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Eleanor's Attic Treasures
Return with Eleanor Burns to explore the attic for more quilt ideas. As she shows each pattern, she shares interesting information, historical and personal. Eleanor goes on to apply her modern Quilt in a Day® approach to quilt construction, making the work fast and fun. Each of the items is an inspiration, challenging today's quiltmakers to recreate these traditional designs with Eleanor's contemporary tools and techniques.
#1201 Winning Hand, Part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor plays her "cards" in four fabrics and shows a strip method of assembly-line sewing to make the blocks.
#1202 Winning Hand, Part 2 Click here for book
She deals out methods to simplify adding the lattice and border. And, winner takes all when it is machine quilted!
#1203 Lover's Knot Placemats Click here for book
You'll fall in love with these elegant, but easy to make, placements. Eleanor assembly-line sews small blocks, sets them together with edge triangles, frames them in borders, and quickturns them for fast machine quilting. Perfect for gift-giving or dining room decor.
#1204 Bits & Pieces, Part 1 Click here for book
What a great way to use those strips left over from other projects! Eleanor demonstrates an easy approach of transforming strips into a single block construction of an overall chain.
#1205 Bits & Pieces, Part 2 Click here for book
Bit by bit, Eleanor finishes the quilt with efficient methods to sew the blocks together, add borders and machine quilt.
#1206 Rail Fence
You can't fence her in! Eleanor shows why this three fabric quilt is easy enough for a beginner. Strip sewn and cut into squares, the Rail Fence is so simple that even children can make it.
#1207 Courthouse Steps, Part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor has her day in Court convincing you just how versatile this traditional quilt pattern is by showing endless possible combinations of colors and values. She goes on to show how easily all the blocks are constructed by a single series of steps.
#1208 Courthouse Steps, Part 2 Click here for book
In her final summation, Eleanor can't resist rearranging the blocks. She sews the blocks together, and the verdict is "Guilty of committing another Great Quilt." A border and machine quilting winds it up. Case closed!
#1209 Star Log Cabin, Part 1 Click here for book
Eleanor enhances the popular Log Cabin pattern by adding stars among the blocks. Her unique star method begins by deciding on a quilt size and block arrangement. The stars then simply fall into place as the step-by-step instructions lead from making the basic blocks to adding star parts.
#1210 Star Log Cabin, Part 2 Click here for book
Once the main part of the quilt is sewn together, the stars along the edge are completed with a frame and border. Machine quilting and a binding finish this star studded quilt.
#1211 Applique Overlay
The best of both worlds! Applique applied to Log Cabin blocks! Eleanor shows how her special applique method and her special assembly-line sewing techniques come together in a truly remarkable combination.
#1212 Hearts & Gizzards Click here for book
A beautiful quilt also known as Dutch Windmills! Eleanor shows how just two contrasting fabrics make a dynamic quilt. Her applique technique with fusible interfacing makes quick work of the curved hearts that come together in the corners of the squares.
#1213 Blocks to Quilt
Whether it's a collection of different size blocks or odds and ends that don't match, Eleanor can turn the mismatched lot into a unified quilt. She adds a mitered frame to each block to bring them to the same size, then chooses a complimentary lattice. She finishes with machine quilting, and adds a binding and label.
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