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saturday March 3rd
grammiequilts Send a Message
good morning,today is our last day here,,,we will leave at 7am tomorrow. cool and sunny here today...It has been one of the best trips we ever had...We ate dinner at another recomennded restuarant,,this one was not as good as the others and I had heartburn all night,,,has to get up and eat tums...but it was good. not super.

I will not be abl to check in tomorrow till we land for the night, we will be all ready to go and computers will be stowed... Hope you all have a great day XXXOOO

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3/3/2018 5:13:27 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

JUDI - It has been a really nice trip and I'm grateful to you for letting us 'ride along'. It doesn't seem like it's been a whole month. Enjoy your trip home and keep the shiney side up!

Yesterday I finished my Valentine top and it's ready for quilting - sometime before next February. I posted a photo if you'd like to see it.

Today my sis and I are headed to Bremerton to my DD's. From there she is taking us to Silverdale, another 5 miles north, to an antique flea market, then another bit of shopping and after that we are meeting all our 'dates' at Red Robin where our DGS works. We are going to let him serve us our supper tonite.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

mary z
3/3/2018 5:21:02 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.
Last night the winds weren't as bad as the night before. The dogs slept thank goodness. Today is Sewing Saturday with Michelle. I have everything plugged back in. She is working on her Legacy quilt and I will FINALLY start my tool pouch. I have to clean a little bit before she gets here. I hope everyone is safe from the weather. Have a wonderful day.

3/3/2018 5:27:44 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo
Busy week. Finished 1 Quilt for first responder vehicles, made progress on Quilt for friend for Christmas. Cleaning up yards for Spring. Bathroom replumb/remodel under way.

Coffee now

3/3/2018 5:30:18 AM
msdeets Send a Message
Good Morning

I know that I haven't been around but I do go on and check on everyone.

How everyone is staying healthy.
We try not to go out in big crowds so that we don't catch anything.

Spring is on its way. . Last week we were out on our boat and it was 81 degrees. This week its windy and some rain. The amazing thing about rain here is it could be rain gin at 9am and by 10 am it stopped its sunny and dry. Loving this place. We have made more friends and I am still doing my knitting. I found a pattern for the Olympic inspired Chloe Kim hat . I did make one and because its so thick i made it in less than one day, Now I have orders from my kids for Christmas.

Getting ready for spring . We did lose a couple trees in the winter my lemon tree and a sago palm. The garden center said leave them in the ground they might come back.

One of the girls in our knitting group has a long arm and an embroidery machine . I think we will get together to quilt.

This winter has been brutal on a lot of people but that leads to cabin fever. Stay strong the Sun will come up tomorrow.

I will try to post every now and then. I am keeping really busy her and loving it,

The best to all of my quilting buddy

3/3/2018 5:41:34 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,sunny & beautiful but a tad nippy.We didn’t get the heavy winds but lots of others did.Thousands without power & lots of trees down.In other areas it was 60miles an hr.Thankful we were missed.

Judi Safe travels & Glad your Stay was such a fun time for you.

Suz Have fun today with DD.

Maryz Glad you are getting a break from the Kitchen.Enjoy your time with DD.And DGSs serving.

Flo So Happy you are back in the groove.

Delores Glad to hear things are good with your new Home.

It’s been busy here with DSs moving & yard work.Still a work in progress due to rain.It has to dry out some.Finished the baby doll & Deliverd it to Wren.Have the Mumbo dance going.Will be more of finishing up move today.
Have a great day everyone. Becca
3/3/2018 5:53:26 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
SUZ - so fortunate that you didnt' have much fall-out from the storm. Enjoy your sewing today!

FLO - glad you are back on track again! Making quilts for our city cops to carry in their cars has long been a plan of mine and I hope to make it this year's project. Last year was the nursing home and year before was children's hospital. I need to find out how many police cars we have.

DELORES - yay!! It's you!! I've missed you and all the beautiful descriptions of your wonderful new life! I'm so glad that, after a year, you still are loving your new surroundings. Sounds like it was the right move for you. I'm sorry you lost your lemon tree but hopefully it will come back. Nice to discover new quilters. Especially one with a LA!

BECCA - I'm thankful you had no severe problems with this latest storm. I've e-mailed Kathy but haven't heard back from her. And there's LOIS and VICKY, IRISH, and others to worry about, too. I hope all are OK.

3/3/2018 6:27:48 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
I keep forgetting to let you all know about this. We went to Lowe's to try and find a certain type of roller to get the wallpaper in our other bathroom down. Hubby asked the paint department person and she said Lowe's no longer carries wallpaper so they aren't going to carry the supplies to remove it. I don't know about Home Depot. We don't have one of them close.


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3/3/2018 6:46:45 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Oh what a pretty day!! Sun is shining, it's already 35* and snow is melting. Though I won't get too excited.. I think we're going to get more on Monday!

Judi.... Will be thinking of you as you head home tomorrow, with prayers to St. Christopher for safe travels.

Maryz... LOVE your Valentine Quilt!! My blocks are squared up, but no sewing today. It's PICNIC day at my house! Who's bright idea was it to invite everybody to MY house! Oh yeh, mine!

Becca.... You sure got that baby dolly done quickly! Do you remember Cabbage patch dolls? The BIG thing in the 70's. I think I even made a few of them!

DOLORES!!!! Hey.. great to see you too! I have been sorting out fabric and came across some you sent me YEARS ago!! Thought about you and wondered how you were doing! Forgot you moved south. Are you loving it?

Flo... sounds like it's been busy at your house! Glad you've been able to get in some stitchin' time!

Suzette... Things have calmed down a bit? Most important... you can plug in sewing machines again! How are you liking your new machine? Now you'll have to stock up on embroidery thread!

Better get back to chores.. .still need to run the vac up and down. Potato salad is made, need to whip up the Orange Fluff (orange jello with cool whip and mandarin oranges) IF everything is done, I just might sneak into the sewing room before everybody gets here.

So I wish you all a SUPER Saturday! See you tomorrow
3/3/2018 7:33:47 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, It's going to be a productive day. Once I move all my fabric into my sewing room it will be cake from there.

As of now I don't remember where I put some things, and I probably won't look for some of them again.

I remember that Marilyn would go in my room and find things that she just had to have. ribbon, jewels, fabric strips, buttons etc. She was like a raccoon. she liked things and would sneak them from my room to hers. I miss those days. She is 15 today. I keep doing the math because I want her to be younger. but nope, it still comes out as 15

We had some serious rain and wind. thunder and lightening. it was crazy.

If I don't get up off my duff I won't get anything done. You all have a great day today
3/3/2018 7:57:54 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Ethan is waiting for my niece, Sandee to come across the street and get him. They are going to see the movie Peter Rabbit and out to lunch together. Sandee had the weight loss surgery and has lost nearly 125 pounds. She looks so different! Her husband had it after her and he has lost over 100 pounds as well.

We are heading over to Home Depot to buy the sink and vanity for the Batt Cave outhouse. No snow yet, so we can use the truck. It is a two wheel drive and slightly squirelly in snow.

Kate's labor pains have backed off big time and the doctor feels we will go a few weeks more. Whew!

So when we get home, I am heading to the Batt Cave.

Chriss - you must have done that math wrong! Marilyn can't be that old! Happy Birthday to Marilyn!

Suzette - I too found out that Lowes is discontinuing wallpaper and supplies. I needed just some paste for my bathroom project and mine had that still.

Well, Sandee is here,


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3/3/2018 8:34:28 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Just reading the colonscopy test junk omg have to eat my popcorn bag before drinking all that liquid. Hate not being able to eat for 1.5 days.. Feel so week. Be glad when it is over, this time they are sedate me.. Then I'll hang around for 1hr-2 till can taxis home.

But today me working on braid quilt cats are crowding the sew machine, batting my pencil of table, holding the pin cushion and taking all of rotary matt space.

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3/3/2018 9:23:10 AM
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