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Thursday March 1
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

And rain rain rain !! Can you believe its march already. WHere is this year flying to!!!!

Prayers for you Leah my heart just breaks at the news. We all are here for you!!

Nothing else new here. Work today, lil man, and goats :)

Lil man is now crawling on all 4s. YUP speedy and yesterday he rode his little train all by himself. I was so tickled.


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3/1/2018 4:27:42 AM
Good morning I had my post all typed up and it disappeared. POOF! I guess Izzy needed to be first today...I was up watching the sun come up over the ocean this morning,,,how beautiful a site.

Laundry is done and packed away...Not sure what we will do the last few days here,,,It is a bit windy, If that settles down we will walk on the beach, We did watch a Coast Guard Bouy Tender service the bouys in the channel here yesterday,,,It was cool to see how they do that...Always something to see...

Well I hope you all are doing well...It is the last few days here then the trip home...I am anxious to get home...I bet the cobs have taken up residence big time while I have been gone...Spring cleaning will be the order of the day...Hope you all have time to sew and a full bobbin too. XXXOOO
3/1/2018 4:39:00 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good morning Everyone ,
We a supposed to be getting that noreastern and I'm hoping it's just a rain event I can't wait 1 more day till the weekend then it will be a sew event I have to start my log cabin blocks even if I do a few here and there some people are already done with all the log cabins already.

Izzy what have you been feeding little William he is growing up so quick.

Judi don't worry that work will always be there.

Leah so glad that your sister inlaw could be there as your support system you also have your cyber friends as well.

As for me I need to get back to work.

Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.
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3/1/2018 5:14:17 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning. boy has the wind picked up here. the chimes are going non stop.

I'm wanting to start on the blocks for Lori's swap. This will really be outside my box and a bit of a challenge, but so were hexi's. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity come out.

Maryz, Yes, I think I have all my sheving. My plan with those drawer units was to put them on a platform with some cubes and put a cutting top on them, but I think having them separate for now is good. I probably will put an ironing topper on one. glad you had a stay home day.

Joyce, hope DN's foot gets better soon.

Sharona, come on over this weekend, I'll take my hug then.

Maryq, hope you found what you were looking for. for me it's usually way in the back underneath something.

Sherry, you were a busy girl. Which treats do you get for Smoke? I buy Moose a goat horn. He can chew on them for a long long time. He also has this squeaky toy that when he plays with it he moans, it's so funny.

Kathy, hope you didn't lose power. OUr lunch wasn't great. they didn't have a raffle this year. they usually do. I should have just brought my own lunch.

Lori, I have never made a square log cabin. I think it will be a great practice block for me. The pictures in your swap are really pretty, my head is full of ideas.

Jana, give Ethan a smooch from me, so proud of him helping without being asked. what a dude.

Lea, glad you are doing what needs to be done to be healthy. before you know it this will be a memory.

Izzy, that little boy is on all fours, he's mimicking the goats, LOL. before you know it he will be upright and following you everywhere, smooch his neck for me.

Judi, I love a beautiful sun set and sun rise. Nice of God to make one for you to enjoy. Seems like you have been gone a long time. glad you're having fun.

Lois, I haven't started my cabins either. I do have a couple of things needing done first. I'd like to put my woodland blocks together for Richards school raffle coming up.

Hope everyone has a great day.
3/1/2018 5:22:48 AM
Good morning, Things are beginning to come together here. The shed is packed. Just a couple of more boxes to sort through. Still waiting delivery of stove, lift chair, dining set, chest of drawers and night stand. Once I clean out everything in front of my fireplace and clean out my dining area I will be in the clear. I can then start working on my Bedroom.

We are scheduled to have a big storm here too Chriss but so far it hasn't amounted to much. Wind advisory here but haven't really heard much.

Wish I could address everyone but trying to stay on my schedule to be done in time to have a week or two free and clear before I get Dad.

Happy sewing to you all!

3/1/2018 5:31:45 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Good very rainy morning from here. Think it will stay most of the week on and off.

Lois- Have to check out the weather on Long Island, my kids and grands are there. Hope it is nothing but rain for both you and them.

Leah- Please post when you can. PM me if you just want to vent-I have broad shoulders.

Working on my stars for my QOV top today.
Hope everyone can see something to make you smile today- mine is my coffee cup filled with fresh brewed coffee. Yum!

3/1/2018 5:35:37 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Izzy - he is sure a cutie. Hope y'all don't start growing moss on your skin from all the rain.

Judi - enjoy your last few days in the warmth.

Lois - dang hope that nor'easter blows right past you. A sewing event - I like it.

Chriss - I think you should get a video of Moose moaning to his squeaky toy - that sounds hilarious. I'll be there early Saturday morning.

Valerie - wow you have been busy. Hope you can relax some here and there.

Diane - I'm having a big ol' cup of coffee as I type. Yum indeed.

Lea - you're right - getting old isn't for the faint of heart.

DH was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension but not the really awful kind - the doc thinks he's either a three or a four. More tests coming up. Today is nothing until piano - I'm going out to my sewing hole to pet my fabric. Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
3/1/2018 6:01:28 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

LEAH - Thank you for keeping us up on your situation. Sending hugs and emotional support. We've got your back and are all here for you!

JUDI - Ahhh,,, you've done the 'mental turn', starting to plan what you want to do when you get home. Makes leaving vacation behind easier. We do the same thing. But it's been a wonderful trip for you - and for us as we read all about it.

IZZY - your Lilman is really growing up!

LOIS - I've been thinking of you and all our eastern invisible friends every time I see a weather report on the storm headed your way. Hope it's "no big deal", but that the storm you sew up in your sewing room is!

CHRISS - So do you now have all the componants you need/want for your room, but just need to decide how to put it all together? What fun for you! You do know we all want photo, don't you! I think progressive photos - from empty space to finished room. I am loving Lori's swap, too. It's different, fresh, challenging, beautiful, and fun. What more could a quilter want?

VALERIE - you're getting a new stove? Or are they delivering some of your dad's stuff? I hope you get your 'free week' before Dad arrives.

DIANE - sometimes a rainy day is just purrfect. I call them sew-days!

Yesterday I had some time to sew! I worked on my colorful blocks for Lori's swap. I hope to find a little more sewing time today. Other than that, no big news here. No special plans for today, either, as Bill and my BIL are taking our car for brake work and my sister might go visit an old high school friend.

I need some more coffee, so this is all for now.
mary z
3/1/2018 6:03:37 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.
We went out to breakfast this morning and went to Walmart to grocery shop. Starting tonight we will be under a high wind warning until sometime tomorrow. Hubby checked the generator and we have battery operated lanterns which have fresh batteries in them as of this morning. Yesterday I worked on my new sewing machine and finished a quilt top for one of my cousins. She has been having a rough time with physical and mental health problems. So, hopefully this will cheer her up. This afternoon I go to the LQS for embroidery class on the new machine. Have a wonderful day.

3/1/2018 6:29:50 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! Really "crappy" day today here. First 1-2 inches of rain then changing this afternoon to 3-5 inches of snow and very windy. Good day to just stay in and sew. March is coming in like a lion.

Yesterday's cardiology check-up went well. My EKG was fine and my blood pressure was good. Don't have to go back until next year. The clinic was packed so many sick people with colds and flu. The doctor said they are all different and the symptoms keep coming back. Don't I know it.

Izzy - Lil man is sure growing fast.

Sharona - will keep your DH in my prayers for his hypertension.

Diane - I will be going to get my coffee when I get done here. I only drink it in the morning to get me going. Sometimes it doesn't work. LOL

Valerie - Hope your Dad moving in goes very smoothly. It will be good to have him close.

Chriss - Smoke's favorite treats are Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky strips. I can get them in big bags at PetSmart. So I always get 2 bags when I go there. He also likes some vegetable and fruit biscuits I get for him. He does not like rawhide chews so I don't buy them anymore. Glad Moose likes his squeaky toys. Every toy I get Smoke that has a squeeker in it he has to attack and take it out. He doesn't eat the squeeker just lets it lay. Guess he wants just quiet toys. Our pets can be so weird but we still love them.

Judi - Have a safe trip coming home soon. Don't forget to bring good weather with you.

Leah - Glad you are getting the help you need. Keep us informed.

Well better go get some breakfast and get going. not much planned for today except sewing and a few uglies. Have a good day everyone.


3/1/2018 6:34:28 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Good Morning All

Rainy again today....I have ponds in places where they don’t belong, lol. Not sure how long it will take for my farm to dry out.

Today I am going to the practice arena to work horses. We have the finals for the winter series this Saturday. Both my horse and I are out of shape, but hoping for a little luck and clean ride.

Thoughts are with Leah as she undergoes treatment. Lot of cyber sisters here pulling for you....you are not alone.

Still no sewing.......in a slump I guess.....lots of ideas and good intentions, lol.....not much get up and go. LOL

Have a great Thursday.

3/1/2018 6:35:42 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Man, I did not want to get out of bed this morning, it was so cozy and warm in there.... but when I realized all I have to do today.. I thought I better get up and start in IV drip of coffee!

Izzy... your Lil Man is so stinkin' cute. Love those chubby cheeks! and is that RED hair I see!

Joyce... bet it will feel good to be back on a horse again! Hope your horses remember what to do!

Sherry... Holy Moly.... sounds like it's going to be a nasty day in Ohio!! That's the thing about March storms.. a lot of time Ice comes with it. We can get some of our more nasty ice/storms in March. And yes, it's a great day to stay inside.

Suzette... Your DH must have been a Boy Scout. "Be Prepared" Fresh batteries, generator ready. At least if the power goes out, you have the generator and can still sew! To heck with cooking, SEW!

Maryz... Sounds like you will have a much quieter day at your house.. more sewing time.. I peeked at you block for Lori's swap! So cute!
Got my Valentine Swap blocks in the mail yesterday!

Sharon... Pulmonary Hypertension... I'll have to look that up. Pulmonary usually means lungs I think. No doubt they've prescribed meds for him? Is he feeling okay? There's just something about petting fabric that makes all things right in the world.

Diane.... Ditto that... Coffee can sure make me smile! I sure find I go through a lot more coffee now that I'm home every day! I wonder if some place sells it in a 50 pound bag.

Valerie....Sounds like you have make great progress!!! Quite a job to move everything and get it ready for Dad.

Chriss... Yes I did find ONE of the things I was looking for (some charm packs I was working on in 2014)! And oh yes, we do want pictures of your new sewing room.

Lois.... When you get a couple log cabins done, you'll have to share a picture. I didn't do the BOM, but I'd love to see how yours turns out in the colors you chose!!

Judi... When you get home, take a few days to chill out a bit before you start those windows and the cob-web cleaning... Hug your kids first, then your sewing machine. When I'm gone for a long time, I just want to hug my whole house!

Yes I did get out of the house yesterday and yes I did go to Joann. You girls were supposed to STOP me!!!! I won't tell you how much I spent, but I "saved" $257.00 Got 10 yards of Warm/white batting at 1/2 off, plus 20% for being old. LOTS of white for backings, and backing for other tops done. Keepsake fabric was 40% off (not a huge fan of that stuff, but it works for backing). Ran to WM for groceries, checked there--Their Warm batting is $9.99/yd--Joann is $19.99/yd!! YIKES! Stopped at storage unit and brought home 3 more tote boxes of fabric! Found stuff I think I bought at QIAD back in 2007!!! So today's project will be organizing that mess... Am sorting into piles for now... A pillowcase pile, Kids pile, Floral pile. and so on. So if anybody needs fabric!!! let me know!

Coffee is kicking in, so think I'll go throw some water on my face and get dressed, crank up some music and go down and wash the new fabric and sort the old!

Happy Thursday!
3/1/2018 7:04:40 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Already down in the Batt Cave - finished that sewing needed for Sarah. One part of the project I just couldn't wrap my head around, but finally figured it out and it is done! So now the day is mine!

I also got all the posting done for Michael to do the budget for the month. Nice to see more money in the deposit from the tax break - ours finally showed up. With it coming from the state of California, we wondered if they would do it or not.

Ethan will be here most of the weekend. He will spend the night and I will take him to school tomorrow.

Another huge bug-a-boo with the performance this weekend for Sarah - seems as the high school basketball team is playing for the state championship on Saturday, right at the same time as the choir perfromance and the team is holding a celebration party right outside the door of the auditorium - one secular and the other religious - not a good combination! So Sarah is meeting this morning with the school to see how they will solve this dilemna - the choir has a contract that was signed 6 months ago, so we should get the celebration moved to another spot on the campus, but we will see. Then to top off, the conductor of the perfromance just came down with the flu and so Sarah will most likely have to step in and conduct the performance - quite challenging with little notice, but she is very capable and knows the music. This is a full orchestra, 200 member choir and soloists.

Well, need to feed breakfast, or brunch as it is so late!

3/1/2018 8:43:42 AM
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