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From Scraps to Quilts
The perfect series for every quilter with a treasure of scraps put away for that special quilt. Join Eleanor Burns as she sorts her scraps and organizers her sewing room, then gets down to work creating beautiful quilts out of odds and ends. Enjoy historical blocks made from patterns published in the Kansas City Star during the 1930's, when most quilters used scraps of fabric left after clothes were sewn. Learn the basics of machine quilting to make your quilt a masterpiece! Beginning and experienced quilters alike will enjoy this colorful and educational series.
#1501 Scraps and Fabric Collections
What to do with those scraps! The series is off to a great start as Eleanor sorts her scraps and shares tips for setting up a perfect sewing room.
#1502 Jewel Box, Part 1 Click here for book
A priceless family treasure! See how fabric selection and contrasting colors affect the look of the Jewel Box. Eleanor displays some real "gems" and makes her blocks.
#1503 Jewel Box, Part 2 Click here for book
A beautiful flash of color! Eleanor sets her blocks together and finishes the quilt with a piano keys border, then makes a lovely miniature Jewel Box.
#1504 Kansas City Star Blocks
Enjoy these pieces from the past! Eleanor shares some historical quilt blocks made from patterns published in the Kansas City Star newspaper.
#1505 Kaleidoscope Quilt, Part 1 Click here for book
Add sparkle to your life! Layer cut triangles are sewn together to create the illusion of a circular block.
#1506 Kaleidoscope Quilt, Part 2 Click here for book
No boring borders! Eleanor shows you how blocks come together in the "Overall" and Edge Block" border patterns.
#1507 Kreative Kaleidoscope Quilts Click here for book
Get creative! Make a picture quilt out of your Kaleidoscope, using alternate layouts and color schemes.
#1508 Machine Quilting, Part 1 Click here for book
Cut your work from days to hours! Eleanor goes over the basics of machine quilting, with help from guest Cynthia Martin.
#1509 Machine Quilting, Part 2 Click here for book
Add dimension to your quilts! Learn a variety of wonderful finishing techniques for your quilt.
#1510 Nana's Garden, Part 1 Click here for book
Here's the perfect quilt for every Nana who ever wondered what to do with all those scraps! Eleanor cuts strips from scrap fabric and makes her blocks.
#1511 Nana's Garden, Part 2 Click here for book
Eleanor makes a very special grandmother's quilt with photo-transfer blocks. Mackie drops in with a song and dance.
#1512 Triple Irish Chain, Part 1 Click here for book
A traditional beauty! Wendy Gilbert joins Eleanor with an exciting new variation on the Irish Chain.
#1513 Triple Irish Chain, Part 2 Click here for book
Eleanor and Wendy finish their quilt with a wonderful scrap border treatment.
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