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Thurs 2/8/18
Charlton, MA
Good Dark Morning.....

Since I woke early & can't get back to sleep I thought I would start our day. I've already have the laundry going.

I'm hoping the "mixed" precipitation is not frozen on the driveway because I want to go to kitting group.

I was sidetracked in the sewing room and started reorganizing my fabric & thining it out.I found 2 pieces that was my Grandmother's...Bubble gum pink!

That's all for now....Love & Prayers........Kathy

No knitting today!! Think I'll make the cinn rolls I talked about for my neighbor.
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2/8/2018 2:53:49 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Kathy and those who follow.
Today I am planning on quilting my flannel quilt. I haven't really decided if it's going to be free motion or something else. Yesterday I met my friend and her hubby at a local hot dog place and gave her my quilt. Her husband does the quilting. When I got home I went and straightened up my fabrics and thread. It took me an hour just to do the thread. I wanted it grouped by color. Let's see how long it stays that way. Well, off to find more coffee. Have a wonderful day.

2/8/2018 3:28:40 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good morning well its another day at work I recived an email from quiltinaday stating a package was on the way I'm so happy now I can move on with the fabric auditions I'm trying to shop throught my stash and not have to buy so much.

Mary Q I wish I lived near by to come and shop thanks for the offer.

Well I have to go and get back to work.

Kathy sorry no knitting today but I bet you neighbors will enjoy the cimminon rolls.

Suzette enjoy the day.

Prayers go out to all

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2/8/2018 3:44:16 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Good morning Kathy Lois and Suzzette:)

Yesterday was YUK DD has some stomach bug. She slept in til 1 pm then woke in a poo explosion in bed which was so much fun to clean up. House reeked and then had all the scentsies going LOL. Later she ate super and 1 min later gave it and her morning meal back to me YUK DH does puke but he was at church so momma got the honors. Got that cleaned up then the next poo explosion took place UGH. Finally got her all cleaned up Tylenol given and in bed by 7 and out she was. Poor baby. So hard for her because she cannot tell you what hurts or what is wrong.

Thank goodness I didn't have lil man and yesterday was paperwork day for work.

Today I have therapy all day so hopefully calmer day with DD. Lil man already here and sleeping in his bed :) He usually gets up around 1030.

I also had a major migraine all day yesterday this weather changing and barometer change just kills me.

Hopefully, today will be a better day. Hope you all get to sew today:)

Hugs and prayers
2/8/2018 4:11:52 AM
Good morning again...I hit the wrong button and my hole post disappeared..

Coffee pot died RIP camper Kuerig. So I have to wait for my sis to get up to get coffee from hers,,,I took the old MR Coffee out this year...this keurig has been repaired several time and it is finally dead...
We are headed to town today to do some shopping and maybe we will get a new one if they are on sale.

I will sew this evening, it is 60s today and maybe some rain,,

Well hope you have a great day Naps and cozy things XXXOOO
2/8/2018 4:27:08 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Good Morning All

Frosty morning her but due for a warm up.......tomorrow inthe 60’s....crazy.

Did a little time in the sewing studio yesterday. Meant to clean and organize, lol, but got sidetracked looking at UFO’s. I have several swap blocks that need to be assembled and what did I do? I did a practice block for the Hunters Star pattern which my dear SS Denise sent to me. Just used scrap,but I am so thrilled with this pattern....I have some beautiful bright blue and bright yellow fabric with dragonflies....think that might be my next quilt.

Today is getting horse feed day......only day that it hasn’t been raining.....

DH wants to go to the home and garden show this weekend......that is always fun.

My sweet furbaby Sneak seems to be feeling better....the swelling is less. So looks like the antibiotics are working...the culture should be back any day now...just to be safe.

Well time to get dressed for feeding chores. Stay warm and safe my friends.

2/8/2018 4:37:09 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning everyone,It’s going to be a good day today.After Yesterday here It has t be.

Kathy Sorry no knitting but bet the neighbors will be thrilled.

Lois Sure you found some great fabrics.And your quilt will be beautiful.

Suz Sure you’re anxious to get your quilt back.The quilting always changes the looks.

Judi Sorry about your coffee maker.My DH Just got him a new one.

Izzy Wow So Sorry For you & DD .Thats not an easy task.But your day is always filled with challenges it seems.Hope it’s a better one for you.

Joyce Glad your fur baby is healing.And 60 sounds great to me.We are in 20s this morning.

No news yet on ASAs test.We’re Anxious to hear & pray for good results.
I spent over 2 hrs yesterday at Surgeons office that did my eye surgery just for check up.He has way too many patients.My vision had improved some & I was very thankful.

Well the sun is popping out & that means all the dirt will show up.Its ugly day here along with trying to organize the basement.Hope everyone has a great day. Becca

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2/8/2018 4:52:35 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning ladies
Has anyone else seen the weird stuff in photos section? Do not open . Let me know what you think . I think we need to let Orion know.

Kathy Lucky find. Is it 30's fabric.
O Becca Do not remind me about basements.

Lois I am doing the same thing. Picked out some fabric but need some other colors. I think I am going to make a run to a quilt shop at Rochester Illinois.

Today I have to do some cleaning before I sew. The house gave me a warning. LOL
Well I need more coffee
You all have a great sewing day
2/8/2018 5:09:27 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, is it a great day or what? We hit 74 degrees yesterday and should cool down to the high 60's by the weekend then back up to the 70's.

Joyce, nice to have DH close to home. I bet he likes it too.

Maryz, surprisingly the shower chair I took back was $10 less than the shower stool I brought home. Glad you sis is full of fat rather than something worse.

Sharona, I am a good granddaughter but then I have a good grandmother. Hope DH's lung check came out ok.

Maryq, I'd love to have you here to help me do my sewing room, but we probably would go shopping or go play instead.

Kathy, sorry knitting isn't happening, cinnamon rolls will sure smell you house up nicely.

Lois, to add to the temptation QIAD has added a blue fabric kit. I'm still sticking to using what I have. UGH.

Becca, my sleep apnea doctor has way too many patients. He's the only show in town. I now go out of town. Not convenient but the travel time and office visit are shorter than my previous doctor visit. prayers for ASA.

Izzy, prayers for DD. bless her heart. Thanks for the devotions each morning, I so enjoy them. I am learning from them.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I'd like to get my lodge swap blocks together and take a stab at a log cabin block.

you gals have a super day,
2/8/2018 5:21:47 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good morning all.
Yes, Katy, those invasions need to be reported. I sent message to webmaster link. I think others should do the same. Then they will surely take notice.
Izzy: so sorry for DD and you having to clean up. Hope today will be better.
I am starting a new project. Working on one of my Row by Row kits that I purchased. Have some fun today. Vel
2/8/2018 5:35:25 AM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Again, I have read all just trying to keep caught up. Can't stay again.

Tonight the Olympics start. I'm going to relax and watch the ice skating.

I hope you can all fondle fabric today.
2/8/2018 6:13:43 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

Yesterday I worked on a table runner and then, since our weather was dry and in mid-50's, went outside to prune and feed my roses. DH and I went out on a round of short errands. I was more along just for the ride or, as I prefer to think of it, ornamentation! lol! Today we are meeting our neighbor's DD for coffee to discuss Vicki. I have no idea what the DD, Megan, will say. Probably nothing helpful. But Bill and I have lost patience with them doing nothing for or with their mom.

KATHY - so sorry you can't get out to knitting today, but on the plus side, your house will be smelling awesome!!

BECCA - good news that your vision has improved, even if only a little bit!

JUDI - bummer about the coffee pot. We carry only a stove-top percolator. It never fails. We have friends who carry FOUR different kinds of coffeemakers in their RV - and only one of them even drinks coffee! and when we are camped with them, he is always begging coffee from us! lol!

SUZETTE - I love getting my sewing room back in order after a big project. I used to have my threads on open racks on the wall but they got so dusty, I bought plastic thread cases from CT to store them in. A bit less handy but at least they all stay clean now.

LOIS - I hope you find all the fabric you need in your stash! What colors are you looking for?

KATY - I saw those weird posts a few weeks ago and flagged them. But I see they are back! I tried to flag one again this morning and I was suddenly on a page that said "This page cannot be displayed".

IZZY - Oh my, what a day you had! I hope things go much better for both you and your DD today! I hope Sweet Lil William doesn't catch it!

JOYCE - so happy your Sneak is feeling better! I hate when the fur-folk get sick. They can't tell us what's wrong. Don't you love it when you find a new pattern that enchants!

CHRISS - I want to do something with my plaid lodge blocks, too. But I'm still trying to decide if I want to make a single king, a smaller throw, or??? If I make a king I'm going to batt it with flannel rather than batting. That way it will be a lightweight coverlet and fit into the washer - a biggie when you share your bed with 2 cats and a dog - all long haired!

VeLDA - I have over 100 RBR patterns from 2015. And I've used two of them! lol!

CINDY - What?? No sewing report?? Will you work on your Lollipop during the Olympics? I challenge you to challenge yourself to finish at least two blocks during the Olympics. ;o)

MARY Q - what's on your agenda for today?

I have 10 days before my DS and DBIL show up so I need to make sure our guest cottage is all up to snuff. They will be here about a month so they will need room to spread out a little bit. Plus I have a few odds and ends to take care of - I decided to pack up my never-used china and it's all setting out on the table. I need to get both my sisters' birthday gifts together so she can take them back to CO with her, and a few other things small chores. Plus, I want to finish that table runner. I HATE when I'm working on something that I'm ending up not really liking. But between our 10am meeting this morning and our 4pm happy hour date with friends, there won't be a lot of time to get really engrossed in anything major, sewing or otherwise.


mary z

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2/8/2018 6:59:02 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Kathy - what a blast from the past - I can just picture that color of fabric. Sorry there's no knitting, but I bet your house will smell fantastic with cinnamon rolls baking.

Suzette - my DH loves a good hot dog place. You must have a LOT of thread.

Lois - yay for an impending delivery. At least it's Friday eve.

Izzy - sorry about your DD's stomach issues and the resulting mess. Poor thing - hope she's feeling better today. I just get headaches when fronts move in and out - I feel for you with migraines. Not fun. Hope today is a great one for you.

Judi - will you have a memorial for your Camper Kuerig?! Hope your sister wakes up soon.

Joyce - that is wonderful news about Sneak. And a garden show in the middle of winter is always a treat. I love the Hunter's Star pattern. I'm glad it will be warmer for y'all tomorrow.

Becca - what wonderful news about your eye! Prayers continue for little Asa.

Katy - oh how I laughed about your house giving you a warning! Mine is trying to but so far I've ignored it. Now I have to go check out the photo section...

Chriss - I employ your logic about saving time by going out of town when I'm driving. I may go ten miles out of the way, but I get there earlier than if I took the interstate. Great minds and all...!

Vel - enjoy your RxR.

Cindyg - so glad just to see your name pop up. I think relaxing is just what the doctor ordered.

DH's trip to the doctor was interesting. They performed three different lung tests and he passed them all. His doctor said he was sure he'd be referring him to a pulmonologist. Then DH asked about a diagnoses that showed up after his MRI for back surgery. Doc said it's what usually kills us all lucky enough to reach old age - hardening of the arteries. I know our bodies aren't meant to last forever, but gee whiz. Today I have my first piano lesson since last March. I hope I remember what a piano looks like. Have a wonderful and blessed day! xoxo Sharona
2/8/2018 7:03:12 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Up and dressed (does jammy pants count if I do have a bra and sweatshirt on?) Nice sunny day, but another cold one.

Kathy.. Oh what treasures we find when we clean. Several years ago my Sis gave me a trunk that we think was Grammas.. I set it aside and didn't think anything of it. Finally peeked inside and there were 2 quilt tops. I have NO idea when they came from. Though I do have a sneaky feeling my Mom bought them at a garage sale or something. It would be just like my Mom to do that.

Cindyg... I was wondering when the Olympics was starting. Ice skating is the only thing I really like to watch.

Vel... I "Flagged" that post in Photos too! Hopefully they can delete it completely out! Totally missed out on the RBR last year. Will have to keep my eyes open for the next one.

Chriss. 74* Oh my gosh that sounds so wonderful. Ah you're probably right, we'd shop and play. But what fun! Besides fabric, one of my favorite things in organizers and shelves and tote boxes.

Katy.... Does your house have an alarm that goes off when it's time to clean? If so, I should install one here too. Surprising it stays cleaner now that I'm home all day.. the gremlins don't get in as much.

Becca... Prayers continue for Asa! Had he been running a fever? Good news from your Dr too and happy to hear your eye sight is improving.

Joyce... so happy to hear someone else has ADD when it comes to quilting. I have 4 different sets of swap-blocks laid out on the guest bed, 2 quilt tops in the middle of adding borders, and what do I do??? Start another top, just to see how the blocks go together. I'm using MSQC method of Delectable mountains all in purples. So easily side tracked!

Judi.... Bummer about your Keurig. But as long as you're going into town... Are there many LQS' down in that area?

Izzy... Oh gosh, you poor thing and poor DD. I so hope she feeling better today. Sounds like you will have a very full day!

Lois... No matter what's in my stash, it's seems I never have that ONE thing/piece/color that I really need. Do you know what color way you're going to do you BOM?

Suzette... Man you must have a LOT of thread! I used to keep mine all on one of those wood spindle things, then I found a little drawer thingee on sale, I think it has 8 little drawers maybe, so I organized all thread by color in those drawers... so far so good!

Maryz... Will be thinking of you when you have your meeting with Vicky's DD. I so hope it goes well and that they will pay more attention to her.

Sharon... Wow sounds like DH aced all his tests! Great news!!

Actually got out of the house yesterday, ran into town for a haircut, picked up a few groceries. Stopped by the Sr. Center in town, to see if anybody wanted quilt magazines. Got a big N O. have to say, it sure wasn't the friendliest place I've ever been to! So never mind that! Today I'll finish up borders on 2 little quilts and play with the purple mountains I started. Maybe take a nap, maybe not. Head cold is much better, but still have a cough. Stocked up cough medicine yesterday, so will throw down some of that and drink lots of water!

Hope you all have a most wonderful day

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2/8/2018 7:36:38 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Lois, I too am trying to use my stash rather than buying more fabrics. I need to use it, or get rid of it.

Suzette, organizing takes up a lot of time. Once it's done, you'll enjoy it for a minute before it's messed up again.lol

Katy, I keep flagging those posts.It's annoying.

Chriss, I may head over to an estate sale today. I blame you.

Maryz, glad you're sis is ok. Hope you get some resolve with the crazy neighbor.

Sharona, hope all works out for DH.

Worked in the yard yesterday. It was 86. I'm missing my winter. Will do a little more gardening today, check out an estate sale, and sew.

Have a great day. Lori

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2/8/2018 7:37:22 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

I have noticed several of those posts in other sections and flag them as well. They are annoying!

Working on the Bo Peep dress for Gracie. It is cut out and the dress is about half finished. Should be done today, then on to the pinafore. Working with this old pattern sure shows how the pattern companies have changed. With the older pattern, the tissue paper was so much nicer and the instructions are written more concise. Glad I saved it all these years. It is from 1982!

The uglies are jumping for joy at the prospect of taking over - need to put that revolt down today. LOL!

Heading to the Batt Cave to sew,
2/8/2018 9:09:18 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Its a better day DD doing better.

I too emailed Orion on those posts he replied that he deleted them all. How do you flag a post??? I just email him and tell him where to look.

No work today my asst in the district is out with sick child. wonder if hers has what mine had. YUK if so.

HUgs all
2/8/2018 9:37:00 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Odd since the post are gone my computer going faster
2/8/2018 11:57:40 AM
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