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Mon Morning Febr 5th
Ittybittygma Send a Message
Hi Everyone. We will be busy in early morning so will say Hello now. Rod has a colonoscopy at 6:30 am. Please say a little prayer for him. He is not doing well at all. Hope this test shows something the drs can deal with and us too. Was in ER again on Fri.

Pray for safe travels to hospital too, 7 miles away. Not far but we got hit with a surprise snow storm sun. Supposed to be flurries and about 1/2" dusting. Ya, right!!!! We had high winds, blizzard conditions with blowing snow, and ended up with 3" and another storm on way tue. Not sure what the roads will be like in morning.

Thank you all again for your prayers for my family and me too. Your thoughts of encouragement mean a lot to me.

I am exhausted these days and every day a new problem seems to come up. He is complaining about his back and leg again so don't know if weather causing it or something else wrong there too. I have had a migraine for several days now but prob just barometric pressure changes. Winter is back. I need springtime.

Sorry I never seem to post about much except asking for more prayers. Has not been a very good year health wise around here. Haven't sewed for so long, almost forgot how.

Need to get to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Snow may be in your future if East or North of me here in Kansas City, MO area.

God bless you all and prayers for your needs today too. Thanks again. You all are the bestest cyber friends in the world. Shirley Mae
2/4/2018 8:35:29 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good morning Shirley Mae and all who follow ,
I'm up watching the news and having coffee
I watched part of the superbowl didn't see the half time show but am very happy to see the news that we have new superbowl champs.
Today is another work day .
Nothing new here.Shirley Mae prayers go out to you and rod for safe travels.
2/5/2018 12:43:25 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Lois, Shirley Mae and those who follow.
We watched all of the game last night which is unusual for me. I have the flannel quilt top finished and found some backing that I have no clue where it came from. But it will do. This quilt is for the sofa and to relax under. I looked online for flannel to back it and the flannel I liked was more then the kit. So, I am using regular cotton. Well, I am off to find another cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day.

Lois - I wasn't impressed with the half time show. But, enjoyed the game. Have a good Monday.

Shirley Mae - I am keeping you and Rod in my thoughts and prayers.

2/5/2018 1:06:36 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
WOO HOO Good morning!!!

YUP I stayed up and am so excited this morning!!! I wish I was in Philly!! so very proud of my Eagles this morning:)

Nothing new here. Lil man and work. I also gotta run to mom and dads this morning first thing:)

Hugs and prayers all
2/5/2018 3:51:20 AM
Well Good Morning I was gong to say the "Eagle has landed" but I think you all would thing I was talking about football..We did not watch any of the super bowl..Ken says all of the football stuff has become too political and he didnt even turn it on. We were tired from travel and after setting up we sat and relaxed...shower and bed. I am up this morning and it is so quiet here,,,palm trees swaying in the breeze..We will grocery shop today and organize the camper from travel...AND I will go down to say hi to the Alantic ocean..if anyone is curious we are camped at Anastasia State Park...on Anastasia Island. My campsite is surrounded by palm trees and although you can see other campers they are behind the trees..this is our favorite place.

I will get out my sewing later and see what I want to do...I didnt bring any WIPs so it will be a new project...perhaps a little table topper from scraps//

Hope you all have a great day,,,stay warm and stay well XXXOOO
2/5/2018 4:39:03 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning everyone,sunnyhere but a crisp morning.Yesterdaysnow & ice then it rained in afternoon & it’s all gone.Love the sunshine.

We didn’t watch the Super Bowl.No support for NFL here.It was a foggy day yesterday as the warmer air moved in.We are to be milder this wk.
It’s Check up for DH at Dr .And Run to Drug Store.

Prayers for Rod & Shirley Mae.Hope they can find the cause & help him.
Prayers for all in need today. Becca

Judi Hope you get the slide fixed.

2/5/2018 5:00:18 AM
Cindybquilts Send a Message
Winter Haven, FL
Good morning, all!

We didn't watch the game, either. We were invited to a karaoke/Super Bowl party, so we went for the first part and then left. DH is driving for Lyft these days, he likes to start very early in the morning to get the airport runs.

I've been working on a couple of applique projects, and now have a couple of teddy bear quilts to make - yes, a couple of babies in my world - my niece and a wonderful young lady at church. Also had a a couple of giant Dalhia quilts to sandwich & quilt. Busy!

It doesn't help that we need to keep an eye on the construction around us. Last week they started working on the lot next to us....found out Saturday nite that they clipped one of our sprinklers for our irrigation system! I'm sitting here waiting for the construction manager....I went to the model yesterday and loudly let everyone know they messed up our system!
2/5/2018 5:16:22 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, it's going to be a great day today.

It's almost like spring has sprung. We have buds on the trees, beers are in the orchards, I've seen wild flowers and the temps are in the low 70's.

Lois, it would be wonderful to have a sew day together. Wish we could set a date.

Suzette, I am so happy for you. your new town and life seems perfect for you.

Diane, bet it feels good to be back to sewing. and wonderful to have the house in order.

ShirleyMae, prayers for you and Rod. hope you get some rest soon.

Judi, How wonderful for you to be in your favorite place. It sounds lovely and calming. Very cool to be you. Jerry also hasn't watched football all year but did watch the super bowl. it was a close well played game.

After work I have to go find grandma a seat for her shower. she has a small stall shower and wants a chair for the corner. I think I will make sure there is non stick stuff on the floor of her shower too.

I have gotten response from my prayer a thon question. Looks like twice a month is the new plan. Every other Saturday. Whether there is one or 10 to pray for it's worth it.

And that's it for me, you all have a marvelous day.

2/5/2018 5:20:35 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Good Morning All

Had a few flurries last night when temperatures fell after an all day rain here. DH is home today, so we plan a fix it day. Little things that he has neglected......well that is the plan...will see what happens, lol.

Sending up prayers Shirley Mae for you and Rod, please keep us updated.

Did not watch the Super Bowl, but DH flipped over occasionally to catch a commercial, lol. I did hear that Pink did an amazing job of the Anthem and that all players stood.....All I can say “It’s about Da****** time”.

Got to run, already into laundry and almost time to go outside to the barn...
Hope you all have a fabric day.....

2/5/2018 5:23:15 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo
Shirley my prayers are with you my friend.

Judi how are the repair to the slide going.

Real icy here, just staying home & getting house put in order.. hopefully.

2/5/2018 5:24:43 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Joyce - I heard that Pink was sick with the flu and still sang awesome!

Speaking of sick, my husband woke up and said both of his ears were hurting. And typical man when I suggested he call our dr he said oh I will be ok. I told him when his ear ruptures he would wish he went. Mine did that. So he called the dr. We are waiting for a call back.

2/5/2018 5:33:50 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning all
Prayers for Shirley Mae and Rod. I pray ever thing turns out good for Rod and you get some rest.

Its cold here not much snow but more coming. I am making banana bread this morning. Have not made for some time. Hope it turns out ok.
Then will finish up my attic quilt Which I named Pieces in Bubblegum. A lot of bubblegum pink in this quilt I really like the way it turned out.
Yesterday made a couple of purple lotto blocks. Hope to make 2 more then some green ones. Also registered my quilts on line for quilt show. I told Shirley I would register hers this way much easier than filling out papers.
Well got to get going.
You all have a great sewing day

2/5/2018 5:59:03 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

We are to be mostly dry and in the low 50's all week long. Aaahhh.... I can dig this!

SHIRLEY MAE - prayers for you and Rod.

LYN - When you go back to CO, will it be for 2 weeks or is that when you return in the MH? Poor Minnie! As for me going to CO to my sister, the plan has been for her to come HERE for our older brother's big surgery on March 8. So she may be gumming up the works of that. Since Al's is a much bigger deal, and since we are his transportation to/from Seattle hospital, we'll stay with him. But if Tina starts a serious path, and the timing fits, then yes, we'll probably go to CO. She has had several benign biopsies in the past, so we're hoping it's the same thing this time.

DIANE - happy to have you back at your sewing machine!

LOIS - we were happy with your new champs, too! Well, sorta happy, since it wasn't our Seahawks playing.

SUZETTE - sorry about more sick at your house. Hope your DH has nothing serious wrong with him. You can look at Fabric Depot on-line for flannel. I believe the sell a lot of it - even in wide backs. and their prices are about 30% less than other places. It's in Portland and they have a full acre of fabric and do a lot of on-line business.

IZZY - congrats on your team's win!

JUDI - welcome to your winter home! I Googled your CG and it is beautiful! A purrfect place to relax for a few weeks! It looks a lot like one we stayed in back in "02 near St. Augustine. Though updated. I can't remember the name of our campground. Now I'm curious and I may have to go back through our travel journals to find out! Did you get your slide fixed?

BECCA - good luck at the dr for your DH.

CINDY - that's too bad about your sprinkler system, but hope they will have it repaired in a quick jif! What is a Dahlia quilt?

CHRISS - happy to hear you have beers in your orchards. So handy on hot days! ;o)

JOYCE - yes, Pink did a great job on the anthem - and I'm picky about how my anthem is sung! I hadn't realized she was sick. The commercials were very disappointing this year. The best one I thought was the Budweiser about how they stopped beer production to do water instead for all the disaster relief efforts in TX, FL, CA, and P.R. But no draft horses. :o(

FLO - hope you make progress on your house. What ever happened to the house you were renovating for your DD? Did you finish it? Is it rented?

KATY - sounds like you are having a lot of fun with quilts and blocks! Are you over all your sick now? When is the quilt show?

Well, we watched the Super Bowl and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great game. We were rooting for the Eagles and they certainly didn't disappoint. And it was heartening to see ALL the players showing respect for our flag and anthem. Most even had their hands over their hearts, which sadly, many people don't do anymore.

I'm not sure what our day holds besides stripping the bed and washing sheets. I started on a tablerunner for our new buffet downstairs - four different 12" blocks in wine-themed fabrics. I have one block done. And sometime this week we need to shampoo our downstairs carpet - I'm hoping today, though when I mentioned it Bill's reaction was like he hadn't ever heard of this plan! lol! We'll rent a Rug Doctor machine. I got the laundry done during the game yesterday so that's checked off. Please, if you get a moment, offer up a prayer for my older sister who is having an emergency mammo today. thanks,

mary z
This post has been edited.
2/5/2018 6:16:50 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! Watched the all the Super Bowl and it was a good game even though my Pats didn't win. Congrats to the Eagles. I was really holding my breath on the last pass of the game be Brady. He has done it before so I had hope. Most of the commercials were really bad except the one with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. dancing to The Time Of My Life. That one was really good. They used to have really great commercials on the Super Bowl, but the last few years they have been really bad. I miss the old Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdales and other animals. They just aren't funny anymore.

Shirley Mae - So sorry Rod not feeling any better. Will be keeping you both in my prayers.

Suzette - Hope your DH's ear aches aren't too bad and he gets some relief.

Joyce - I am so glad all the players stood for the anthem. I love football, but it bothers me when some players kneel for the anthem. My son is in the Corps and I think it is so disrespectful to not stand. There are other ways to protest something.

Judi - So glad you got to your camping spot all right. Just remember to bring back some warmth when you come home.

Izzy - Loved your little Minions this morning even though I am a Pats fan. At least it was a good game.

Suzette - I didn't like the half-time show either. I watched part of it because I do enjoy Justin Timberlake sometimes, but couldn't hear anything. Just too loud and sound was not good so did other things while it was on. Guess I am just getting old. Just wanted to see the game.

Well, better go get some breakfast for Smoke and me. Two more days before I can go out again per the doctor. Hasn't been hard staying in though because the weather has been really "crappy". Wednesday morning though going out to breakfast at Bob Evans. My friend Ann whose mother just died has severe bronchitis now. I think it comes from all the stress, company, and having to be out in the cold. When I can get out on Wednesday will go check on her. We talk on the phone now. Hope everyone has a good day.

2/5/2018 6:34:46 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Cloudy Morning.....

I'm off to WMart 1st thing to get a prescription for the itchies. Don't want that coming back. Also want look for something Valentiny for the DGC.
It's 'warm' here at 35' most of the snow is gone.

See you later........Kathy

Shirley Mae, you & Rod are in my prayers.
2/5/2018 6:35:44 AM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub

I'm looney toons. I was reading Sunday's post and was answering. I pasted it to today. Duh!

Lois - I miss having my sewing/quilting buddies, too. I suppose I could find some other ones if I'd go to quilt guild but I'm just not up to making the effort right now.

Grammie - I vote for y'all to get a new camper. There's been so many changes and improvements since 2003.

Suz - what do you mean 'regular quilting fabric' for the back? What do you usually use?

Katy - glad you met Shirley. I was going to quilt over the weekend but my daughter came over Saturday morning and didn't leave until last night.

Flo - I love to fish. Don and I haven't been able to fish for two years due to our lake being flooded. Our boat is going to rot is storage. Campers and boats like to be used and don't do well just sitting. Saw your picture. The good news is that your wall hanging looks great!

Valerie - GOOD GRIEF - a 1999 camper. Gosh. Most of the RV dealers here have great sales...thank goodness.

Shirleymae - you just go ahead and ask for all the prayers you need. You've got them from us.

Izzy - glad your team won. I usually root for the underdog but I didn't watch the game last night.

JUdi - I'm jealous. Hey, did you get your slide out? Can you hand-crank them out?

Becca - glad you have sunshine. Our sun came out for a minute this morning. Now it's gloomy again.

Cindyb - good for you to go raise heck about your sprinkler head. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. When I say that my DH says, "Yeah, but the second mouse gets the cheese!"

Chriss - so glad your spring has sprung. I'm not quite ready because I like the cold weather. I just wish it would be sunny.

Joyce - I heard part of the Nat'l Anthem by Pink on the news this morning. Great job even though she had the flu. I don't know how she stood long enough to sing it. When I had the flu I was doing good to get up to go to the bathroom! So glad all the players stood. All the anti-American stuff really gets to me.

Maryz - prayers going up for all your siblings.

Gotta go.

May we all get to fondle fabric today.

2/5/2018 6:46:21 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

I made the mistake of laying down after vacuuming the basement - big mistake as I slept for over an hour. So last night I was awake until 2. And of course I'm running WAY behind so I best kick it into a higher gear and get busy. Have a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
2/5/2018 7:07:09 AM
Good morning! We are COLD—the bottom dropped out of the thermometer yesterday and ended up at 5 degrees when I walked son’s dogs at 11:30 p.m. It was not fun feeding calves this morning, but at least the wind had laid down. Yesterday was brutal with blowing snow and falling temperatures. At least we didn’t get ice!

That was some game! DH never watches any sports, but he let me watch most of the game, and he even kept up with it somewhat. I had to ‘splain some of it to him, but… WOW! I was rooting for the Eagles, as one of the players from my university had played for them several years ago. I even made Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner to help them along.

Sherry—I totally agree… the BEST commercial was “Time of My Life”. I ran it back and watched it twice and laughed as much or more the second time. The rest of the commercials and halftime show were pretty much non events to me.

Izzy—goat yoga has nothing over dog yoga! I decided I needed to get back to some exercise and take time for me. I found a program on cable and taped it, got out my mat, put on old sweats, and began… Boomer played the part of the goats (all over me), and Tinker Bell was in the mix licking faces and helping with poses and generally cheering us on. I’m not sure how much “real” yoga I practiced, but I did get some exercise with the extra assistance.

Mary—I knew Budweiser furnished water for the disasters. They were on the job in the Joplin tornado. I missed the horses, too.

Chriss—I talked to my aunt last night, and it was around 80 in her area. That sounds so pleasant!

So sorry this is short today. I will be marathon decorating Valentine cookies to take to our Audubon meeting tomorrow evening. I baked them yesterday. Boomer is my kitchen help, and I never need to clean the floors when he’s keeping watch. The pond glazed over in the frigid temperatures, and I need to go break ice so the calves can get water when they get out.

Have a great day!
2/5/2018 7:35:53 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning girls

Up, showered and dressed here, but thought I'd better check in before I head down to sewing room.

ShirleyMae.... by now Rod has had his procedure and I so hope and pray that all went well and that can determine what is causing his problems/pain. Prayers and encouragement are what we are here for!

Cindyg.... You want COLD weather... come on up! It's 3 Below this morning, tho I don't think that's what you meant by "cold weather" Used your method for borders on a little quilt I finished yesterday, much better results! thanks

Kathy... Oh goodness, that's right ... Valentines Day is right around the corner... guess I better get something in the mail soon to my little ones--think I'll get the goofiest one I can find for the 14 year old!

Sherry..... I didn't watch any of the game, meant to catch the National Anthem, but missed it. Did watch the news after the game was over with lots of coverage of the crowds in downtown Minneapolis. Seems like everybody was having a good time, even tho it was SUPER cold--wind chill was like 15 below last night. Haven't been out of the house in a week either, so far so good, but I'm getting the itch to get out a little... I keep thinking one more day and I'll be back to normal.

Maryz... You mean no body "took a knee" for the anthem yesterday? It's about time.. I bet that looked nice to have every one stand. I think that should be part of football training, how to stand proud at attention with hand over heart.--all sports! Tho I do wonder if DGS Brennen has to stand at attention when they play "Oh Canada" at his soccer games--tee hee. LOTS of prayers for your sister today!!!

Katy.... Can't wait to see your lotto blocks! Did you see Teresa's and what a cool pattern that makes when all the same color is together. Kind of has me thinking of making a whole quilt!

Joyce.... I went to youtube to google Pink singing.. OMG I got goose bumps. She did really well considering she was sick. So good to see so many standing--the guys with one hand on heart and the other on a team mate shoulder, very touching.

Chriss.. Tho I didn't send a PM about prayer-a-thon, every other Saturday sounds great by me. "Where ever two or more are gathered...."
How is Miss Mar doing? Her birthday is next month right? Not sure why I was thinking about her this morning.

Becca..... Hope your errands are quick today.. How are all your little twins doing?

Judi.... I had to check out the Park.... Is that white sand on the beach? Oh My Gosh... a barefoot walk on the beach sound so inviting. Now why couldn't one of my kids moved to FL instead of AK and Canada!!

Izzy.... You always find the cutest cartoons to post!

Suzette...Always fun to find a chunk of fabric that will work!

Lois... As always, wish you a easy work day!

Will head down to sewing room this morning, clean up a couple messes, then work on another hospice quilt. Finished a little itty-bitty one
yesterday. Red/Black/white tossed 9 patch. I have to say it's not my favorite. The one I'm working on now is El's Autograph block with bug fabric that's so cute! I'm trying to stay focused on one at a time and it ain't easy!

Have a marvelous Monday y'all. See you tomorrow

This post has been edited.
2/5/2018 7:53:14 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
Valerie- I hope your 1999 camper looks new. This RV Park isn't fancy or high end, but I think even they have a policy as to how old your rig can be. Many parks are doing that.

MaryZ- March is a two week trip. We leave with the Coach the last part of April. Have an appointment at the Newmar factory starting April 30th.

Shirley Mae, Prayers that Drs find and fix the problem.

Hug family, friends and fabric,

This post has been edited.
2/5/2018 8:16:06 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Good morning. Still warm here. I think winter took a holiday. It's been in the 80's most of January and now February. The only time I got to wear my sweaters was when I went to Utah. It would be nice to have a little change in the weather.

Chriss, you have beers in the orchards? What kind of trees are those? I'd like to get a few. lol Things are blooming and it smells like spring here as well. My Hydrangeas didn't even drop their leaves this year. They usually go bare and come back in the spring.

Judi, enjoy putting your toes in the sand. That's one of my favorite things about living in SoCal. We are close to the ocean.

Cindyb, that stinks. Hope they fix it for you.

Cindyg, some days I read the posts and go to post and get distracted.

Katy, I'm going to make banana bread this morning as well. I make it every couple weeks.

Chickie, have fun decorating cookies.

Sharona, hope you get some sleep tonight. I love naps, but they do mess with the night sleep.

Shirley mae, hope things go well for Rod and they can figure out the problem.

I have a list of things I need to do today, then I will sew. I started a log cabin a few days ago. Using gold and blues. It's going to be really pretty.

Have a great day. Lori
2/5/2018 8:30:12 AM
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