Full Service Quilting - As close as your mailbox . . . .

You finished your quilt top and now it needs the final touch - quilting. If you're like Eleanor, you "quilt by plastic" - have it professionally quilted so you can start piecing your next treasured quilt top! Good news! Now, Quilt in a Day offers full machine quilting by mail! Eleanor has pieced hundreds of quilts for her books, quilt shows, her quilt shop, and for personal use. She always enlists the help of professional, experienced long arm quilters to finish her quilts and now these same people will expertly quilt your quilt tops too! We use state of the art Gammill Stitchers, top quality threads, batting and backing to make your quilt an heirloom.


It's all in the details . . . .

-Quilt Sizes: King, Queen, Twin, Lap, Wall, and special size projects.
-Cost: $.023 per square inch. Price includes batting.
-Turnaround time: 3 to 5 weeks turnaround on most quilts. This does not include shipping time or quilt binding, if you choose this optional service. If you require your finished quilt by a certain date, please call or email us so we can check our prior commitments before sending in your quilt top.

Get Set: Checklist for preparing your quilt for the long arm quilter:

  1. Top and backing have all loose threads, pet hairs, etc., removed, and are clean and pressed with seams going to one side (not pressed open). Seams in the backing should be 1/2" wide, with selvages removed.
  2. Top and backing are accurately squared with a 90 degree angle at each corner. You might need to lay this out on a large table and measure with a long straight edge. Think of a picture frame, the opposite sides are the same measurement.
  3. Backing and batting at least 8" wider and longer than the quilt top.
  4. Top edges of backing and top are marked with a note and pinned in place.
  5. If the backing is pieced, please have the seam(s) run parallel to the top and bottom of the quilt. If your yardage is directional and the seam needs to run vertically, we may be able to load your quilt sideways on the quilt table, depending on the design you choose.
  6. Include a note with any additional instructions, and feel free to ask the quilter to call you before starting the project, to discuss further.
  7. The quilter will call you with any additional questions or concerns, if necessary.


1. Measure your quilt top in inches. Width X Height

2. Select your preferred stitch design:

3. Choose your thread color*:

* We will choose a thread color based on your selection.

4. Choose your Batting:

5. Quilt Backing options:

Back Stitching

Choose Your Backing

To choose a backing, click the button above and browse fabrics.

On your fabric's page click the button that looks like the image below.

6. Binding options

7. Talk to us.

Use the Comments section below to explain, in detail, what you want the quilting to look like. Tell us your comments or instructions so we will better understand the look you wish to achieve.

8. Terms and Conditions

Our team of machine quilters have many years of experience but we are unable to promise perfection. Communication is the key and we will follow your directions to the best of our ability. Please be thorough in your instructions for the best results and to ensure we understand your expected outcome. We understand that you are placing your trust in us when you send your quilt top to us and that trust is valuable to us. We will do everything we can to keep that trust. Please understand that if your quilt top is crooked or does not lay flat, we must deal with the problem as best we can. You also acknowledge that on occasion, there can be machine malfunction and our professionals will extend their experience to handle the situation properly. By sending us your quilt top, you acknowledge that things don't always turn out perfect or the way you intended. It is our goal to earn your machine quilting business and have you return with all of your tops for quilting.

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