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Stars Across America: Quilt Block Party Series Seven
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In the latest block party series from Quilt in a Day®, Eleanor Burns honors twelve famous American women with a magnificent star sampler. Eleanor opens each program with a colorful bit of historical background, then proceeds to make a single star block with its own creative border treatment. Her cheerful instructions take viewers through all the steps of finishing a twelve-block sampler quilt, while lively anecdotes will provide entertainment for non-quilters in the audience.

Each program features a brief historical background of a famous American woman, instructions for one block, and a special border treatment.
#1401 Barbara Frietchie - Star
This traditional star, named for a staunch supporter of the Union, is the introduction to Eleanor's twelve block sampler.
#1402 Harriet Tubman - Star
Learn why Harriet Tubman was called "Moses," then find out how an eight point star is easy to make with Flying Geese patches.
#1403 Seminole Woman - Star
A triangle pieced star, dedicated to the women who devised the first quilting method especially for the sewing machine - the Seminole patchwork.
#1404 Harriet Beecher Stowe - Star
Eleanor uses light and dark fabrics to add extra dimension to a lovely star, named for the woman whose book stirred the nation's conscience in the fight against slavery.
#1405 Clara Barton - Star
Four patch pieces and triangles make an intricate design in this star named for the founder of the American Red Cross.
#1406 Sojourner Truth - Star
Sojourner chose her name to describe her mission as a traveling preacher. Her star is an easy eight point that frames a square, perfect for a fussy cut.
#1407 Jane Addams - Star
A four patch in the center of her star welcomes the eye, just as Jane welcomed the poor to her settlement house in the slums of Chicago.
#1408 Susan B. Anthony - Star
Susan fought for women's rights, but you won't have to fight to make her star! Eleanor demonstrates a grid method that makes this block come together easily.
#1409 Eleanor Roosevelt - Star
Alternating colors in the star points give this block a sense of motion, perfect for a woman who was always on the go.
#1410 Frances Willard - Star
Prohibition didn't stick, but Frances also led the WCTU in a fight for social reforms such as child labor laws and woman's suffrage. Eleanor assembles a star with a unique lattice center in her memory.
#1411 Marie Webster - Star
Eleanor couldn't forget the quilters! She is proud to dedicate this dramatic star to Marie Webster, one of America's most influential quilt designers.
#1412 Carrie Hall - Star
Carrie's treasure of quilt blocks grew to over 800! Eleanor shows you how to make one more for your own collection.
#1413 Remember the Ladies
In her final program, Eleanor will assemble and finish a twelve block sampler quilt. She'll also demonstrate some unique settings and border treatments devised by the stars of Quilt in a Day.
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