totally new look: a wreath to adorn the home for the holidays and a scrappy sunflower quilt to brighten the sewing room.
#2707 Double Wedding Ring
The most popular pattern since sliced bread is made quick and easy with Eleanor’s applique techniques. She also shares variations of the pattern from some very clever quilters.
#2708 Rocky Road to Kansas
The quilters of the 1930’s were not only thrifty but also creative with their scraps of fabric. Their days may have been dark and dusty but their quilts brought sunshine into their lives. Join Eleanor for a fun way to use up scraps and create lovely quilts.
#2709 Peony
Join Eleanor in the garden for her “easy to grow” Peony wallhanging. Pieced with lying geese patches and easy applique, this elegant quilt will add grace and charm to any home.
#2710 Friendship and Christian Cross
Life in the 1930’s was centered on church and home. Follow along as Eleanor revs up her sewing machine for assembly line sewing techniques for these cherished patterns.
#2711 Garden Walk
The shortages of the 1930’s drew people together to share with each other. There’s no shortage of easy techniques in this lovely pieced block, also known as “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight.
#2712 Finishing Sampler One
Eleanor shows you how to stitch together and frame 12” blocks with lattice and cornerstones to it a queen-size bed.
#2713 Finishing Sampler Two
Eleanor chose 1930’s newspaper patterns to create a sampler quilt with many different size blocks. Delight in a quilt made from feed sacks by one of Eleanor’s students. To adorn her quilt, Eleanor finished with a scalloped border.
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