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Wed March 7
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

Ol man winter popped his head in and dusted my place with snow last night. YUK Sorry east coast gals I am sending it your way and trust me you will get a whole lot more than me; gotta go over those mountains and gain some moisture to dump on you all :)

I need a sewing day sew bad. HUMMM when that will be who knows. Got to put last pig down this weekend then will get a Saturday to myself I hope.

Java this morning then paperwork. Whats on you to do list:)

Hugs and prayers

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3/7/2018 4:28:34 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,Snowing here too & ever Is white.Willbe soft & heavy wet snow.Hope it’s not much but according to Izzy it wil be a big one.lol

Yesterday was rainy & today snow.I have lots of uglies to do,Want to get the basement cleaning finished.

Hope your day is a good one.Prayers forLeah & Maryzs DB Albert.And Sharona Too.

3/7/2018 4:42:33 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Good morning. Today I'm still working on El's little kite pattern. It's a good way to work with your stash.

Okay, here is a question. Who snuck into my rental house and took a box possibly marked "kitchen". Can't find lettuce spinner, strainers, and some baking pans. I think it is Maryq. (I snuck some boxes into her house when she was cleaning it out) I think she wants to get even with me. But there was a box sent yesterday to her and I hope she likes it. If PO is right, should be there on Thurs.

Hope everyone has a great day, time for coffee.
I'll try to check back later.
3/7/2018 4:53:22 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning everyone
We got snow flurries Nothing on ground and sunshine this morning. yesterday. Today off I go to chiro then meet Shirley and go to Sams club in Peoria. When I get home work on blocks if I am not pooped.
Yesterday worked on blocks. Slow but sure. I feel like the turtle in the turtle and the rabbit contest. Got to 10 inch block in the cabin blocks.

Izzy I hope you get that sewing day soon..
Diane You are so funny. I am sure she did it.
Becca You can come help me clean the basement I get the house done and promise I will get to basement Some how it never happens.

Off to have another cup of java

You all have a great sewing day
3/7/2018 5:17:48 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning,

We hit 70* yesterday. I think that seasons are a thing of the past. One day our great grand children will as what it was like to have actual seasons.

Jerry is adding shelving to my room. He bought the foam board and using both pieces will take an entire wall. I'm hoping it will all be done this week so I can get the design wall ready this weekend.

Going to put the blocks from Vinae's plaid swap together. Not sure what to use for the sashing.

Katy, glad those cabins are coming together. I haven't even started mine yet.

Sherry, Here if I go to urgent care I get there when they open. there are so many walk ins that I don't think that appointments mean anything.

Sharona, well? what did the doctor say when he called at 8?

Maryz, prayers for your brother. Glad your car will have brakes. And no thanks to the drama. I try to avoid that part of my family.

Marya, didn't know you would eat green beans, there's hope for you yet. Yes, there is drama at work but I am the loner who stays away from it. I like that I am voted off the island. Glad your blocks are coming out well.

Jana, I vote for the island for the batt cave. So many great islands out there that you can either make up yourself or purchase.

Kathy, prayers for your neighboring family. speaking of neighbors, you haven't mentioned noisy neighbor lately. Is he gone?

Izzy, you are so giving and you multiply your gifts. Hope the east coast girls appreciate your kindness.

Becca. lately the weather man has come up with catch phrases he uses to report the weather. The word this week is "Nor Easter" Previously the word was "Atmospheric River" Enjoy your Nor Easter. I'm wanting an Atmospheric River, we could use the water.

Diane, hope you find that salad spinner. I so love mine.

You all have a fun day. I need to get gas before work so I need to get going.

3/7/2018 5:28:44 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good Morning. Boy! I really slept in today! Everyone here is up and going. I need more coffee:)
So sorry for Old Man Winter hanging around at East coast.
Everyone is hungry for Spring.
Weather is good here for the rest of the week. Yesterday was so rainy that I got to stay in and see a lot. Working on a quilt top for my church back in Illinois.
You are all busy cleaning and getting ready for the warmer weather.
Hope your day goes well.

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3/7/2018 5:58:56 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Izzy - of all the things I don't miss from work, paperwork is at the top of that list. Hope your snow melts quickly.

Becca - thanks for the prayers. You are so faithful to pray for all of us. Thank you.

Diane - sure hope you find your missing box. Did you stumble across any extra boxes? I also love my salad spinner.

Katy - good thing all the snow is gone so you can do all your running around on dry roads.

Chriss - she said (the doctor, that is) that she was going to request a consult with a cardiologist. Nothing dramatic happened, so that's good. Hope your atmospheric river shows up.

Vel - hope today is a sunny day for you.

Yesterday was not fun. I read on FB about the death of one of my cousins - it's like I was punched in the face. She was 63 and died of congestive heart failure. She's the first one of my 16 cousins to go. I understand that they don't have all our phone numbers and such so they felt this was the fastest way. And then I found out that my nephew nearly died from a drug overdose - addiction is such an awful disease. But it's a new day and His mercies are new every morning. Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
3/7/2018 6:04:57 AM
Good Morning,,,I slept late this morning and was up started laundry and breakfast...I have a lot of "Putting Away" to do before i can even start cleaning,,,I need to run to my neighbors as she has all my mail. Including my QIAD BOM....Oh I am itching to start the log cbin blocks...The snowman quilt is sitting her just where i left her,,,Just need to make 4 corner blocks and sew on the borders,,,and it will be ready to quilt but it will become a ufo untill I catch up with Eleanor...I cannot wait to see the fabric she picked out for me...I am not sure if all the kits are the same...They said as available...Well i'd love to stay and chat but there are 2 sets of sheets and a ton of socks that need folding...and a very dusty house...and a few million "cobs" to evict....be back tomorrow...or maybe later on my coffee break...XXXOOO
3/7/2018 6:12:48 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

BECCA - thank you for your prayers. God knows we need them.

CHRISS - I knew Jerry could build shelves for you better than any you could buy. I meant to say, I would use 2 pieces of foamboard. In fact, I have. Only one is just 2 feet wide. I wish it was four but that's what they had at the time. I don't have them mounted on the wall,but stashed behind the door. I bring them out when I need them and lean them up against the wall. Not purrfect by any means, but it's all I have room for.

LEAH - sending prayerful thoughts your way for your colonoscopy on Friday.

IZZY - I hope you get a sewing day soon. No one deserves it more.

DIANE - that Mary Q can be a rascal!

MARY Q - that Diane can be a rascal!

KATY - well, remember how that turtle and rabbit story turned out - the turtle won the race!

I have to go hop into the shower now and get ready to leave. Having a long day in Seattle with Albert for pre-op appts and then we check him and his wife, Barb, into their room at the hospital inn at 4pm. We have to be back to the hospital at 5:30 am tomorrow.

Today we take Albert and Barb up to Seattle for some pre-op appointments and then get them checked into their room at the hospital inn. We will be with them all day. His 10-hr surgery is tomorrow morning about 5:30.

Wishing all a fabulous day and I hope you are covered in thread by happy hour!

mary z
3/7/2018 6:13:17 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Well, it's definitely still winter here, only 13* this morning! But sunny, which always helps my mood! Sun shine and coffee!! two best things!

Izzy...So true... good sleep and a good laugh, added to sunshine and coffee make a perfect day! My to-do list includes things like washing sheets, cleaning kitchen, and SEWING. Wish you could join me in the sewing room!

Maryz... You and your family will be on my mind all day today and tomorrow for sure!

Judi... YEAH you're home safe and sound! If it were me, I'd ignore the cob webs and dust, grab my BOM kit and lock myself away in the sewing room to play!

Sharon....So sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin! 63 is SO young. And what an awful way to find out... on Facebook of all places. Doesn't anyone pick up the phone any more!

Velda... It's good to sleep in once in a while! Since I'm retired, I think some day I'll sleep until noon, but then I hate to waste good sewing time sleeping! Enjoy your day!

Chriss... YEAH shelves!! OH how I miss all my shelves---took them all down when I had the house listed! What the heck is an "Atmospheric River"???

Katy.... You know what they say.... "Slow and steady wins the race"

Diane.... I could very well have your boxes in my storage unit.. and I'd never know they were there! Right now, other than fabric, I have no idea what's in there! Hope you find them!! OH BOY, packages! I love packages in the mail. So much more fun than bills

Becca.... Hope your basement cleaning goes well, maybe you'll find Diane's box marked "kitchen"

Yesterday I actually got a small quilt pinned, quilted and bound. I posted a photo in the PFTH "Merryman" topic as I am going to send it out to Ann. Lots of pieces cut and ready to go for Lori's swap too, will work on them today. Need to go through my stash, as I just remembered I promised Jen I'd make a little baby quilt for Eli's baby sitter--she's having a baby boy in August. But first, I need a shower and then it's some chores---darn gremlins left a mess in my kitchen again!!! I've started doing a little embroidery at night while I watch TV..grabbed a couple little kits one day at WM. It's lots of fun and I remember doing a lot of it when I was young! Some where around here I have a package of iron on transfers of Sun Bonnet Sues--if I could just find them!!! Was thinking I'd do a couple to decorate my sewing room. Guess I'll have to ask St. Anthony where I put them.

Off I go, need more coffee...
Wishing y'all a Wonderful Wednesday

3/7/2018 6:41:25 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

I have the sunshine! Bright beautiful and cold!

Sarah found a sale at Hobby Lobby - padded headboards ffor you to cover for your bed. They were one clearance, so she bought one for me for either my room or the guest bedroom. We will cover it, at a later date, with ultra suede. It is already padded and covered with interfacing. You couldn't do this much for the price they were selling the headboard for. There were a couple more, so we may go get another.

Not much new here. Still playing with rearranging. Michael does it first on the computer to see if my hairbrained ideas work. Easier than moving all the heavy pieces of furniture. Mouse clicks are not heavy! LOL

Hugs and prayers!
3/7/2018 6:45:12 AM
msdeets Send a Message

How the heck is everyone doing today?

I still LOVE coming on here and seeing what everyone is doing.
I am still sewing and also Knitting. Since our leader passed away couple months age we have all been helping one another working on our projects

I saw a wonderful hat that Chloe Kim was wearing and I thought I want to make that. I have finally found the right yarn and someone on ravelry has made a pattern for it. I also have someone to make the USA patches for it . Guess what my kids are all getting for Christmas. Yes the knit hats. I have one made and it came out really nice.

Our weather has been a little cooler this year compared to last year but I will not complain because It is still beautiful weather.

I have been going thru my stash to make some squares for a diaper bag that I have to make for a neighbors daughter who is having her first baby.

This afternoon we are going to take a ride up into north Myrtle beach to see the progress on a new restaurant being built by Jimmy Buffets sister its called LULU's

Sorry for babbling on so long Have an awesome day


3/7/2018 7:14:32 AM
gmaann Send a Message
Hi Friends!

Please see my post in Chit Chat or Projects from the Heart about the Merryman House project. It is one we have been doing for about 10 years and one that is so appreciated.

I have not been real active on the forum lately, but I do read the posts almost every day! I consider you all my friends and enjoy reading about your activities. I pray every day for the needs I see posted. Maybe I can get more active, as I really do care about all of you and about QIAD!

3/7/2018 8:28:13 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Snowing Afternoon !!!!!!!!!!!

The ground is gone & my world is white. Thanks to all that sent me the snow!
Lost power this morning, now that's it back I'm warming up the house in case I lose it again. "they" said up to 18" of snow maybe we'll get 10".
It will be snowing off & on until Fri. That means no knitting again tomorrow. ): Well that's more time for sewing.

Izzy....I do not like paperwork & it breeds like rabbits. Good luck with yours.

Becca.....we are getting wet snow....such a pain to shovel. Hope you get tht basement done.

Diane......you know the place where our lost messages go well I think there's one for lost moving boxes. I have 2 boxes there one of tools & one of Pampered Chef stuff. How strange a house would look with all our stuff.

Katy.....hope you have a nice day. The basement in my last house was a horror.....this house, I only have the 2 boxes my TVs came in.

Chriss......there's nothing like lots of storage in our rooms. My noise/smoky neighbors are still here! Just 2 weeks ago on a damp day he burned his trash & I can still hear his music for that I play a book on CD & i fall to sleep just fine.

Love & Prayers......Kathy

3/7/2018 12:24:47 PM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Yes we had a dump of snow end of winter but the mild cleared some of it out already. Maybe we get a bit more nothing major. At this pt we need the humidity soil so dry..

Did some vltr tulip selling for lung association and darn it could smell the Chinese food cooking at one of vendors couldn't resist knowing very well my bladder would spit it out 2hrs later and hope to god me hit bathroom before making a mess on the floor.

It took a young 20yr to suggest maybe have some big girl pants for bladder control just in case to save the day.. Me going back tomorrow and look at how much they cost least have a pair for emergency reasons.
3/7/2018 5:58:52 PM
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