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Tuesday February 27, 2018
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good Morning Everyone,

Another work day for me well at least it's not raining out it's about 40 out right now.

Suzette and Lori and Mary lots of luck with your new machines I know I enjoy mine.

Today we are celebrating black history in work so I'm bringing
In my underground railroad book to show how quilts played a role.

Time for another cup of coffee so everyone have a great day prayers go out to all.


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2/27/2018 1:01:34 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Lois and those who follow.
Today is open sew at the LQS. I am taking some 10" blocks I got at the big sale and making half square triangles. I am pairing a light and a dark. What I will do with it I don't know. Hopefully when I come home I can play with my new machine. I gave my Janome Horizon to Michelle. She came over yesterday I had a taped a note to it " surprise it's yours". She started crying. I told her dad that she would. Well, off to play with my machine a little before hubby gets up. Have a wonderful day.

Lois - what a great idea for teaching the kids about the quilts.

2/27/2018 3:05:23 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Good morning. Yesteray was beautiful so I spent the day with lil man outside taking a walk. My calves are still burning from pushing his stroller up my hill. You see my drive is 6 tenths of a mile long. We walked the whole thing. But the last tenth is all uphill. My road is all gravel so a lil bumpy but he loved it. I pushed him up the grassy embankment not the rocks its a lil easier but still got a good work out. Then we had the farrier come over and he did 15 of my goats hooves. The girls are sporting their flip flop attire now ready for summer LOL. His wife and kids came with him so I paid them a bonus to go get supper so she wouldnt have to cook :) such sweet lil angels he has they loved chasing the cats playing with the rabbits and goats :)

Well today is a work day I have 8 groups to do therapy with and some paperwork too to finish:) Never made it to daddys yesterday cuz wasnt sure when farrier would arrive so moved it to wed all day at mommas.

Hope you all get some sew time. My sewing room is feeling abandoned at the moment. Spring break is first week of april I plan to spend some time in there then:) Summer right around the corner:)

Hugs and prayers all
2/27/2018 4:09:34 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning Lois and all that follow

Yesterday Got my entrance way cleaned top to bottom. Looks and smells clean. Started my log cabin blocks So far so good. I am working slow on these. Measure measure until blue in the face LOL
O Have my schedule to clean and sew for next week. Then after show will work on next schedule.

Today washing down dining room, windows changing curtains for spring. I am so tired of winter. I think a few Easter bunnies will appear. Then back to sewing room.

Suzette I gave one of my old machines to a niece . Yes she was thrilled. I know Michelle was.
Lois Good book to use for Black history.
I think I will join you for coffee

You all have a great sewing day

2/27/2018 4:18:21 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Good morning to all. Beautiful sunny start to the day here. Working on a few things at the same time. QOV top, a scrappy quilt and El's flying kite pattern. On El's I'm using primary colors for the kites and lite baby-ish fabrics for the 4 patch.
Feels so great being in the new house and all set up now. I love my sewing room, small but 3 windows so plenty of light.

Maryq- are the pillowcases for the hospice house for the kids using 27 inch for the body and 9 or 12 inch for cuff??

Leah- You are in my prayers today, good luck at the doctors.

Suzette- it is wonderful to hear about you and your daughter having so much to enjoy together. Great memories in the making.

Coffee ready and calling my name. I'll try to check in later.
2/27/2018 4:52:12 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning,a bright sunny but nippy morning here but we are to warm up later.Love the sunny days.

Lois What is your job? Are you a teacher? Hope they enjoy the quilt lesson.

Suz What a neat idea to share with DD.Sure it will be loved.

Diane Glad you are back in the swing again sewing away.

Katy I love a clean house.and the clean smell.

Izzy I’m sure those kids loved visiting your farm.That was so nice of you to provide their Dinner.

Sherry That was our DGD Bethany & her 3 little ones.We had a great time.Im Anxious for yours to get home from the Service so you can enjoy them.

We had such a great time.We hadn’t seen them in a while due to Winter & sickness.And Little Tallulah had an ear infection so she wasn’t up to par.But she still wanted me to read to her & play mouse mousey her favorite game.And she took me to see all her dolls & playhouse & assecories.And they had fun telling about Disney World.It was a fun day for us.
Little Wren had worn out her baby doll I made her.She carries it everywhere.So another baby must be made.I found the pattern when I got home.
Now today back to grind.Must do Mumbo dance.And there’s more mulch to spread.

Have a great day to everyone. Becca
2/27/2018 5:12:03 AM
Good morning, It is very windy today and gives new meaning to the word ocean breezes...but we have sun, so all is good.

No plans for today. I have been doing hand sewing,,making more yoyos for a future project. Cant wait to get home and start my BOMs...By the time I get home all of my stuff should be there,,waiting. Also those windows will be waiting too.

Well bone pill has been taken and now it is time for coffee. then maybe a load of laundry,,,who knows...what the day will bring,,,Hope its good for you. XXXOOO
2/27/2018 5:16:10 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Becca I work for a utility company our office is celebrating Black history month.

2/27/2018 5:20:46 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! It is a beautiful day today and supposed to go to 57 degrees. After quick breakfast going to go to Hobby Lobby in Fort Wayne and take my Last supper cross stitch in to be framed. Of course won't buy anything else while there. Boy is that a lie!! I always come out with more than I need. Since haven't been there for several months I know I will overspend. I could do worse things with my money.

After Hobby Lobby going to PetSmart to get Smoke some bags of his treats and probably a new toy as if he needs one. Next stop will be Cracker Barrel for lunch and then home.

So looking forward to getting out of the house and doing something. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain again for 2 days and I have a doctor's appt. so today is for fun.

Hope everyone has a good day.

2/27/2018 5:34:07 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Good Morning All

While I look forward to Spring arriving, the work load doubles and I seem to never make it to the sewing room. I need to rethink my life, lol.

Been slack about visiting here and I am behind on everyone’s going Ins. Hope all are well.

Worked a horse show last weekend, it was a roping....started out with 142 teams. Didn’t take anyway near the time to run them as it does a barrel race.

My niece has broken her foot, so I am having to help out with their horses. Lots of extra work, but that is what family is for....to take up slack.

Thinking I might use some of my swap blocks and get started on a quilt for the MerryMan House.....April will be here before you know.

Got to run, have to get horse feed while the sun is shining as we are due more rain tomorrow. Will be glad whe the mud has a chance to dry some.

Have a great day.

2/27/2018 5:36:35 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, yay for today, it's going to be wonderful.

Went to the chiropractor yesterday. about 5 little pops on my spine and he said come back Wednesday.

I bought some drawer units from Amazon, the company that makes them is Adaptus. these things are solid wood and made in the US. even the packing material is a thin wood. they make dressers, bed tables and drawer units. if you need something like this they put out a good product.


Sharona, no, I don't still have the roadrunner pin. I wish I did. I was probably 10 when he gave it to me. happy monitor wearing. if it goes off while you are doing housework you could use that to your advantage. which BOM are you doing? I'm doing the QIAD BOM. I will start as soon as I finish up my sewing room. should be this weekend.

Maryq, I also don't mind if the kids go someplace else for holiday's. I just want a day here and there. They are so busy and when I was 30 I had other things to do than hang with my parents. Plus, they work and only have weekends. I think a Jacobs ladder is a great block. Lori said they don't have to be all the same so you go girl. This is a cool idea for a swap.

Maryz, isn't it great to have the best sons in the universe? Actually if you look at how everyone here talks about their sons they are obviously over the moon. We are a blessed group.

Sherry, My magazines are behind so many things in my spare room so I haven't gotten to them yet. But when I do it's purge city. I found I have lots of junk. I'm really going to try to stay away from yard sales. they are my downfall.

Lori, your swap will help me mess up my room. I have designs running through my head, hopefully I can produce them on fabric.

Judi, your grands will love their gifts. and bath bombs to boot, you are a fun grandma.

Suzette, enjoy your new machine, what fun you are going to have. what a wonderful surprise for Michelle, wow, I can only imagine how excited and touched she was by your kindness.

Lois, there is a book called "Hidden in plain sight" that is the story of quilts and how they played a role in history. It looks like everyone has a new machine except for me. Maybe next year.

Izzy, your driveway is like mine, not bad going down but the steady uphill grade coming up is more steep some days than others.

Katy, I haven't started my log cabins yet. I think I should be moved in this weekend and will maybe even get to cut up some fabric. I'm going to make a practice cabin first to see how it goes.

Diane, my sewing room is small too. I didn't realize how fast I could fill it up and I ain't done yet. glad you're loving your new home.

Becca, sounds like it was the perfect day with the kids. I bet when they told you about Disney their eyes got wide and they were excited. Don't you just love how little kids are so eager to tell you about their fun? and I am always amazed at what they find as their favorite part.

Sherry, I laughed when you said you wouldn't buy anything at hobby lobby, you are a funny girl.

Joyce, one thing about missing a few days posts you can always jump right in and catch up. good to see you, prayers for your neice.

You all have a fun dya,
2/27/2018 5:39:50 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good Morning,

IZZY - I never knew goats wore horseshoes. Or I guess I should say goatshoes.

LEA - is today your doctor day. Prayers for a good appointment for you.

KATY - have fun with your 'logs'! I love log cabin blocks. But I measure after every log, length and width of the log. It can be tedious.

DIANE - sounds like you're really enjoying your sewing room! Mine is my happy place. Only 10x10 and boy, is it crowded with happiness!

BECCA - Sounds like you have your new assignment - a new baby doll!

LOIS - what a great idea to take the UGRR book to work for Black History celebration. I love that book.

SUZ - so generous of you to give your machine to Michelle. I bet she was thrilled!

JUDI - Enjoy your ocean 'breezes'! And your yo-yo's. When Hancock's went out of business I quickly grabbed up a yo-yo maker from a clearance bin while standing in the check-out line. I didn't even look at it for over a year and then found it only makes 1" yo-yo's! So one day I'm going to get a large one. It was so much nicer to use that then just to freehand.

SHERRY - I hope you'll share your Last Supper with us after it's framed!

JOYCE - work never ends on a farm or ranch. So sorry to hear your niece has a fractured foot! Hope she heals quickly and completely.

Another day in paradise here. Last night my sis and BIL bought some shepherd's pie at Costco for supper. And she made a salad (from our veggies, but at least I didn't have to make it!) It was nice to have supper provided. Between cooking and dishes, I feel like I haven't come out of the kitchen for a week! Left me free to go into the laundry room. Sigh. :o/

Have you checked out the new swap? Lori is trying her hand at her first swap and it's black background with solid colors. I'm going to try to design a block, just to be different.

As Chriss would say, Have a groovy day!

mary z
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2/27/2018 5:40:39 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Lois - what a great idea to bring in the UR book.

Suzette - what a wonderful gift you've given to Michelle. I'm so glad you got a new machine.

Izzy - what a great idea to spring for supper. You're a good goat mom - our local paper ran pictures of what happens when you don't trim down their hooves.

Katy - you are a cleaning machine. I think it's time for the bunnies to make an appearance.

Diane - how nice to finally be settling in. The colors on the flying kite quilt sound perfect.

Becca - I'm so glad you had such a lovely visit. Nothing like DGC and DGGC to fill up our hearts. Poor baby doll being loved so much - Wren will be thrilled to get another one I'm sure. Hope Tallulah gets over her ear infection quickly.

Judi - yay for a successful shopping trip yesterday. Now you can just sit back and enjoy your ocean breezes.

Sherry - you are sounding so much better. Enjoy your outing and hopefully you won't buy out the store.

Joyce - sorry to hear about your niece's foot - that sounds so painful.

Chriss - ha! This stinking monitor goes off even without me pressing the button - I have said 'false alarm' into the recording device probably ten times already. But I get to take it off to shower so it's all good. I can't get a new machine for another four years and I can't wait. Love those drawer units - I may have to get me one.

Maryz - it is nice to have someone else do the cooking for a change. Maybe they'll do the laundry next. You are such a wonderful hostess to all your company.

Today I'm headed into the city to meet two friends for lunch. A woman we worked with passed away the first of February - sad story there. So we're meeting at what was her favorite restaurant. After that, I'm headed out to my sewing hole. I still haven't vacuumed the stairs - shame on me! Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
2/27/2018 6:36:36 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Lois... How cool you can bring your UGRR to work to share! It's a quilt I'd love to make... but I'm actually thinking about doing a Swap for it!

Maryz...I have a sneaky feeling it's going to be a very LONG month with Sis/Dh there!! I do love my Sis, but not sure we could handle each other for that long. Nice of her to make dinner though. Maybe they should go on a little side trip for a few days before Al's surgery...

Chriss.. OMG I love those drawers!!! All your remodeling makes me want to go down and re-do my room too, or at least clean it up. My kids always have In-law families to go to for holidays and to their Dad's too... so I take them when I can get them. I'll even invite DEX and wife here to make it easier.

Joyce... Great minds think a like.. I've already started Pillowcases for Merryman house. And I might even be able to send a quilt this year. Ann will post something soon. I have lots of swap blocks I could use too, just need backing fabric and batting!

Sherry.... Oh sure you're not going to buy anything else at Hobby Lobby!!! I know that story!! Like running to Joann for 1 thing and coming out with YARDS of fabric.. Tomorrow is my day to get OUT... it's Sr. Day at Joann 20% off everything!! I mark my calendar when those days come up.

Judi...Ah yes, windows.... kind of looking forward to washing windows, it means that it's warm again!

Becca... Sounds like you had a great time with the kids. Now you have project to keep you busy.. making a doll. that would be much more fun that spreading mulch!

Diane... My pillow cases are 27" body and 9" cuff. I'll have to goggle El's pattern for kites.. that sounds like a cute kids quilt. I got my BLOCK magazine yesterday and there's some darling small quilt patterns in there! I have a ton of charm packs and am trying to find ways to use them.

Katy.... Sounds like the cleaning bug has bit you! Only bunnies around here are dust bunnies. Am waiting to Friday to clean, just before company comes on Saturday.

Izzy.... Boy that does sound like a work out.. pushing a stroller UP hill on a gravel driveway. I didn't know goats had hoofs either! But then I'm a city girl!

Suzette...How nice of you to give Michelle your machine!! I bet she was thrilled! I've been making a lot of HST's out of 10" squares too! There's a lot of patterns and lay out patterns on Pinterest. I cut a lot of my small pieces into 10" squares, they make great practice blocks.

Sharon.... The steps are my least favorite are to vac! Some where around here I have small hand held vac... if I could only remember where I put it. Wishing you a wonderful lunch today, with happy memories of your friend.

Yesterday I threw together a super easy-peasy quilt top. Gmaan told me about a pattern called Potato Chip. Super easy, 8" blocks with a 2" strip all the way around. Only 2 fabrics, making the block opposite. Found some perfect fabric in my stash. Today I may get the borders on. Also started playing with El's braid pattern, got one strip done, but DARN it was all wonky! I hung it on the wall and it had a big curve to it!!! Trying to think of what to do to fix it... or scrap it and start over!

Supposed to get up to 41 here today, was thinking I might run into town to storage unit, but we'll see how the sewing plays out today. You know that feeling, when you're looking for one thing and you can't find it!!! I'm sure it's in the storage unit some where!!! First up is chores, cleaning up the messes the gremlins made in my kitchen last night. Made a big pot of chile for supper last night and left the pans to soak. The cleaning farie didn't show up!

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday.... Lots of prayers for Leah today
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2/27/2018 6:53:14 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Mary q what a great idea when I was looking on here the other day the did a sew along for this it was in els corner.

2/27/2018 7:57:48 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

My flooring material is in and we may go get it later today. I have narrowed down the paint color to 2 different chips. Michael keeps telling me with my barn theme, that he has never seen a blue/green barn. There is always a first! LOL

Still work8ng on the new baby's quilt, getting sidetracked by Sarah and doing some quick sewing for her and the performance of her choir.

Ethan will be here most of the weekend as the choir is performing and again next weekend as well. Then Sarah will be done for awhile.

2/27/2018 9:10:55 AM
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