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Sunday, Feburary 25
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.
First off welcome JudyKF. You will love it here. If you don't mind where in Virginia do you live? I grew up in Northern VA and now live in Southwest VA. Well, sewing Saturday with Michelle turned out wonderful. We had a great day. She finished the jelly roll race quilt for one of her patients and took it home before I could get a picture. Today I am going to work on the paper piecing borders and that should catch me up. I do t want to get behind. Well, I am off to find another cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day.

2/25/2018 12:41:49 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good Morning Suzette and all who follow,
I am still plugging away on my fancy forest quilt I'm on the butter fly blocks and yesterday I kept sewing the middle piece of the wings backwards so I left the room and will go back in there today after I do the one that's on my table I still have 6 more to make but I just might put I aside and work on my log cabins for the block party.

Leah I'm so sorry about your new but I would take Judi advice
and try and find a social worker to help you.

Welcome Judy with a y I hope you come often.

It is raining and I can only hope that it stops sometime today
I would love to go for a haircut.

Mary Z can you please give me Irish address when you get a spear minute.

Everyone enjoy your day.

Prayers go out to all.


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2/25/2018 1:05:59 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

SUZ - glad sewing is going better for Michelle. We were all beginners at one time. She needs to be patient with herself and keep practicing.

LOIS - I sent you a PM. I made several mistakes on "Frances Firefly", too. So easy to do! And I had to walk away more than once. But next time I sat down, things always went better.

NEW JUDY - welcome! This is an awesome group of quilters. I've made many life-long friends in the 10 years I've been on this forum and I hope you do, too.

LEA - so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the problems you are having. Here, all hospitals have a Social Services Dept to assist people who are in situation such as you are finding yourself. Please try to access them and see what they can do to help you. They will often have a Patient Advocate who will go to bat for you. We care. God bless.

JUDI - Sounds like this trip has been nearly purrfect for you! We toasted you last night and wished you much warm sand between your toes!

Yesterday my sister and I got all the Valentine swap blocks sorted.
Hope to make it to the post office later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. I even got all of mine squared up! This morning we have pouring rain and some wind. Ugh. My son and DDIL and my two grandsons will be here in a few hours for a family breakfast. My DD won't make it as her hubby is still recuperating from hernia surgery earlier this week. After the kids leave I'm not sure what the day will hold - Probably TV. If my sister takes a nap, I might get in my sewing room.

May all our bobbins be full today - and with the right color thread!

Mary z
2/25/2018 5:08:40 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good Sunday Morning.
Welcome to our new friend, Judy. Hope you visit often.
Prayers for you, Leah and Irish. Lots of prayers needed in our friendship circle. Hugs and prayers for all.
Glad to see many projects being finished.
I am working on Row by Row kits, I spent money on last year. Then many other to do's after that.
2/25/2018 5:09:38 AM
Good Morning,,it is sunny this morning,,, Florida kids must be on spring break as there are quite a few kids here. We had a delightful day sitting on the beach and watching the ocean. We even watched a nuclear sub go out to see as we are down from a large navel base...It was quite exciting,,,I love military stuff, after the beach we got cleaned up and went to Mexican for supper and enjoyed that and a few dult beverages...so cool. Came home and watched th Red Wings finally win a hockey game...a good night for sure.

More of the same today we are expecting weather in the 70s again...Hope you all have a great day too...we are on our last week here,,,It seemed to go by fast...I will be ready to go home when the time comes.

2/25/2018 5:17:15 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,rainy day here today but still warm.Almost 60 now.

Welcome Judy.You found a great group.

Leah I too hope you can find an advoHello cate to speak for you.Mst all Hospitals have them.Thinking of you.

Judi Your vacation must be so much fun & relaxation.Enjoy

Maryz Glad You & DS were able to ge your project completed.

Suz DD is doing great it sounds with the way she’s completed her projects.It takes time.

After Church I hope tomaybe just relax .Too much yard work the past 2 wks.DS will visit
Have a blessed day to all. Becca

Chris You hit the jackpot with all your finds for your sewing room.Happy for you.

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2/25/2018 5:28:05 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good Morning All

Welcome Judy Glad you are here. You will have a great time. I love these ladies.
Scrappy you will be in my prayers.

Yesterday got the last quilt finished for show. HAPPY DANCE Also got more pieces cut out for last 8 blocks. I also received my kit from Quilt in a day. Now to make those 28 log cabins. I think the new ruler will help.
Today Got some uglies to do. Then into my sewing room while watching garden stuff on QVC. Probably will sew the first half of blocks I got cut and marked yesterday. Then cut out those darn log cabins. I might need a cheering squad. LOL

Got to go get more coffee
You all have a great sewing day

2/25/2018 5:32:10 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! Just didn't sleep well last night. Just can't seem to shake this cold. Feel good for a couple of days then just seems to stop back. Have doctor appt. Wednesday hope he can help. I have hardly been out at all this Winter but have lots to keep me busy. Now that curling and the Olympics are over will have no excuse for getting something done.

JudyKF - Welcome to our group. I too am a big fan of Eleanor's and have been lucky to meet her several times. She is so nice. You will find that we are like one big family here and enjoy communicating with each other. Come back a lot and join the conversation.

Leah - So sorry for your problems getting help. I also think you should check and see if there isn't a patient advocate to help you out at your hospital. Will be keeping you in my prayers.

Maryq - The Civil War pattern I am doing for DS1 is called Tavern Blues by Bonnie Blue Quilts. My son picked it out from all my Civil War patterns and it has lots of tiny squares to cut. Thanks for the offer of Civil War fabric but 80% of my fabric is Civil War and 1800's reproduction fabric. I have so much I could send you some if you wanted it. Thanks again for the offer.

Well better go get something done and get my act together. Think I will take a nap this afternoon since I didn't sleep well last night. Hope everyone has a good day.

2/25/2018 6:47:39 AM
Good morning everyone.

Welcome Judy, always nice to see new faces. This is a wonderful group of quilters.

Leah so sorry to hear about your health concerns. I know your health system is different than ours so not sure how to advise you. Can send prayers for you though.

Going to take a day off and stay home from church. I am completely tired (was going to say exhausted but still have a bit of energy) and just need a day that I don't have to get up and go somewhere.

My DD and her friend did a lot yesterday so can start moving furniture out of the room and getting it vacuumed etc. They have made piles of things they didn't know what to do with so can start going through those.

It is DH Birthday. He is 63. We went to dinner with my DD, her friend, DGS, DGD, and both of us last night. Not sure what he wants to do today. Hasn't discussed any plans with me.

Need to get a couple things in the mail so will start getting them packed up. Should look through the bills and made sure they are all paid also. Most come out routinely but there are those few that don't.

Have a great day all and prayer for all who need them. God knows who you are.

2/25/2018 7:09:43 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Waiting for tues. seems so far away.. Want to hear some hope I can be saved.. Evil sister in law well brothers 3rd wife agreed to drive me to cancer care hospital. She will get up early drive from the country and be in the mtg with me..

They dwell continuously on the past and are friends with an old girlfriend who reported me to medical system incorrectly cz she is mentally unfit and medical staff continually hurt me with her actions.

Digging up old wounds, so now a patient relation and her helper, me, sister in law will be their for support but medical staff in high positions can be bit of hypocrites and good liars. So hard to believe anything after being thrown in a vicious push/pull run in circles of attacks as to who will help us..

Medical care here simply means they make money giving free service to those can't afford not necessarily the right service. Specialist service are all based on a triage basis.. In some cases one is on death row before being bumped to the top and some operation are cancelled to take someone 1st..
And gov't talks about cutbacks even further some hospitals have closed due to duplication.. Well more like the specialists aren't analyzing correctly and people suffer needlessly causing legal battles and more cutbacks.

But I'm told it is same in all our provinces in Canada. Social advocacy me asked but don't know how good they are.. Seen them with father and brothers refuse to cooperate leaving my poor father all alone.

But maybe they will talk with my sister in law.. They'll ask sister in law if she likes me and "oh, yes" then minute we leave she'll dump me in backlane like a rag and leave.. You know the 2 face so worse case is palliative care and obliged to accept.

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2/25/2018 7:39:11 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Nice and sunny today! But Oh my goodness, my dear sweet neighbor came and cleared my driveway yesterday, then within an hour it started snowing again and we have about 7 more inches on the ground. I told him not to worry about my driveway, I'm not going anywhere! It's supposed to get up into the mid 30's here this week, so it will all melt any way. The roads are plowed, so I may have to run into town for a few things.

JudyKF... Welcome to the BEST group of quilting folks in the whole wide world. You will LOVE it here! I've been here since January of 2007 and have learned so much from all these wonderful ladies! Have met several in person, and have to say... my life has been forever changed for the better.. I hope you stop by often and share your quilt stories with us. And by the way, we're always here to share life's ups and downs too.

Suzette...Can't wait to see a picture of your paper pieced quilt! Just have Michelle take a picture of her Jelly roll quilt and text it back to you. Isn't technology great!

Sherry... Had to google that pattern, Tavern Blues... There's a great tutorial that comes up by Jenny Doan. It's gorgeous, but looks to be challenging. Have you started it yet? A nap is always a good idea!

Katy.. I'd be your cheerleader, but I've lost my Pom Poms! LOL and I don't look good in a short skirt! 28 Log Cabins!!

Becca.... after all that yard work, you deserve a day to rest. Even God rested on the 7th day!

Judi.... We could sure use some of those 70's temps up here... would help melt all the new snow! Time sure has gone fast, seems like just yesterday you were getting the camper ready to go!

Velda... When do you head back up north?

Maryz....I'd take your rain over our snow any day! Does sister sew? I had to go back and look at some of the pictures of your Valentine Swap! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt when it's all put together.

Lois....sometimes that's the best thing to do when you goof up.. just walk away! I can't tell you how many things I had to rip yesterday... I should have walked away!

Leah... so glad to hear someone will be going with your to the Dr. It's always good to have an extra set of ears. She should maybe take some paper along and take notes of what the Dr. says. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers.

Valerie.... Good to hear you've had some help moving and packing up stuff! When are you moving Dad in with you?

Well, buess I better get in gear. Never did do laundry yesterday, but I did get 2 tops put together, except for the borders... might do that today. A long time ago I bought El's Braid pattern, so decided that's what I would do with a roll of blue/green batiks I've had for years. Cut the pieces last night and might throw a few together today. REALLY need to get some batting, then I can finish up a few things I have ready. Wednesday is Sr. Day at Joann, so will head up there and see what I can find. Still trying to figure out of it's less expensive to buy from the roll or packaged. I can get 2 smallish quilts out of a queen size package. Will have to do some math I guess!

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday and may God smile upon all of us today!

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2/25/2018 7:53:21 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, it's going to be a great day today.

Jerry has one book shelf and one cube to put together and I can start loading up my room. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. I have two more drawer cabinets coming. great for storing things. Not sure if I will use the sorter cabinet I bought. I may not have room.

I am thinking of making an ironing topper for one of the drawered cabinets and only bringing out my ironing board for the big stuff. And still need to bet the foam board for my design wall. I also need to find a chair so that Jerry has a place to sit. It will all come together.

Suzette, I am so glad you and Michelle have fun each Saturday. you're making some great memories.

Lois, as soon as my room is put together I will try the log cabin blocks. I noticed they are now selling the log cabin ruler on the website. it's a bit pricy, nice that we got it with our BOM's

Maryz, I'm excited about those blocks showing up. will be fun to play with them. And Jerry deserves a quilt because he has been a very good boy.

Velda, I forgot about the row x row's. I have scads of them. One store is doing a California national park in each of her rows. There are I think 5 or 7. I have three. so I won't have them all for a few more years.

Judi, sounds like you had the best day ever. I've been enjoying your vacation.

Becca, if you need something to do this afternoon, come help me load up my sewing room. could be an adventure.

Katy, QIAD put up a u tube video on how to use the log cabin ruler. I want to get my log cabins started too. Yay for you getting that last quilt finished.

Sherry, hope you kick that cold right in the butt. Is curling the last competition in the Olympics? I have to admit, I'm not an Olympic watcher.

Val, happy Bday to DH. glad the room is coming along. enjoy your slow day, nice that you finally get one.

Leah, I sure hope that all your medical stuff works out. Perhaps if you try to have a positive outlook your energy will be felt by the medical staff and they will work harder to help you. People who are positive and look to the bright side have a healthier life than those who are negative. Just a thought, continued prayers.

Maryq, you have such a wonderful neighbor. Such a kindness to shovel snow for you.

Ok, off I go to fill up a sewing room. If you come help I'll fix you a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. tempting huh?

Enjoy your day,

2/25/2018 8:00:05 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
I posted a new swap if anyone is interested. Lori
2/25/2018 5:03:43 PM
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