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Tues FEb 6
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)

Good morning all my quilty friends.

Not much new here. Working and so far all is good.

Today is frozen yogurt day YUMMY stop and get you some today.

Well need Java and then set up workspace before getting dd up for center.

Lil man just arrived asleep as usual LOL. I got the baby kids on new feeding schedule. Got their wts this weekend and they are both 15 pounds. Lil pigs so no more waking up in middle of night to feed. They get 11 pm feeding and then next bottle is at 6 am:) woo hoo

Hugs and prayers


Sew something nice today.

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2/6/2018 3:57:21 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Izzy and those who follow.

Well, it seems like hubby has shared his ear thing with me. Both of my ears are stopped up. I am going to make some tea and see if the warmth opens them up. The dr called in an anti biotic in for him. They told him it was best that he not come in. About ten years ago I had an ear drum rupture and it was not fun. I have the backing cut for the flannel quilt. So, hopefully today I will get it layered. Well, I am off to make some tea. Have a wonderful day.

CindyG - when I said regular quilt fabric I meant quilting cotton. Not flannel. LOL?
Izzy - have a wonderful day


2/6/2018 4:11:45 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good Morning Izzy, and Suzette
And......everyone else who pops in today.

Izzy. Are you doing work with computer for your job. You are obviously working from home. Not sure how all that works. But glad it is working out for you to continue with your other schedules. Glad the 4 legged babies are doing so well.

Suzette: I saw your picture yesterday on Facebook. That quilt went together so quickly. It is beautiful!! And oh how cozy it will be.

I need to post a final picture of my quilt and then post the story about after I had to wash it three times.

Well, off to enjoy my coffee before it gets cold.

2/6/2018 4:36:32 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning everyone,cloudy here but warmer.
Izzy You’re a whiz.So Happy the babies are sleeping thru now.

Suz Hope the ears clear soon.No fun .

Velda I’m anxious to hear the story & see your quilt.Know it’s a beauty.

Maryq Both sets of twins are doing great.Gabriel is crawling at 10months while Aniston is content to watch.The other Set is eating growing & happy babies Asa is more serious & Ezekiel smiles a lot more.Both are happy & sleeping thru the nite at 3 months old.We are blessed & Both Mommies are doing well.Thanks for asking.
Have you took a breath since you got the new machine?

Maryz Praying DS got a good report.Yesterday.

We had a busy day at lab ,Dr Drug Store,Out to eat.At least he wOn’t. have to go back on Thurs for lab as we went over & got them to do it Yesterday.Dring can wear you down & drive you up the wall but at least our Dr is great.
Must get going.Have Mumbo dance & uglies.Hope I get to my quilting frame today.
Have a great day everyone.Becca
2/6/2018 5:30:46 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, another great day today.

Judi, I read that Ken has a loose wire in the control box. cracked me up. glad your slide is fixed, now you can really play. sounds like you are in a wonderful place.

Jana, sounds like they are all your favorite LQS. glad you found your fabric, happy sewing.

Shirley, hope the results came out in Rod's favor continued prayers

Lori, there were lots of beers in the orchards when I was in my late teens and early 20's but that's another tale from another time. so glad I'm not that young anymore. I love hydrangeas, reminds me of my grandma. your log cabin sounds really pretty.

Maryq, the tossed 9 patch is a great quickie quilt. Lois did one with only a few colors and it looked so elegant. You are really getting a lot done with your free time. Mar is doing fine, she will be 15 next month. amazing how time flies. Jerry is making her sugar cookies for her valentines day.

Chickie, your Philly cheese steak's must have been the good luck charm. Nice of you to help them along. you could come here and warm your toes if you like,

Sharona, what are we going to do with you? You know vacuuming keeps you awake. There will be no more of that. LOL.

Cindy, you sound like a girl who could use a vacation. I think about the quilt guild near here, they meet one Saturday a month. but I just don't end up going.

Kathy, glad it's warming up. hope you found something great for the grands.

Sherry, the Beckham commercial was good, but you're right, they weren't as good as they have been. prayers for your friend, bronchitis is awful. hope she feels better soon. hope you're feeling lots better too.

Maryz, how is your sis? does she have the results?

Katy, hope your quilts do well at the quilt show.

Suzette, hope your ear is better after your tea.

Joyce, it was good to see all the players stand for the Anthem. Hope that level of respect continues and catches on to our country's representatives as well as all people in public view.

Velda, that quilt is just gorgeous. I would love to see it all spread out.

Becca, the update on the twins made me smile. glad everyone is thriving. Such a blessing.

Izzy, yay for sleeping through the night.

and it's time for me to go to work. you all have a super duper day,
2/6/2018 5:32:45 AM
Good morning again...I started to type my hello and Ken sat down and started talking to me and my post disappeared. so here i am it is 57, and going to 70 today, sunny and breezy, I will visit the ocean today and check out the beach. I also will try t sew today. Last night we watched a movie..a very bad movie...Scify..Cloverfield Paradox...very confusing I dont like scyfy anyway...but I was a captive audience,

Well coffee has been drank and it is time to get dressed and go outside...Hope you all have a great day,,,,all of the repair have been made..Cindyg we decided not to buy a new camper becaues they are too expensive and we love this one,,,,as the saying goes "we will ride this horse....." XXXOOO
2/6/2018 6:14:11 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Izzy - yay for sleeping in! Glad they're doing so well. Have fun with the lil man today.

Suzette - the pressure on my ears is what sent me to urgent care last month. My right ear is still plugged up. I can't imagine what kind of pain you must have been in. Hope it clears up quickly

Vel - looking forward to both the pics and the story.

Becca - it's nice to have the Thursday lab taken care of so you don't have to do another drive. That is joyous news about the twin set of twins. Hope you get to visit your quilting frame today.

Chriss - I was trying to figure out if that was bears in the orchard or beers - hmm. You made me laugh about the vacuuming. Hope you find time to squeeze some fun into your day.

Judi - so glad the repairs are done. Enjoy your time in the sun.

I forgot to mention that DH's knee is looking lovely - but the other knee looks worse, which is a surprise to no one. DH wants a year off of surgeries to get things done around the house. We're headed into the little city for the dog's spa time. Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
2/6/2018 6:44:49 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

Good news here! My sister looks to be fine. She had a mammo and an ultra sound and both tests indicate she only has fatty cysts. I told her I wouldn't accept that diagnosis - I want nothing 'fatty' associated with me! She is still seeing her surgeon this morning just to confirm. So she is proceeding with Plan A, which is for her and her hubby to drive from Colorado, arriving here around Feb 20, and stay in our RV for a month or so. Thank you for the prayers y'all said for her. She is grateful after such a scary week.

SUZ - Oh, I hope you're not getting bad sick - just maybe a simple cold.

VELDA - I'll be watching for your photo!

BECCA - the twins are really growing! You know we love hearing reports of them.

CHRISS - Have a super day at work! Looks like my sis is going to be fine. Thanks for asking. Any plans yet to get started on that sewing room remodel? When we did my room 3-1/2 years ago, we piled all of my stash in the bathtub. And my books were stacked along the wall in front of the toidy. We had to sit sideways for a week!

IZZY - glad you're not doing the 3am feeings anymore! Did you have to go out to the barn or did you have them inside the house?

JANA - Sarah is pretty serious about her gardening. She can plant one here, too! I might even weed it now and then! Looking forward to seeing that idea in your brain work itself out on paper.

SHIRLEY MAE - glad Rod is home again.

LORI - if your winter has been so warm, aren't you a bit concerned what your summer is going to be like? I'd like some beer trees in my yard, too!

MARY Q - you are really having fun with that new machine! I bought the maintainence agreement for mine when the warranty was up and I renew it every 3 years for $300. It seems expensive, but then I get a good thorough cleaning 2, sometimes 3 times a year - which would be $160 a cleaning - plus any necessary repairs. Don't forget if you are mailing Valentines to Canada, it can take up to 2 weeks, even for a short distance. Valentines Day is only 8 days away. HURRY!

CHICKIE - I never saw the Time of my Life commercial during the game. Bill kept flipping through commercials until I'd stop him but I think he got a few by me. We did see the 'behind the scenes' news story of the filming of that commercial, however. Sounds like it was the best one!

SHARONA - well, the good news is that your house is vac'd and you got a nap. But I do hate laying awake at night. If it goes on for too long, I get up for some Sleepytime tea and read a book. Confuses the 'kids' as they all get up with with me.

CINDY - sounds like you and Don need to find a new lake to fish! Georgetown has fishing, camping, boat launch, etc. Also, isn't there Granger Lake a bit NE of GT? I haven't fished in years, but when I did, I preferred stream fishing.

KATHY - we sure done want your itchies to return!!

JUDI - Happy your slide is all fixed and no big expense! I was very happy with our old RV, too. Loved not having to make payments. Gave us more money to use for travel. Until while doing some annual maintainence, Bill discovered it's underneath was needing some SERIOUS upcoming repairs - Would have been over $2,000. We thought if we kept it another 15 years, Bill would be an 83 yr old guy trying to keep up a 30 yr old trailer. So we finally went shopping - and bought the exact same rig, only a new model of it. This one will see us probably to the end of our RV'g days. Have to say we love the new one as much as the old one. But sure miss the days of no debt! Glad you will be reacquainting yourself with the Atlantic today!

Yesterday we got our downstairs carpet cleaned. And Bill also did the two white/floral loveseats upstairs in the living room. They almost look new again! And they are 18 years old. Still love 'em. Today we'll put our room back together. Then I guess there's no more to be done to the house but daily UGHlies. We are so mild this week I might get outside and do a little yardwork. Might. And after I finish my tablerunner for our new buffet downstairs, I want to get started on a large bargello quilt for my DGS. He is going to turn 21 and graduate from culinary school within two weeks of each other this summer. Time for this Nonnie to get sewing!

May your bobbin always be full - of the correct color of thread!

mary z

2/6/2018 7:06:44 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Well, it looks like I am not leaving the house again today! It's 12 below this morning. Sunny and bright so it's deceiving... but dang cold.

Izzy.... Yeah NO more middle of the night feeding. How much longer will you have to bottle feed before the kids can be on their own.

Sharon... Good to hear DH's knee is healed well, not so good that he needs the other one done. Always good for a DH to have projects to keep him busy---that way he's not buggin' you!

Judi... the sound of temps in the 70's sounds so wonderful and a walk on the beach! I enjoy a little Sci-fi now and then, but when it gets too weird--I'm out!

Chriss. OH MY Mar will be 15??? When school is out, will she come and stay with you guys for a while during the summer?

Becca.... always good news when babies are sleeping through the night! My new machine has been getting quite a work out for sure. I may have to get out of the house just to let her have a day off!

Velda... you had to wash your quilt three times? I washed the black/red/white quilt I finished and knock on wood, no bleeding. I'd washed the red before using, but I was still nervous!

Suzette.... Yikes... hope the tea does the trick on your ears! Maybe some warm packs on your ears too.

Maryz.... What wonderful news for your Sis!!! I'm sure she must be so relieved. It will be nice to have her close by for a while for support for Albert. Is it her DH that's "Imitation Al"? will keep some prayers coming that they have a safe drive to your house!

Guess I grab a mug of coffee and head down to the sewing room... oh wait gotta clean up kitchen first. Got the autograph blocks put together yesterday, so will get the borders on today. I think I have enough fabric for the backing of this one, if so perhaps I'll get it pinned.. So wish it would warm up out ... there's a fabric warehouse I'm anxious to get to for some backings for other quilts and some more batting! But then, as soon as it warms up it snows!

Wishing you all a terrific tuesday
2/6/2018 7:37:17 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

A new Ethanism - Sarah took him for a haircut - he really needed one. So as the girl finished, she asked Sarah if the haircut was they way Sarah wanted. Sarah told her that the top was a bit too long and that Ethan's hair grows very fast. Ethan then piped up with the reason why it grows so fast, he waters it every night in the bathtub. The entire salon was laughing. Oh what 6 year old boys come up with.

I have a ton of uglies and Mt. Washmore to get done, then may get to play.

2/6/2018 8:24:32 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Snowy Morning........

It's getting bright out, so soon the sun will be out. It's a real bummer my driveway gets no sun. I had to sprinkle salt to be able to get the trash bins out. Today I think I'll take the ice chopper to it.

Shopping for the DGC was fun. Found some cute candy things & will pack the up for mailing tomorrow. I think I'll try to make it to Home Depot tomorrow for sand & salt. The rest of my day will be in the sewing room.

Izzy......enjoy you frozen yogurt, does William eat it yet? Good news on the baby's feeding schedule.

Suzette.....is there a ear thing going around? My right one is feeling odd & I'm feeling just fine.You are right when that ear pops it's painful.

Velda.......can't wait to see your quilt.

Becca....what a happy up date on the twins. Four sweeties. Sounds like you got a lot done yesterday & lunch too. I've missed so much sounds like you are getting a new quilting frame. ????

Chriss....good to hear Marilyn doing well. 15!!!! Well I guess that's right she's just a few years older than my DGD & she just turned 12! Sugar cookies sound like a yummy treat. I ended up getting the DGC an assortment of little sweet & a tube of tooth paste/brush.
Have a great day too!

Judi......"70" WOW!!! That's astonishing. No snow for you!!! Happy Happy Dance! I sure do miss the smell of the ocean...enjoy.

Sharona.....good to hear one knee doing better. Lucky dog.

Maryz.....what great & happy news for your sister & the family. Sorry the diagnosis included the word 'fatty'....I can see how that can be distressing.

Maryq.....-12' is too cold to go out!! Thanks for reminding me I have autograph blocks.Have fun with your boarders.

Love & Prayers........Kathy
2/6/2018 8:58:59 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Well, the ears are feeling better. I painted the trim in our 1/2 bath. It sure looks better then the wallpaper that was held up with packing tape. Next is the full bath. It has wallpaper as well that is falling down. The people we bought the house from their son lived here. He was supposed to have worked on houses for a group similar to Habitat for Humanity. I feel sorry for anyone that bought one of the houses he worked on. We read in the paper that he is in jail. He was caught for some drug charges, counterfeiting, and procession of burglary tools. Sad story.

2/6/2018 9:22:16 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
here a good story for the person with children..

In my babysitting years had this very intelligient child her mother was an actress she got the best out of me..

Took her to local library huge bldg. 4 floors of books non stop.
Arena size bldg. All of sudden child falls to the flr crying.. I thought maybe an ailment over took someone had stabbed her or assaulted her when I turned my head.. This is dwnt wpg you never know.

Tried to get her to talk to me and all she said in tears: "I'll never get to go to school" there I was perplexed to what her alcoholic parents told her."

Well after time of guessing she begged me to help her.. To my discovery she was sad cause her thinking was she had to read all the books in library before being accepted into school.

2/6/2018 11:11:58 AM
Good Evening,,,as many years as I have been coming to Florida..I have always wanted to see a rocket go up. well today we watched the Spacex Rocket go up' I was so cool,,,no another thing off my bucket list.
2/6/2018 4:09:59 PM
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