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Saturday Feb 3
grammiequilts Send a Message
good morning it is 18 here in Ky...no warm enough...we head out to Geogia today. Travel has bee ok Tiring, I read one quilt magazine and will maybe hand sew today. see you tonight. I will come back and read//XXXOOO
2/3/2018 4:19:00 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good morning Judi

It's 16 here and not suppose to be to much warmer than that.
Today I will work on my fancy forest quilt for a bit.
Nothing else to report.
Judi have safe travel.
Everyone have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.
2/3/2018 4:49:16 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo
Fishing seminar in Springfield today. Then church tonight.

Travel safe Judi.

2/3/2018 5:19:57 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.
Today is Sewing Saturday with Michelle. She is going to work on her paper piecing and a Jelly Roll race quilt for a patient that she has become close with. I will be finishing up a flannel quilt top and then start something with the blocks my wonderful quilting friends here sent me last year. It is 18 degrees here this morning. So needless to say I will be staying inside unless it is really important. Have a wonderful day.

2/3/2018 5:24:43 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good sunny but cold morning here.We are in teens too.

Judi Safe travels for you & Ken.Hope you find some warmer temperatures.

Flo Enjoy your seminar.

Lois Have fun sewing on FF.

Just stripped the beds so Mumbo time.Then May get to watch a ball game today.
No big plans here just The normal things I hope. Becca
2/3/2018 5:26:32 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning all
Nothing going on here. About 29 degrees no snow yet.
Had a nice birthday Hope all other groundhogs did too.
Today going to make angel food cake and banana bread. Then sew another block for lotto.

You all have a great sewing day
2/3/2018 5:31:02 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning,

A quick howdy and then off to the shower. Our overnight guests leave this morning. Our BBQ last night was great and food even greater. But one couple wrote it on their calendar wrong and thought it was tonite instead. So now they want to meet for breakfast at a restaurant. Since our visiting friends need to be in Portland at noon, it's going to be early. Later today is a surprise birthday party for Bill's brother. It's also my DD1's bd so we're meeting them for an 0800 breakfast tomorrow at a restaurant 30 miles north. I'm starting to feel like Izzy, going in so many directions at once! lol!

I got a sewing machine cord. They don't normally keep them and didn't mean to. When I take my machine down, I put all the part and pieces into the case to keep them together. But a new person took the machine out of the case at the shop, set it on the counter, and plugged it in. I didn't even realize she'd used my cord. Then she got called away and a second person took over helping me. We got involved in discussing the machine and a couple of small problems I was having with it and I never thought about checking everything. When they took my machine into the back they did ask if it was my cord and I thought it wasn't. But I was wrong. Anyway, they gave me a new one. And I do have my name on every piece of my machine but I guess it fell off the cord somewhere along the line.

CINDY - yay you!!! You go girl! Catch that sew-jo!! So happy to see you posT and hear your plans for doing things! I know you can get your sister's quilt finished quickly. It's on the LA already, right? Great weekend project! and don't be too quick about putting away those decorations - Christmas will be here again before you know it! I still have a couple of my big framed cross-stitched pictures up. when it takes me 2 years to make something, I'm going to display it for more than 4 weeks a year!

BIRTHDAY GIRLS - KATY, LINDA, AND DIANE - so sorry I missed your big day! I was in a hurry yesterday and just didn't think. I do hope you all had a great day and happy and healthy 'new years'!

JUDI - Hope your travels are easy today. Just think of where you're heading! Will take the bite out of 18*! What will you be sewing on today? Yo-yo's?

LEA - what a tactful way to calm your delivery driver down! Hope he had a better day after visiting you!

CHRISSY - will keep Nate on my prayer list. The poor guy! So young to be going through so much. Puts some of our own troubles in perspective, doesn't it. Glad he gets to take his special quilt with him. Isn't our CHICKIE one of the most talented, sweetest persons ever!! And neat that Myles and Mikey were both asked to the prom - by sisters no less! To be honest, I didn't realize freshmen and sophmores had proms - only juniors and seniors. Showing my age there!! Glad you made it to your appointment OK. I believe I would have rescheduled.

CHICKIE - you are weaning your babies? Whatever will you do with your time now?? lol! thanks for the update on Vicky. I thought Tia's fourth baby was due around the end of the year. Do you know what they named him? Nice to hear that Caleb and Aleisha are expecting, too. Any chance that Vicky will be returning to the forum or do you think she has 'moved on'? Congrats on finishing your Christmas gifts! Now are you starting on next year's?? lol!

JANA - odd about the middle of the night door knock on Aaron's door. I wonder if there were other incidents in the neighborhood. I also wonder if they were just looking for houses where people didn't answer the door . . .

CHRISS - look at you - going all big city shopping on us! And how come you weren't at work?? Good luck finding jeans and bras. I am convinced that comfy ones simply don't exist. Or maybe it's just me and I have a weird build.

VAL - sorry your sister seems to be lagging behind on her end of the Dad Project. Maybe you can find some kind of housing where your dad and BIL could live together?

MARY Q - Hope you warm up soon! Your coffee and TP can't last forever! How are you liking your new machine? Have you come up for air yet since you got her? lol! Yes, my visiting friend is a quilter. Not as avid as we all are, but she does make quilts. Mostly baby things for donation to their local hospital. Also for pets at shelters. She also gardens, cans, cooks, and loves having company. She is my friend, Betsy, from NE Oregon who had the double lung transplant 6 years ago. She was in Seattle for her post-transplant check-up and they were visiting on their way home. We met them at our RV Rally in La Grande, OR many years ago and bonded.

FLO - I have to wonder why you aren't shampooing now while your room is already torn apart? I'd hate having to do this all over again in a few months.

SHARONA - makes me happy that you are back in your sewing 'cottage' again. How did your DH's appointment go? And how are your knees doing?

LYN - glad you made it back to Texas again OK. Hope Minnie's appt goes well. Will you be making another trip to CO before you go back home again?

I have to run. Time is running fast this morning!

have a great day!
mary z
2/3/2018 6:13:14 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good morning all! Not much going on here today. Staying in and getting better each day. Supposed to get snow over next several days with possibly a big one coming Tuesday thru Wednesday. They are not sure yet. Could go south of us. We will see. If I was as wrong as the weathermen are so often I would have been fired. LOL

Chrissy1 - Hope Nater gets through his treatments all right. Also praying for Mymy and his chemo pills. Went and got them some Dum Dums last week so will put them in the mail next week after I can leave the house. glad your sister's hysterectomy went well.

Suzette - I got a book about paper piecing and some pieces but just haven't got back to it. Too many sewing irons in the fire, but at least I won't run out of projects.

FarmChick - Thanks for letting us know about Vicky. Was kind of wondering about some of our friends we haven't heard from in a while.

Chriss - What are Kristen Keene Donuts? Must be something local.

Cindyg - Glad to hear from you. dory you were going through depression. I know a camping trip will cheer you up and give you some rest.

Valerie - Sounds like your Dad's move to California is coming along slowly. Hope you get him all settled in soon.

Maryq - With the Super Bowl this weekend do you live near Minneapolis? I was rooting for the Vikings to beat the Eagles since it is being played in their stadium. For the SB LII though I am rooting for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Tom is a former Wolverine so it is in my blood. Hope you feel better soon. I know it just seems to hang in there and not leave.

Flo - Hope your taxes came back in your favor yesterday. Mine are so easy that I have doing them online for years. Just have to pay taxes on any money I take out of my IRA the year before.

Izzy - So glad your piano lessons are doing well. I have a piano here but haven't touched for a long time. You are getting me thinking about playing again. Not great but I do enjoy it.

Judi - Hope you have safe trip to Florida. Please bring back some warm weather.

Katy, Linda, and Diane - So sorry I missed your birthdays yesterday.

Well better go get some breakfast. Been working on my cross stitching project since I can sit to do it. Just don't feel that great about getting back to my quilting yet. Hope everyone has a good day.


2/3/2018 6:49:36 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Get this, I'm UP, showered, dressed, teeth brushed and have been to town and back already! Not bad huh? HAD to go get more PUFFS with lotion and some Dayquil and Nightquil. This cold hasn't let go of me just yet.

Sherry... Good to hear you are feeling better! My brain has all these things to do today, but I'm afraid my body isn't cooperating. I'm sure there's a nap in my future. I live just NW of downtown Minneapolis about 45 miles. With all the Super Bowl stuff going on I for sure am not going any where NEAR Minneapolis.

Maryz.... I am LOVING my new machine!! It's so smooth! Finished a top yesterday, but need to add the borders, now that Cindy has helped me to do them right. Glad you got the cord for your Bernie... is she running better now?

Katy.... Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a happy day. I knew there were a few of you with Groundhog birthdays!

Becca..... One two cha cha cha... that's for the Mumbo dance. Might have to do a little of that dance today too.

Suzette... Only 18 there? Sounds like MN weather! It's been snowing all most of the morning, supposed to get 1-3", so now that I have good cold medicine, I'm staying in! Looks like the east coast from PA to New England is supposed to get a huge storm!

Lois.... Wishing you a great day too!

Today is chore day, before I head down to sew, I need to vac and dust and clean up a few messes. I'd like to find the top of my dining room table sometime today. Am still organizing fabric I've brought home, but think I'm almost done. Brought in a lot of my plastic shoe boxes from the garage so I have fabric set up, one quilt idea per box with pieces and the pattern ready to go. If I can just stay focused on one quilt at a time, I'll be in good shape!

Time for my coffee if I'm going to get those chores done!

Have a Super Saturday

This post has been edited.
2/3/2018 8:04:56 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo
Waiting to shampoo, Because it may not dry. Plus may replace carpet anyway.

Taxes cane back ok, but at least they are fine. Getting a little back. Hoping next year to file on our own, tax lady took $500 because it was complicated with closing Joe's business.

2/3/2018 8:32:51 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

I must be the warm one today, we are 42! A heat wave! LOL!

Not much going on here. It seems that it is a teen age thing to knock on the door to wake up the owners, then run off. Kind of dangerous with some of home invasions happening here in the valley.

A few uglies to get done, then play time.

2/3/2018 8:46:01 AM
Good morning

Hope everyone is in good cheer and healthy.

For all you in impossibly cold weather, I trip to CA would do you good. Should be in the low 70's today. Just my kind of weather.

Flo what is a "Fishing Seminar?"

Katy Belated Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed that. Hope you had a good day.
OH my looks like I missed a few more! Linda and Diane belated Happy Birthday to you too.

Mary Happy Birthday to your family! I am not sure DBIL wants to live with Dad, but it may be a thought. I love my sister, I really do but she really is interested in only 1 person, that is her. She got rid of several of my Parents things (esp my Mom's china) because I couldn't get there when she wanted me too. She has no interest in family heirlooms so lots of stuff has gone to goodwill and wherever else she takes it. Not just my parents but grandparents and great-grandparents too. Nothing much I can do. The one time I asked hers to ship stuff, she did. Took to UPS, had then pack and then charged me $200 for the shipping. I paid half and told her she should have called me before she ran up a bill like that. But it is what it is. No sense in fretting over something you have no control over.

Well, I am running out of time, need to press a few things before going to the thrift shop. Only working until 3 as I have a 50th Wedding Anniversary party at 5pm. This is a couple who we have know through church for several years, he is an retired ordained minister but has been president of the School Board here in town for as long as I have known him. They were a lot of help with DGS when he had issues in school. DH has done some work around the house for them also.

So best get, hope everyone has a great day and you get in a few stitches.
2/3/2018 8:57:56 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, it's going to be a great day today.

Yesterday wasn't very productive. I didn't find tennis shoes. My wide feet aren't easy to shod.

I went to Joanns and bought some flannel so I can make a design wall. there were 10 people in line and one clerk. She was doing her best but people were grumbling. I said "it could be worse" and the lady ahead of me said " it sure could, I just lost my daughter to cancer" That changed the perspective of the line.

I did get my oil changed and was able to go to the Catholic church rummage sale.

Today I will go play in my room. I want to get ready for the QIAD BOM which will start soon. I'm still talking myself out of just buying the kit.

Suzette, I'm so glad that you figured out the paper piecing thing. I found a paper pieced pattern at the rummage sale yesterday, I immediately thought of you.

Judi, if yesterday was computer packing today must be traveling, have a safe and wonderful trip.

Izzy, it's been on my mind to get the book to go along with your devotion post. and since it's been nagging at me I am going to get on Amazon when I am done here. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these devotions, I really get a lot out of them and appreciate them so much.

Maryz, sorry Bernie came home without his cord. The shop couldn't remember who's cord they used. Who takes their machine in without the cord. doo doo heads. Perhaps they will give you a discount for your trouble. My Valentines blocks should be delivered today. Glad you are feeding your guests. I am awful at planning ahead.

Sharona, so? How did DH do with his one year knee appointment? How are you? REally, How are you?

Flo, seems like you've been hit with a lot of things at one time. Best to get all the troubles out of the way now so you can have no issues for a while. Thankfully the water stuff is easily fixed and once repaired it will be resolved never to happen again.

Maryq, the only way I can figure to keep the box of puffs nearby at all times is Velcro. Hope you feel better soon.

Cindy, good to see you. Glad you chose to not sleep and instead get up and finish some projects. I remember the Shakesphere in the park quilt, it was gorgeous.

Valerie, It's a lot of work fixing things for a parent as they age. hope you are able to sail though the paperwork and it all runs smoothly.

Sherry, I think I would enjoy the puppy bowl much more than the superbowl. I will hide out in my room while the game is on. Jerry hasn't watched football this year, he is protesting the protest. He may not even watch the superbowl.

Chickie, you were busy, glad your projects are finished and you can start this years projects. thanks for the Vicky update.

Jana, you don't live in a dull neighborhood. seems like a lot has gone on there lately. hope that bathroom gets finished so you can use that LA

Becca, I bet that baby quilt will be adorable. I don't have the patience to hand quilt. Maybe some day but not now.

Chrissy, prayers for the kids. banana blueberry sounds great.

Lea, I think if it were that cold at my house I'd want groceries delivered too.

Lois, happy sewing day. If you want to sew here you can, I'll make lunch.

Becca, I want to strip the bed too but am wondering if we should stay with flannel sheets or go back to regular sheets. I'ts been pretty warm here.

Katy, glad you had a nice birthday.

Maryz, you are funny, Maryq's tp and coffee won't last forever. Especially because one causes the need for the other. hope the coffee runs out before the TP. I took a vacation day for Friday. Nice to go to the "big city" on a weekday. Had I found jeans or bras I would have stuck my nose in the air and become a bit snootier, but it didn't happen so I am just as snooty as I was before.

Sherry, now you see why I don't like typing on my phone, it auto corrects my spelling. It is Krispy Kreme donuts. that post was so full of misspellings I bet you thought I was tipping the bottle a bit, LOL. Glad you are feeling better.

Maryq, If I lived alone my living room would be my sewing room. I would never put my stuff away and I would sew all my free time.

Jana, sounds like you may need to break out the shorts and flip flops with that heat wave.

Val, sorry your sister is the way she is. Sounds like you dad will do better with you and your brother.

Nothing exciting here, think Iwill get some breakfast and go play. I'll be in my room if you need me.


OH! I have a question. I put up the prayer a thon once a month, do you want to double it? Maybe every other week? or is once a month best?

2/3/2018 9:37:25 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Found my backing fabric and some really cute fabric that is printed with quilting supplies and a panel to go with it. Will head back to get some as soon as my budget guru checks out the turnip! LOL!

This post has been edited.
2/3/2018 2:04:49 PM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
did some cleaning of my fabric scraps into 2.5inches and 5inch squares. lots r poor quality cotton but some reason couldn't throw it out.. worked on another bag instructions on one flr and project on another you think i'd do stairs nope.. well sewed wrong tomorrow have to fix it.. lol

3 cats yes,, all annoyed by the static in their fur want out to
breathe air.. lol If one stays too long in the horrible cold the 2nd goes over to get him and 3rd guards watch at door.. He'll get my attention to open from inside if I'm busy he'll try and open it himself.

texting they do all day.. email scratching the door frame to call the other.. When one book end returns the other walks in unison to the other licking his ears and giving warm to his cold buddy hugging him in reprimand for not coming when called.. The ragamuffin hates being kissed even by me.. and runs away.. He is very humble, quiet and knows when to vamouche is the smartest but his looks deceiving.

Well, loud in telling me to get off his tail and watch where I'm going. or more like pay attention..

What is funnier yet, the bookends do liter box same time at each end of container.. one digs up hole the other burries his hole while digging his own side which gets them ticked off.. lol
2/3/2018 4:00:40 PM
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