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Quilt in a Day Log Cabin
These quilts are wonderful tradition-inspired treasures from America's heritage. But, there is nothing traditional about Eleanor Burns' construction techniques: they're fast and easy, and best of all, they're fun! Viewers will enjoy celebrating the creative pioneer spirit with these quilts from hearth and home.
#202 Amish Quilt Click here for book
Join Eleanor Burns and create the bold and lively Amish Quilt. Simply sew fabric strips and cut them on a 45 degree angle with the rotary cutter- Sew the blocks together and watch your Amish design come alive!
#203 Log Cabin Quilt, Part 1 Click here for book
Make one of America's best loved quilts! Using Eleanor Burns' famous fast-quilting methods, it's easy to sew strips of light and dark fabric around a center "hearth" square.
#204 Log Cabin Quilt, Part 2 Click here for book
Finish the handsome Log Cabin Quilt by quickly sewing blocks together. Learn the fast and easy way to add batting and backing fabric, or try the simple "birthing" method that lets you get your quilt off the sewing table onto your bed before nightfall.
#205 Lover's Knot Quilt, Part 1
The Lover's Knot design is simple to construct! It's similar to the Log Cabin design and just as easy to manage. In this first episode, let Eleanor demonstrate her one-of-a-kind strip technique for getting your blocks ready to combine.
#206 Lover's Knot Quilt, Part 2
In this continuing episode, Eleanor sews the original blocks to create the illusion of intertwined knots - without any complex sewing methods or awkward sewing angles!
#207 Trip Around the World Quilt
The Trip Around the World pattern is built of squares radiating from the center out to the borders. Eleanor shows how sewing and then "unsewing" fabric strips makes this a quick and easy project.
#208 Irish Chain Quilt, Part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor demonstrates, with the help of her twelve year old son, how easy it is to make the single Irish Chain Quilt. This is a great program to share with your children!
#209 Irish Chain Quilt, Part 2 Click here for book
The "strip piecing" method allows the quilter to make a more intricate Irish Chain. Watch this educational program and learn the best method for quickly piecing together the Double Irish Chain.
#210 Morning Star Quilt, Part 1
Make a beautiful Morning Star Wallhanging with simple Quilt in a Day methods. Learn the trick to sewing together pieced triangles before the fabric has been cut.
#211 Morning Star Quilt, Part 2
You've made the Star blocks in part one - now complete your decorative Wallbanging with machine quilting and learn how to add a binding to frame your Morning Star Quilt.
#212 Flying Geese Quilt Click here for book
Capture the beauty and symmetry of wild geese in flight when you learn the simple methods for making the Flying Geese pattern. Eleanor gives easy-to-follow instructions and invites quilters to use quick-sew techniques to make this delightful quilt in just a few hours!
#213 Schoolhouse Wallhanging, Part 1 Click here for book
This traditional design is now easy to make! The Schoolhouse blocks look like they've been made from templates, but the rectangles, squares, and triangles are all strip-pieced and assembly-line sewn.
#214 Schoolhouse Wallhanging, Part 2 Click here for book
In this final episode, quickly sew blocks together and apply borders, backing and binding! The Schoolhouse Wallhanging is a special treat to complete, and a treasure to have!
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