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Quilts from the Underground Railroad
Jump aboard the train for a historical look at quilts from the 1860's and the significant part they played in helping slaves communicate "undercover." We'll gather our "monkey wrench" and hop onto the "wagon wheel," follow the "bears paw" trail through the mountains, and gather safely at the "crossroads." This is an adventure that you won't want to miss.
#2201 Quilts from the Underground Railroad, part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor Burns shares a story passed down through families about a link between slave-made quilts and the Underground Railroad. Slaves reportedly made coded quilts and then used them to navigate their escape.
#2202 Quilts from the Underground Railroad, part 2 Click here for book
Eleanor Burns continues the story, showing antique quilts that represent the secret code. She leads you into construction of the same quilts using new reproduction fabric
#2203 Log Cabin, part 1 Click here for book
Traditionally, log cabin blocks were made with red centers, representing the fire, or hearth of the log cabin. Eleanor explains how one black center represented a safe haven for escaping slaves while she demonstrates quilting techniques.
#2204 Log Cabin, Part 2 Click here for book
Turning log cabin blocks different ways signifies different meanings, as fields and furrows of the newly plowed field, a directional arrow, and the sun and shadow. Join Eleanor as she builds the blocks into a fin-ished quilt.
#2205 Flying Geese Quilts Click here for book
Flying Geese heading north for the summer represented slaves heading north as well. They were directed to follow the geese, and stop at the same waterways for rest and water. Follow Eleanor as she flies through a quick way of making four geese from two squares!
#2206 Birds in the Air Quilt, part 1 Click here for book
Debra Coates, wife of Quaker abolitionist, directed fugitives simply by the way she turned her quilt blocks. Eleanor has a swift way of directing the Birds in the Air blocks into flight
#2207 Birds in the Air Quilt, part 2 Click here for book
Eleanor sets the blocks on point, and shows you how to create messages in your own quilt by placement of blocks and quilting stitches.
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