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The proper cutting tools or supplies can make your project easier and the results successful. We offer a wide variety of products to assist you in achieving your goals. Fine tools from Fiskar, Olfa, Clover Needlecraft, Gingher, Omnigrid, and others are offered at competitive pricing. Shop for rotary cutters and rotary blades in a variety of sizes, sharpeners, scissors, cutting mats (stationary and rotating), seam rippers, mat cleaners, and all cutting related items. Quilt in a Day offers an extensive selection of quality pins, needles, bobbins and related accessories. We are proud to offer Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles in sizes for general and specialized sewing needs. Professional and home sewers call Superior's titanium coated needles for topstitching "Magic Needles" for their ability to retain their sharpness and durability. We are proud to include the fine products from Clover, Bohin, Dritz, John James, Klasses, and Singer in our family of brands for exceptional quality. You will find premium pre-wound bobbins and a variety of bobbin cases and savers, all designed for organization and time savings.

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KAI 11 inch Professional Shears
Item # KAI7280
Barcode # 4901331503757
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KAI 12 inch Professional Shears
Item # KAI7300
Barcode # 4901331503764
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KAI 4 inch CURVED Needlecraft Scissors
Item # KAI5100C
Barcode # 4901331501753
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KAI 4 inch Needlecraft Scissors
Item # KAI5100
Barcode # 4901331501746
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KAI 5 inch Double Curved Embroidery Scissors
Item # KAI5130DC
Barcode # 4901331504891
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KAI 60mm Rotary Cutter Ergonomic Grip
Item # KAIRS60
Barcode # 4901331502637
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KAI 8 inch Micro Serrated Patchwork Scissors
Item # KAI3210
Barcode # 4901331504471
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KAI 8 inch Professional Shears
Item # KAI7205
Barcode # 4901331503894
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KAI 8.5 inch LEFTY Dressmaking Shears
Item # KAI5220L
Barcode # 4901331501807
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KAI 9 inch Bent Trimming Shears
Item # KAI5230
Barcode # 4901331501968
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KAI 9 inch Pinking Shears
Item # KAI5350
Barcode # 4901601002096
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KAI 9 inch Professional Shears
Item # KAI7230
Barcode # 4901331503887
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