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Monday Feb 26
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

A prayer for Dorothy this morning. Know we are with you and the Angels are with Jim.

Not much going on here. Headed to daddys this morning.

Hugs and Prayers to all
2/26/2018 4:07:54 AM
Good Morning, It rained last night but cloudy and cool this morning,, e may go to the store today and I would like to stop at the department store here to find something for the kids...

Other than that it is nice to be here,,,

Leah I hope you get the results you need...Sometimes you need to bury the past and trust people to help you along the way,,,Prayers for you

Everyone have a great day XXXOOO
2/26/2018 4:25:53 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Cloudy Morning........

Just a quick hello, have a Dr appt at 10. After that I'll will be in the sewing room.

Yesterday was my Kimberly's Birthday. She had a good day. She asked for $$$ so she can get a new TV. She's almost there.

Leah.....keeping you in my prayers. I'm happy to hear you are reaching out for help. I know it's difficult sometimes. (((((HUGS)))))

I checked my QIAD address book & I see I do not have Irish's address. Could someone PM me. Thanks.

Izzy......have a smooth day with your dad today.

Judi.....it's good to hear you're having a relaxed time. Happy shopping.

Love & Prayers.........Kathy
2/26/2018 4:43:46 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Happy Monday to all. Hope all goes well. Prayers for Dorothy and Leah and also for Izzy's family and so many others unmentioned.
Spring is just around the corner. Hopefully the brighter days will bring us all brighter spirits.
Live you all
2/26/2018 5:07:57 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning froma wet rainy day here.Hope it’s sunny where you are.

Izzy Thanks for your nice opening & the post for Irish.Prayers for you as you care for your Dad.

Judi Enjoy your wk.

Kathy,Happy Birthday to Kim.Hope your Day is good.

Leah Thinking of you & Prayers that you can keep a positive attitude & try to forget things that upset you.

We are going to visit Tallulah Sawyer & Wren today.Its been forever bec Someone has been sick it seems.Will be good to see them & our sweet DGD.Will be a stay inside day for sure.
Hope your day is good,Becca

2/26/2018 5:08:36 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, it's going to be a great day today.

Yesterday was perfect. I got a call from my son and DIL. Both Richard and Gloria were in Yosemite and headed toward the town above me. we met for Pizza and visited a couple of hours. It was the very best way to spend time. I love those two so much. I love the way they put each other first and me and the other parents next. It's how it should be. Gosh it was fun.

Got started on putting my sewing room together. I need to put things in my sewing desk drawers. I think I may go get some of those removable hooks, the kind that don't leave a mess when taken down. I have lots of things I want to hang. I'll be putting my fabric in my room after work. I really need to sort through my magazines. way too many. wish it were cheaper to send things in the mail I'd offer to send them.

I signed up for Lori's swap. It really is an interesting idea. you can either pick an existing block or make one up as you go. no white, cream or tan. and solid colors. I'm going to go with Kona fabrics probably.

Judi, I loved when my grandparents went places. they would always bring back souvineers. best one is when my granparnets went to Arizona. grandpa brought me a silver plated roadrunner pin that had a real ruby for the eye. He told me it cost more because I was older. I think he just wanted me to feel special.

Kathy, happy late birthday to Kimberly. hope she gets her tv. glad she's doing well. How has knitting been going lately?

Velda, the crazy weather we've had I wonder what season it really is?

Becca, you are going to have a fun day. give each of those kids a smooch from me. wish I could cuddle with them myself. Enjoy.

Izzy, hope all goes well for you today.

for me it's time to go to work. Jerry just made me a salad so that will be my lunch.

YOu all have a marvy day.
2/26/2018 5:33:51 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.
Woke up to a rainy, cold morning. The dogs are not happy. They have to go in the backyard. Maybe later it will be better for going to the park. I finished the Tula Pink quilt. Even washed and dried it. Today I am going to look at a new to me Pfaff sewing machine. My LQS is a Pfaff dealer and this is a former top of the line machine that has been reconditioned. I am fine with that because it still has the whole warranty. Well I am off to get a few things done. Have a wonderful day.

2/26/2018 5:35:21 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Izzy - joining with you in prayers for Dorothy. Enjoy your visit with your daddy.

Judi - hope you find something for the DGC today.

Kathy - I'm thrilled to hear Kimberly is doing well. A belated HB to her. Good luck at the doctor.

Vel - love you too!

Becca - I know you and your DH will have a lovely visit with your DGD and the kids.

Chriss - enjoy your healthy lunch. Do you still have the roadrunner pin? Glad you were able to spend time with your DS and his wife.

Suzette - I love Pfaffs. Congrats on finishing another quilt.

Leah - accentuate the positive and try to ignore the negative. I hope you have an advocate when you go in.

Boy I need to not miss weekends here - I've missed a lot. Welcome to the newbies. Today I'm headed in to get the Holter monitor attached. After that it's Costco time. I have cut out the first block in the BOM I received as a gift. It's nice to be sitting with fabric again. Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
2/26/2018 6:14:50 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

It's a nice sunny day... going to warm up a bit...not warm enough to open windows, but warm enough to melt some snow.

Suzette....Don't forget your umbrella when you go out! Do you know the model no. of the machine you're looking at? Does it do fancy stuff?

Izzy.. Wishing you a good day with Daddy today.

Chriss... You are so right... each other first, is the way it should be. I never wanted to be one of those Mothers that INSISTED kids should spend every holiday with me. As much as I miss my DS in Canada and my DD in AK, it's where they should be. I found a home for my magazines---had them in my car when I went fabric and gave them to a gal in the fabric store. Am swapping too, tho not sure exactly what to do yet.. I offered Jacob's ladder, but it's not really a modern block.. Might have to google around a bit.

Becca... How fun to go visit the little ones!

Velda... Happy Monday to you too! I hope you're right... we could use some spring around here. Though I do hear birds chirping this morning!
Waiting to see the first Robin of spring! A few Cardinals and a couple Blue Jays have been around.

Kathy... Hope your Dr. appointment is nothing serious! How is the itching?

Judi... Every time I go to AK I have to bring something back for the kids... Mostly T-shirts!

Sharon...What is it about playing with fabric that is just so... calming? Comforting? I swear I can drop my blood pressure just by playing with fabric!!

Maryz... You must be typing at the same time I am! Got my tracking no. YIPEE..

Not sure how much fabric fun time I'll have today.. REALLY need to finish up some chores, fold laundry, clean off my dining room table, get my taxes ready. Yesterday I put an easy kid quilt together, and need to do the borders today. Wednesday I'll head up to Joann for batting and maybe a few other little things... Kona solids for Lori's' swap and oh yeh, more needles! Need more coffee....

Have a super day everbody
2/26/2018 6:43:43 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

JUDI - happy shopping! we always took tee-shirts to our DGSs. I thought I'd make a quilt one day for them from all the tees, but turns out the shirts all got tossed out as the boys grew up. So no quilts.

LEA - Maybe it's time to let go of old issues and reach out for some help. they may surprise you! I wish you well.

KATHY - I PM'd you Irish's address.

CHRISS - I spent time with my son yesterday too! He and his wife are among my favorite people!

Company is up so I have to go. Wish I had more time with you all!!

mary z
2/26/2018 6:51:40 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! it is a beautiful sun shiny day today here in NW Ohio. Smoke has already been out twice to play in fenced in area. So nice for fencing so I don't have to go out with him in cold weather. In warm weather I sit on the porch and read while he plays. I throw the ball a couple of times out in the yard for him but can't get him to bring back to me. He wants me to chase him to get it back. Guess he knows I need exercise. LOL

Izzy - Loved the little angel picture this morning.

Chriss - Have a good time with DS and DIL. I agree with putting each other first. I don't expect my 2 DSs to include me in everything. I have my life and they have theirs. We have a great realationship and after their families I know I come first and that is the way it should be. Even my son that is not married I know that I come first after his dog Sadie. LOL I also have lots of mags I need to get through. I have a friend that I worked with that doesn't quilt but loves to read the mags so I pass them on to her.

Becca - Enjoy your visit with Tallulah Sawyer and Wren today and DGD. Not sure I remember who they are, but have a good time.

Kathy - Happy late birthday to Kimberly. I always asked my DSs what they wanted for their birthdays.

Judi - Enjoy shopping for your gifts today. I always get my DGSs gifts when I travel.

Leah - Hang in there. Hopefully your relatives will start to really help you through this tough time. Will be praying for you.

Well, better go get started. Felt so good today I went to my Monday morning breakfast at Bob Evans. Glad to get back into my routine. Have a good day everyone.

2/26/2018 8:09:12 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Another snowy day on tap for us later today. The warm before the storm is happening now.

Not much here. Sarah clarified how Lila's baby quilt is laid out. So I can get busy on it.

Do something fun!

2/26/2018 8:41:09 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Good morning.

Maryq, your block is fine for the swap. Bold color with black makes it look modern.

Chriss, sounds like your room is perfect. It will be so neat and organized when you get everything back inside. Then you can mess it up. Spending time with the kids is my favorite thing too.

Judi, sounds like you have had a very relaxing time. Where did you get that umbrella thing for the beach? I need one of those.

Sharona, hope all goes well with the test. How long do you keep the monitor on?

Maryz, I don't even know your son, but I like him. He obviously has good taste. lol

Sherry, baseball starts soon. I hope the Cubs play well again this year.

Suzette, maybe the rain will let up and you can go to the park. We walk our dogs in the rain. Of course it only rains about 5 days a year here. Well it seems like that.

Izzy, enjoy your day.

I need to do some cleaning today. There seems to be an abundance of fur in the house.

Have a great day. Lori
2/26/2018 9:49:06 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
MaryQ - it's a Creative Vision 5.0. I did buy it and was able to bring it home today. The classes start this Thursday to learn the machine. I couldn't believe the embroidery designs that are already on it. Lots more fancy stuff. I will fill you in on what else I find.


2/26/2018 11:14:42 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Suzette - That is a great machine - is it the red one? That is what my new machine is that I bought at a huge discount too. You will be surprised at all it will do. I love the huge hoops for embroidery. It takes some getting use to that there is no lever to lower or raise the foot - just a icon!

A trick I learn from my friend who sells that machine, is to tie your stylus on a long cord to the power cord. It is very easy to loose and I was forever bumping it out of the holder in the front. Mine is tied on with a old lanyard that I had laying around.


I named my Ruby.

2/26/2018 11:43:33 AM
Had a very successful shopping trip. I bought me a summer purse,,,very cute wild colors...Got some tees for the boys and a 2 pr card of earrings for Sophia Dophins and starfish,,,very sparkly. on sales..was 60 I got them both for 15. I also found more bath bombs for the kids...they love those things...so each one can have smelly baths, lol kids love the weirdest things. so I am ready to stay in and make burgers for supper with a big salad...It is raining again but I love it it is so warm...Have a great day XXXOOO
2/26/2018 1:27:15 PM
Chrissy1 Send a Message
Good evening everyone. Dorothy, I am so sorry for the passing of your husband.

Kathyquikts, Belated birthday wishes to your daughter, Kimberly.

Judi, it sounds like you had a fun day, despite the rain. Hubby wants to know what time the burgers will be ready.

Good news, Nater is home. I'm not sure what the next step is but hopefully he can enjoy being out of the hospital and enjoy this little bit of nice weather we are having.

When I was younger, we had an expression when it was taking a package a really long time to arrive that went something like "it must be on as low boat long way around from China" Well I am PATIENTLY waiting for a NC college basketball jersey that I ordered for Mymy for his birthday.
At first it couldn't befouled. Then it was delivered to CHINA. The. Today the usps tracking says it arrived at its location in CHINA and is now being sent to a USPO. Shoot, I could have made one by now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (well okay, not really. I'm not sewing yer, but SOON.
Well time to make a half pbj for dinner.
Prayers and positive thoughts being offered up to all those in need.
Pink Warriors, πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’“
Travel safely and enjoy your evening
2/26/2018 3:54:19 PM
zfatcat Send a Message
Suzette, how fun for you. I bought a new machine last week. I pick it up on Wednesday. Lori
2/26/2018 6:51:27 PM
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