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feb. 26/2018
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Had good sleep woke to a sore lower back ate good meal yesterday and made it painful going down the digestive tract but it emptied itself
in some way.

Specialist appt is tomorrow morn have someone taking me there not much of a reliable person but all the same asked if she could stay in mtg. wheter she will keep to her promise being it brothers 3rd wife living with a man who is psychotic.

Hardly, know anything about her.. Don't trust anyone been lied to so much and not sure they can save me but will wait and see their lies where they lead to..

As my hairdresser said pain can be dealt with but some things can't be managed. If chemo, radiation is offered take it one day at a time wheter you believe it will make a difference or not.. Just let specialist handle weather they are right or not.. No choice in the matter. All people I've known fighting cancer went through my mind last night and maybe my met today will have them force my extended family help out.

Least they will see what it is like to suffer for they too will live it.

I also see this man who went through some tough battle with cancer in apartment across and he pushes himself every day to walk around block but he looks good now.. always having to cover his mouth. He does that daily. Hope to strike a conversation with him one day he could hel me.

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2/26/2018 4:05:38 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Hang in there and be strong. A positive attitude will help you a lot. Prayers for you.
2/26/2018 5:04:24 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Lea- Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many of your sisters here. I hope you can feel my hugs from here to you. Good luck with the doctors tomorrow and please post as soon
as you can.
2/26/2018 6:12:14 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Sending you prayers, Lea, and hoping you are able to find some assistance soon. Velda is right - a positive attitude can be some good medicine in helping you beat this! God bless!

2/26/2018 6:36:03 AM
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