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Applique in a Day: Quilt Block Party Series Six
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Eleanor Burns sews the seeds of creativity in this stunning applique sampler quilt. Using innovative applique techniques, you will quickly reap a harvest of twelve beautiful blocks that can be arranged in a sampler quilt or turned into imaginative one block projects. From the whimsical Distelfink block to the charming Sweetheart Wreath block, your quilt garden will bloom with an array of flowers, birds, and fruit, reminiscent of the popular turn of the century "album quilts."
#1101 Ohio Rose Block
A traditional block in "album style" quilts, the Ohio Rose is a great beginner block to learn Eleanor's innovative applique technique.
#1102 Sweetheart Wreath Block
What a delightful wreath of foxglove and petal flowers embellished with colonial knots! Eleanor will show you step by step how to create the colonial knot to embellish the flower centers.
#1103 Distelfink Block
The whimsical distelfink bird in a nest of hearts and flowers is reininiscent of American folk art. Watch Eleanor as she shows new ideas to decorate this charming block.
#1104 Evening Blooms Block
This block blooms with a variety of evening lilies, calyxes, blossoms and vines as Eleanor introduces additional techniques. Use a siniple "ruching" and create dahlias to add to the pattern.
#1105 Spring Flowers Block
Dogwood and tulips adorn this block which uses the colonial knots to decorate and the chain stitch to outline the vines that tie this delightful block together.
#1106 President's Wreath Block
Chain stitching and colonial knots trim the magnificent President's Wreath block. Flowers and buds form a garland linked by vines.
#1107 Fruit Bowl Block
In this session, Eleanor shows how to make "couching tendrils" to embellish the fruit. This block is perfect for a one block project and Eleanor will share some great ideas during this program.
#1108 Cherry Wreath Block
Life's a bowl of cherries when Eleanor shows you how simple this wonderful block is to produce. Eleanor details using fusing thread to make the bias stems for the twig wreath and then topstitching in place using a double needle.
#1109 Flower Basket Block
Both large and small "ruched" flowers fill this enchanting basket. Follow along with Eleanor as she details the step by step process of creating this block.
#1110 Grape Wreath Block
Whether you prefer lightly stuffed flat grapes or dimensional yo yo grapes, you'll delight in their chain stitched curly vines. The grapes and vines are carried into the borders of a luscious Grape Wreath Wallhanging.
#1111 Hearts & Flowers Block
Four hearts and four pleated carnations give symmetry to Eleanor's Hearts and Flowers block. She offers a choice of chain stitched or bias strip stems. You'll be impressed at the transformation of a smaller version of this block into a photo album cover.
#1112 Holly Wreath Block
Eleanor features a pair of doves and a heart atop this easy wreath of six holly leaves adorned with a bow and berries. She shows how to use a completed Holly Wreath Block in a wallhanging as well as the popular Kwillow, combination quilt and pillow.
#1113 Final Floral Arrangement
Join Eleanor as she demonstrates finishing techniques, offering different settings and alternative methods of machine quilting.