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Alison Glass Skill Builder Series - Shift Quilt Pattern

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The Alison Glass Sew 'Skill Builder Series!' This series is designed to build your skills as quilters. Each pattern in the series teaches an important quilting skill, allowing you to learn, practice and master it through the creation of a beautiful handmade quilt. Shift is made up of a series of interlocking x's and is a study in color and fabric. What Looks good? Many of the quilts we are drawn to use a spectrum or group of colors arranged in an appealing way. What is appealing? Of course that differs greatly from person to person and bottom line, if you like it, then go for it! But what about when you're not sure? There are some helpful princiloes. This pattern shares and discusses a number of layout styles that are attractive. You will make use of a Coloring Page and/or a design wall to work out the layout of your quilt, giving you practice in creating layouts. A Conversion Chart is included to help you learn how to estimate cutting needs based on your layout choices. You can apply what you learn here to other quilts. This pattern is scaled to allow for a choice of 3 sizes: baby 40' x 48', throw 60' x 72", and queen 80' x 96'. The layout is the same for each, just the initial cut sizes change.

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