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The Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock 1 Day

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The Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock is animated!
When the cuckoo calls on the hour and half hour the quilter raisers her arm to cut, the kitty jumps up and down, and the chimney sweep pops out of the chimney.

Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock made by the oldest manufacturer in Germany
Hand carved quilter, kitty, fabric bolts and thread spool pendulum.
Animation: On the hour and half hour the cuckoo pops out of his door and sings, the quilter rotary cuts fabric, the kitty jumps up and down on the fabric bolts, and the chimney sweep peeks up from inside the chimney.
Lever silences the cuckoo
Instructions for setting up and caring for the clock are included
Two year warranty
The pendulum is a hand painted spool of thread
Made by a 150 year-old company in the Black Forest
Measures 10 in W x 12 in T x 6.5 in D minus pendulum and weights
Brass 1-day movement
Pine cone cast weights
Made by hand in a small factory in Germany, the clocks are the real thing!

PRE-ORDER ONLY - The manufacturer of this clock is currently expecting their next shipment to arrive in the USA in mid March 2017. The last shipment sold out fast, so please place your order today, and your clock will ship immediately upon arrival.
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