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Painted Forest by Blue Nickel Studios

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Scott Hansen grew up in the woods. Well, he had a house, but he always had some sort of forest to play in. And back then, if he wasn't watching the 3 channels on TV, he played outdoors. A lot. He also drew and colored for much of his childhood! He loved his 64-count box of Crayolas. So it is only natural that Painted Forest came to the surface of the designs floating around in his head, combining his love of the forest and color. Create your own fantasy forest from all of your favorite scraps. You can use all of your floral scraps with various light or "low-volume" prints as he did in the model, or you can plant your forest in your own leftover bits. How about a plaid forest in browns and reds? Or maybe a wintery forest in all blues and silvers. Or go super-dramatic with a black-and-white forest against a backdrop of various reds. The variations are about as limitless as, well, the number of leaves on a tree. Finished size: 59 1/2" x 60".

Item # 8999PF
Barcode # 014567204566
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