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FabGrab 3 in 1 Quilters Sandboard

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3 Multi-use surfaces to assist you with various quilt making techniques!
Textured surface holds fabric firmly in place for ease in marking and tracking (textured as a sand board).
Felt Surface can be used as a mini design wall, fabric patches stay in place while you piece.
Smooth Surface on back provides a smooth area for writing and tracing.

Measures 9.5 x 12 inches

Hand Piecing & Applique
This useful board is a MUST have for hand piecing and applique. The very fine black textured surface creates just the right amount of friction and holds fabric firmly in place while you trace applique patterns and hand piecing templates and seam allowances onto fabric, preventing slipping and unwanted stretching.

Quilting Designs & Stencils
Use the FabGrab to hold fabric securely while marking quilt designs and stencils. Tip: For easier handling, mark quilting designs on to individual quilt blocks BEFORE joining into a quilt top (if possible).

FabGrab is proudly made in the USA.


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Barcode # 724165770409
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