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Monday January 29th
grammiequilts Send a Message
good morning it is snowing here oh great! We are headed out for nKen to get labs done routine, then out to breakfast with my sis so we can discuss travel plans,,she will be driving her motorhome and following us, She is a gutsy gal. my younger sister, packing is half done. I have gotten a head cold...so I feel like poop here,,,It probably has to do with going to a 2 year olds birthday in a germ factory..I started on zicam and immune boosting tea,this morning,,,hoping for the best....hate to go out in this bad weather,,,

Hope you all have a great day XXXOOO

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1/29/2018 5:04:47 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Good morning. It has been raining all night and suppose to finally leave sometime tonight. I hate these gray rainy cloudy and damp days. YUK!
Almost ready to get back to sewing-have 2 panels for QOV. I've had them for a while but with the move and un-packing couldn't start them.
Hope everyone has a great day regardless of the weather.
1/29/2018 5:16:57 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,The rain ended & sun is peeking out.We need some drying.

Judi Hope the tea works.I agree about the toys that Children get today & the elaborate parties.Way overboard.Most Of Mine aren’t that way & Im Glad But we have some that are.Stay safe out there.

Lori Hope DH finds Dad Doing well.And good for you with all your worthwhile projects.

Lyn You have your priorities in the right place.I think girls are more sentimental as a rule.Glad Dad & Mom are both doing as well as possible.

Sharona Sure hope you are doing ok.I would let someone else do the vacuuming.

Val Hope you can get Dad settled.And your job works out for you.

Laundry is going here.They are having Quilting at Church So Off I go.Tomorrow it’s check up at Dr.Dont like those even if it is a check up.
Have a great day to all. Becca

1/29/2018 5:19:17 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good Morning Judi,
Sorry to here you have a cold and bad weather I'm at work nothing new here I went to hobby lobby over the weekend trying to get an idea for the quilt for the block party still nothing yet.
Well I always do better under pressure.
Oh I only have 3 more hedgehogs left to do.
Judi get well.
1/29/2018 5:21:28 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good morning all!
All kinds of different weather for all of us.
Sorry for the cold hitting you, Judy. Hope you scare it away quickly.
Good going with all your projects. Keeping busy is what we all do best. :)
Have a great week!
1/29/2018 5:31:20 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, what a great day it is going to be.

Lyn It's a lot of back and forth for you to take care of your parents. what a blessing to them that you are able to do it. Nice that the siblings all take turns.

Kathy, it's spring like weather here too. we should be in the upper 60's by next weekend. Jerry already wants to get on the lawn mower and cruise around the property. Hope the dentist went well.

Suzette, glad you have the LQS to help you figure out the paper piecing. It took me a while before the lightbulb went on for me.

Jana, I already am using a bedroom for my sewing room. Jerry put it together for me. I have two things I want to change. I want my cutting table to be on wheels and I want the carpet gone. I also want it repainted. I am a wanter. Connecting Threads has some really nice wide backing.

Judi, Little kids are surely germ carriers aren't they? hope you feel better soon.

Diane, well? is the unpacking just about done? glad you're almost ready to get to sewing.

Becca, Nice that the sun is coming out just in time for quilting at church. I love to see the sun in the winter and just want to stand in it and soak it up.

Lois, I am better under pressure too. Hobby Lobby is a fun place to shop. they have great clearance deals.

The pain that woke me up Saturday has been lessened so I think I won't need to go to the doctor. So strange to wake up like that.

Finished my Valentines day blocks and will put them in tomorrow's mail.

It should be only a couple of weeks till the BOM from QIAD starts. I'm really excited about it.

Hope you all have a fantastic day.
1/29/2018 5:32:43 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

JUDI - bad timing with the cold! You seem to get a lot of colds. You must hang out with a 'rough crowd'! ;o) I thought I was getting one earlier this month and started popping Airborne vitamins for a week in addition to my regular vitamins. The cold tried to get me, but it lost! I hope you can beat yours, too.

DIANE - we've had a lot of rain and clouds here, too. But when we get a sunny day, it's glorious!! Happy sewing!!

BECCA - I hope your check-up went OK.

LOIS - what animal do you plan to do after the hedgehogs? I always work better under pressure, too.

VELDA - how is your special quilt coming along?

CHRISS - I better go back to Saturday and read up on what a pain you are - er, I mean had! Glad it's better now. Congrats on finishing your beautiful Valentine blocks! They will be happy to join Chickie's in the collection bin. When do you plan to start in on your room? Bill NEVER wants to jump on the mower. Ever. Ever.

LYN - how are your parents doing? It's great that you are able to come home and spend time with them.

We finally finished our family room renovation. Just have to hang three more pictures and shampoo the carpet. Pictures go up today but carpet will wait until next week. Today's special chore will be cleaning the garage. I don't know how all that mess happened out there, but it did. Then we'll bring several bucket loads of wood from the woodshed into the garage. Tractor sure makes THAT job easier! In between times I've gotten laundry done and pulled fabrics for Feb Lotto. Maybe some day I'll even get to sew some blocks!

May your bobbin always be full!
mary z >^+^<
1/29/2018 6:08:42 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good morning
Lois I too am having trouble deciding on color scheme for the block party. I was considering aqua teal and purple but have done so much aqua family here lately. I may wait till get first booklet. LOL
Judy Be careful it is not the flu.
Chriss What colors are you
doing in Bom.
Becca Have fun with the church quilting.
Maryz I am like you I need to sew blocks LOL

Today going to sew on binding on Attic quilt. Darn March 10 is coming to quick. I need to get so much done for show. I better get a move on.

You all have a great sewing day

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1/29/2018 6:15:19 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo

Cold and cloudy here today. Other than the burn pile, nothing got done yesterday...hopefully today.

Maryz, the $150 was not for a suit, just a pair of slacks. Even at JC Penney's the slacks were $90 and didn't look match his suit jacket.

Coffee now

1/29/2018 6:22:49 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
good morning all! Just a quick stop in today. Weather here has gone back to "crappy". Can't wait for Spring to get here.

Going to take my Cracker Barrel Cheesy potatoes and a cherry cheesecake over to my friend Ann's today. She is the one that her 92 year old mother died Friday. The funeral is Wednesday so will be going there. Changed my doctor's appt. since I feel Ann needs me more. Don't know what she is going to do now since they lived together and she will lose her Mom"s SS check to help with the bills. It is not like me who got my DH's check after he died. If you are not a widow you are "screwed". What little savings they had was embezzled by their lawyer several years ago. He took a lot of people's money, went to jail, and died and none of it was ever found.

Well better go get some breakfast for Smoke and me. Will come back later and read the posts. Have a good day everyone.


1/29/2018 6:27:10 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Cloudy Morning........

Just a quick 'hello' before I leave for a long day of errands & the dentist. Already looking forward to being home.

Love & Prayers.......Kathy
1/29/2018 6:52:41 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Judi - sure hope you start feeling better quickly. Your trip is almost here.

Diane - it's been raining on y'all for awhile, hasn't it. I know you will be glad to see the back end of that storm.

Becca - have a wonderful time at church quilting. I so agree with doctors. How nice that your DH got some 'man time' with DS and DGS.

Lois - almost at the end of the hedgehogs! Hope inspiration strikes soon for the block party.

Vel - I know you are keeping busy.

Chriss - hmm - I'll have to go read about pain waking you up. That would be scary - glad it's going away.

Maryz - good gravy Marie but you are busy. Are you going to take a picture of the wallpaper? I bet it looks grand. I'm so glad Scottie is back to normal.

Katy - how exciting - another quilt show for you. Have fun sewing on the binding - my favorite part.

Flo - ouch - I didn't realize dress pants were so much.

Sherry - oh what a sad story about your friend Ann. My heart breaks for people who lose what little money they had coming in. I'm glad you changed your doctor's appointment.

Kathy - hope the dentist isn't too long. It's great to see you!

I think my heart blip must be due to this stinking virus - at least that's what I'm going to tell the doctor tomorrow. They want her to check my thyroid and electrolytes, so I'm going to ask her to wait on the cardiologist until those results are back. I'm not sure if you remember that my DS1 has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so I think they're being extra cautious. They put me on two BP meds several years ago to control the irregular heartbeats. Oh - almost forgot - DH can't bend/lift/twist due to spinal fusion, so no vacuuming or pretty much anything else for at least three more months. Ok boring health news onto better stuff.

I finally made it to church after missing three weeks, and I had a lovely surprise from my Secret Sister - TWO BOMS from Connecting Threads - oh my! Such a nice treat. Today is Costco and then plotting on the blocks. I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day. xoxo Sharona
1/29/2018 7:12:31 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Bright sunny day here, tho darn cold again. Am rethinking the plan to go into town today. Maybe better I should stay home and do laundry and um um let's see what else... SEW?

Judi... Sorry you caught the germs from the kids.. It's almost a given that being around kids that germs will land on us. Hope your trip out today is a quick one and that the cold doesn't delay your travel plans. I'm a big fan of Nyquil... one dose at bedtime can usually knock out the cold before it starts!

Sherry... Prayers for your friend Ann today.

Flo... Oh yikes, I misunderstood.. I thought $150 was for a whole suit! But one pair of pants??? That's robbery! Makes you wonder why one pair of pants is so much!!! Hopefully they will last him a LONG time!

Katy... Have you ever put aqua and red together! One of my fav combinations. I have a zippy bag with pieces of those colors--on my to do list! I haven't even looked at El's BOM, I don't dare... so many other projects started. And I do have to quit looking at Pinterest, I keep finding more!

Maryz.... Nice to have everything back to normal in the family room? As soon as it warms up a bit, like in May, I'll be out in the garage cleaning up messes that have happened over the winter. Fortunately Kevin likes to clean garages so he'll be my helper. Will need to find places to put my fabric stash once I clear our my storage unit.
My Val. blocks are packaged up and ready to go, am thinking they'll go out on Wednesday.

Chriss.... Call me a "wanter" too... The list is long and unfortunately they are not inexpensive things... New Sewing/embroidery machine, new carpet, new water heater, new water softener. The table the kids got for me is on wheels and it's GREAT. It's in another downstairs bedroom, but I use it mostly for pinning quilts.

Velda... Nice and warm in Texas today? I am so looking forward to being able to open windows again, tho I think it's a little ways off.

Lois... LOVE Hobby Lobby! It's a good thing it's not closer to me than it is. I was going to grab some wide backing there the other day, but it was a bit thin. But with all the fabric 30% of the sticker price, I found some KONA that was really nice.

Becca... UGH.. Dr. appointment... Not a fan either, even for a check up.. The worst part is standing on the scale!

Diane....Good to hear you are about ready to get back to sewing! When you make your QOV, do you have a LA-er that does them for you? Once I get my quilt projects caught up, think I'll check out a local QOV project.

Sharon.... Sure hope all goes well at the Dr. tomorrow. You may have to get one of those Robot Vacuum cleaners! My DIL's mother has one, but I just wonder how clean they really get carpet!

Kathy... Zoom..... hope your errands go fast!

Now that I've had a few cups of coffee, guess I'll get going. Have a few phone calls to make this morning. Am waiting on the a guy to deliver salt for my water softener this morning. Then I'll start laundry. Found batting on sale at Joann, but Wednesday is Sr. day there, so will wait until then to go pick up some as it's another 20% off. My little Elna isn't feeling very well, so may have to take her to Dr. She doesn't seem to like going over seams, and her dogs seem not to be pulling very well. She's been cleaned out thoroughly, but I think I may have just worn her out. Unfortunately my back-up machine isn't working either, may need a new foot pedal. BUT If I do have to leave Elna for repair, I could always clean cupboards while she is away.

Wishing you all a Marvelous Monday
1/29/2018 7:26:34 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Don't really know what this day may hold. Could be work on the bathroom, sewing or uglies. Do need a run to the grocery store.

Do something fun!

1/29/2018 9:51:41 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
cats need 2 things. A GPS system to track whose yard they snoop and depends pants so I can stop cleaning smelly belly poop 2-3 times a day. OMG got on bus today this person smelled worse then my cats everyone would move away and bus driver almost told him to get off and go clean himself. How is it that those men who have health issues can't smell themselves.

My father would carry changes with him in case he hated it but least we'd sit with him at resto not embarrassing to serve him.
1/29/2018 3:56:07 PM
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