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Quilters' Year: Quilt Block Party Series One
The Quilt Block Party is a real celebration! Eleanor Burns' original Block Party quilt is made up of twelve traditional blocks depicting an appropriate theme for each month of the year. Start off the year climbing "Jacob's Ladder", reach for a "Liberty Star" along the way, and finish the series with December's "Snowball." This series has captivated both beginner and experienced quilters alike.
#101 Jacob's Ladder
Eleanor introduces the quilt, and quickly climbs into the first easy block, Jacob's Ladder, made simply with strips and triangles.
#102 Martha Washington Star
Even George would be proud of this brilliant star, with its patriotic pinwheel center and eight bright points.
#103 Windmill
Designed in colonial days, the blades of the windmill block appear in motion, reminiscent of assisting the farmers with irrigation.
#104 Bird's Nest
Simply a "seminole" strip technique, viewers are "eggcited" with the easy "eggs" in the "nest" of pieced triangles.
#105 Dresden Plate
Based on a popujar china pattern made in seventeenth century Germany, the Dresden Plate block is "unbreakable" with easy template sewing and invisible machine applique.
#106 Corn & Beans
Also known as Hens and Chickens, this homey block of triangles was designed by pioneer women while thinking about their fresh countryside. Watch Eleanor "bring it home"!
#107 Liberty Star
Eleanor celebrates our Country's independence with this easy eight point star, stripped first and then cut on the 45 degree angle.
#108 Milky Way
Swirling light and dark stars dance across this easy pattern. Eleanor dazzles viewers with a striking Milky Way quilt.
#109 Autumn Leaves
Viewers capture the grace of falling leaves in this fresh pattern. Narrow stems are delicately turned toward the center block.
#110 Compass
With Eleanor's precise methods, viewers can skillfully turn their Compass blocks North, South, East, or West!
#111 Turkey Tracks
Turkey feet appear quickly when Eleanor sews strips together and cuts them on the 45 degree angle!
#112 Snowball
Rolling to the end of the quilt, Snowball is the featured block, along with machine quilting and tying techniques.
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