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Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Stand

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Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Stand
This convenient stand made out of a heat-resistant material is used for the Mini Iron and Mini Iron II.
The lid part is used as a stand while the base part is used for storing adapter tips.
The lid part and the base part put together become a compact item.
The base part has a divider so that a hot tip can be separated from the other tips.
Adapter Tips sold separately.

Cautions: Be careful when lifting the Cooling Stand while tips are stored as tips may fall.
The Mini Iron II reaches high temperatures.
Do not allow the heated shaft or tip to come into direct contact with any plastic part in order to avoid deformation and discoloration.
Color is Red and White.

Measures 10"x3.75"x3"
Item # 3484
Barcode # 051221003196
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