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Sara's Single Coneflower Threadholder

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The Coneflower Threadholder is a delightfully useful accent for your sewing room. Any quilter or seamstress knows how important it is to have a stable cone thread holder. Coneflowers deliver large cones of thread to your sewing machine and hold spare bobbins.
Each Coneflower is handmade from recycled steel welded together in one piece with no screws and nothing to assemble. Every Coneflower is signed with Paul's logo and finished with a heavy automotive clear coat for a deep, durable, long-lasting finish.
A single-blossom Coneflower weighs about two and a half pounds, and a double blossom weighs about three and a half pounds, making them very stable. Coneflowers deliver thread 11-1/2" to 13-1/2".
Every coneflower is a handmade work of art, so each one is truly unique. A coneflower thread holder is a decorative and useful addition to your sewing room.
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