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Sunday January 28,2018
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good Morning Everyone,
I can't believe it's the end of the month
already I finished up my block for Edyta Sitar'blog it was kinda hard alot of half square triangles but it's done T G and today I will work on hedgehogs and try and do the last four of those.

I hope everyone's day is a good one.
Prayers go out to all.
1/28/2018 2:29:09 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Lois and those that follow.
I woke up this morning with a stuffed up head. I broke out the Vicks and rubbed it on my chest. I am feeling a little better. Sewing Saturday was cut short because Michelle didn't feel good. She had gotten a couple of shorts for work and was not tolerating them very well. I started my flannel quilt yesterday. This flannel is so nice and soft. It feels wonderful. I am hoping to find out Tuesday what is wrong with my paper piecing project. I don't want to trim it because it would cut out some of the pieces. I looked on the designer's web page and the quilt isn't even listed on it much less any corrections. So we will see. Have a wonderful day.

1/28/2018 3:58:22 AM
Good Morning It is hockey game here at 9am I am ready just need some more coffee...Kids had a great time...I also had my great niece here and took her to the party too...My niece had to go to the Er and my sis didnt have anyone to leave her with so she brough her out here. the girls had a wonderful time togther,,the boys stayed away from them LOL/

Party was wonderful but no 2 year old shoulld get that many toys...I told my granddaughteer to put away a lot of them for special days during the summer..when it is raining any h cannot go out to play.

Well When I get back from Florida I will start Sophia on the machine,,,I have a box of 5 inch charms we will start to put together, She still brings up the time she was 3 and I had her kneading bread dough, so she may turn out to be a domestic goddess like me LOL. Loving to do anything in the house. and garden. She did help make the pancakes for breakfast.

Well have a great day. HUgs and love to all xxxooo
1/28/2018 4:54:02 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

SUZETTE - I hope both you and Michelle are feeling better soon.

LOIS - You are really sewing up a storm.

MARY Q - Your sailboat quilt is awesome! And what a good cause!!

SHARONA - Are you feeling better today? And more info on what caused your BP issues?

CHRISS - I know you've been spending a lot of time on your Valentine blocks. I also know you are wanting to renovate your sewing room. Blocks first, then room. Room will be your reward for the blocks!

JUDI - I hope your niece is OK! Sounds like everyone except the boys had a great time with you yesterday! lol! I'm betting Sophia will take to sewing like she sees to have taken to everything else!

KATHY - What kind of weather are you seeing this weekend? How is your quilt coming along. and how are you feeling?

EVERYONE ELSE - have a super Sunday!

WE finished our painting/wallpaper project! Yay! We put our furniture back and now I'm working on hanging pictures. One fell, the biggest and heaviest, of course. It landed on me, tore my shirt and gouged my back. Now we need to go shopping for a new frame, and while we're out we need new throw rugs,a new wall clock, and Bandaids. So that will be this morning.

Scottie is eating well and he boom boomed! We're so excited! This vet bill was $1200, plus it almost cost us our dog. And it's not the first time Vicki's garbage has made him sick, but it's the worst. She puts it out to lure him over. "Attractive nuisance" is the legal term, I believe. We are writing a letter to the kids telling them they need to do something about their mom's behavior. I also want to file a police report and another report with the County Health Dept. I doubt any changes will come of any of it, but it will make me feel better at least.

This afternoon we're going to park ourselves on the couch and enjoy the NFL Pro Bowl game. And not do anything productive! Everyone should have a plan for the day and that's ours.

Here's hoping you all have a good day, too!

mary z
1/28/2018 4:56:52 AM
Good morning,

Grammie I think if the child is showing interest in using a sewing machine, give it a try. It will be apparent pretty readily I believe is she is too small.

Becca prayers for your friend.

Mary glad to hear Scottie is better. I was honestly not sure how this was going to turn out.

Maryq I have several patterns printed off Moda Bake Shop to make “sometime in the future”. I also have fabric for one of them. Maybe one day I will get back to sewing.

Suzette sorry to hear you arent’ feeling well. Rest and get well soon.

Speaking of toys, my BFF has a niece that has had a huge birthday party every year. She is now 8 and a little brother is now here. Hoping the parents can afford all this for 2 kids now. She gets at least 20 or more presents for each BD. I think it’s too much but I am just the friend.

Somewhere I have a picture of my DD helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner. She was probably around 3. Hit the front page of the local newspaper. Of course her Grandpa was the photographer for the newspaper but front page anyway!

Well, I gotta go look at the sailboat quilt, I know it is amazing. Weather was wonderful yesterday, hoping for more 60’s today. Also need to get the agenda done for church council today and I work at 3 for about 4 hours.

Have a great day all and I will try to keep up a bit more than I have been.

1/28/2018 5:20:40 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo

Ended up looking for a new pair of suit pants for Joe yesterday. The pants to his black suit wore out and he needs suit for Knights of Columbus in a few weeks. Ended up at Means Wearhouse where we bout suit and spending $150...ouch

After church its try to put house together somewhat. We are shutting off water supply to house every time we go out until spring.

Chriss, the small pants on my wall are actually a Christmas stocking. In Cali, the quilt guild I belonged to met at a LQS. Each one of us made one and they were hung on wall so your secret sister could put little gifts in them. Now they are just decoration. I have the pattern if you are interested. And my sewing machine is under that pile!

Coffee now.

1/28/2018 5:29:25 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
MaryZ, Glad Scottie is better. I think letting the kids, county and police know is a good idea.

Hi to All above and below.

Only a few more days here. I probably haven't done near enough here at the house. But, I find it hard cleaning out my folks house when they are still alive and especially if Dad says he wants to see the house for some reason. The brother in charge has no use for memories or memorabilia, where the other 3 of us do. I've spent more time with the folks, which I think is the most important thing in this arrangement.

Have a good day.
1/28/2018 6:40:49 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Yikes it's cold this morning.. only 10 above! Another good day to stay inside!

Lois.... I was just thinking that this morning, that here it is the end of January already. The one good thing about time going so fast, is that it will be spring soon. HST's... not my favorite thing, even if I follow the directions, they usually come up wocky!

Flo.... If you got a whole suit for Joe for $150, that's not so bad. I've seen men's suit be a whole lot more than that. Sure hope you can get things fixed up soon, and find your sewing machine under the pile!

Valerie... I'm surprised you get any time to sew at all... You're so busy with work and church and scouts! You must not sleep much!

Maryz.... If you think that Vicki is purposely putting things out to lure Scottie... I'd most definitely file a report! The problem will of course be proving it! Not that you want to be watching her all the time, but it wouldn't hurt to document every thing, tho I suppose you've already thought of that. Your new family room looks beautiful. and so cozy and comfy.

Judi.... Children's B'day party seem to have kind of gotten out of hand.. Jen's Kaya's little sister just turned 4 and they had a huge party.. AT 4!!! too much stuff so young. When my kids were little, we took a couple friends to McD and called it good!

Suzette.... Hope your feel better throughout the day. And able to figure out your paper piecing.

Lyn... Are you in CO to move your folks? Oh gosh, what a chore. We tried to talk my folks into moving the year before my Dad passed and he would have NONE of it! It was just too overwhelming for him to think about. He wasn't a hoarder, but he saved everything! Took the biggest dumpster to clean out.

Got home about midnight last night from baby sitting the kids, so will definitely need a nap today. Managed to get the binding sewn down on the sail boat quilt while there. Just need to wash up and check for threads. Is there anybody out there with an embroidery machine that I could hire to make some labels for me? I want to make sure I label them, so the kids will know who's is who's. My machine does letters, but I can't adjust the size of them at all.

Think I'll go throw some water on my face and get dressed..sweats is the uniform of the day. Down the sewing room I go! YIPEE

God bless you all with a wonderful, happy day
1/28/2018 6:57:56 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Good Morning! Off to church here pretty soon. Just want to pop in and say hello.
Hope everyone has a great day. I think I will be quilting this afternoon.
Don't know much else.. today.
1/28/2018 7:11:54 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good beautiful Sunday morning. It's going to be a productive day.

My goal is to work on those valentines blocks, I think I can make great progress.

Then I want to plan a quilt for my parents. I love the winding ways block and want to give it a shot.

for the last couple of days I've woken up with this pain under my left rib. breathing hurt. and a sneeze would really hurt. but after sitting up for a while I am fine. if it continues I will go to the doctor.

Sherry, I am sorry for your friends mom.

Suzette, I posted a picture of my valentines hearts in the swap section. they are paper pieced. I did have to in sew a couple of times. it sure takes practice. Oddly some of those pieces are sewn together before they are sewn onto the heart. That is the part I had a hard time understanding. what are you paper piecing?

Judi, I do believe it is time to prepare Sophia to take over the domestic goddess realm. She really wants to sew and she will either love it or like Marilyn decide she wants to take up music and become a rock star. Either way you get to make memories that will last forever. She's a blessed little girl. I think people bring toys to a kids party because they don't know what else to bring. My parents once gave my son $50 in Disney stock for his 5th birthday, now he is 29 years old. That was a cool gift.

Maryz, I have to wait to start my sewing room. I am getting paid out for 7 vacation days. when that check gets here it will be time to at least get the floor done. I so want to get rid of that carpet. And I want my cutting table on wheels. If I had those two things done I would be overjoyed. That check should be here in February. In the meantime I can set up in Marilyn's (formally Richard's) old room. Glad you are doing the police report and sending the neighbors kids a bill for the vet. Money will surely make people take notice as will police reports. Do you need to put a fence up? Happy couch parking. We haven't watched one football game this year.

Val, Bet your daughter loved being in the paper when she was young.

Flo, sorry about your water woes. love your pants on the wall, if I decide to make some I will hit you up for the pattern. hope Joe's new suit lasts for a long long time.

Lyn, so nice that you have time with your parents. sorry your brother doesn't want to keep the memories.

Maryz, I was just thinking, how about some security cameras? Even fake ones pointed towards Vickie's house might make her change her ways??

Maryq, a gal at work did a princess tea party for her daughters 7th birthday. It was Beauty and the Beast inspired and crazy costly. You could have bought two embroidery machines and thread for life for what she spent. Enjoy your sweat pants day.

Velda, hello back atcha. I'll be sewing today too. maybe we could meet in the sewing room.

Need to get grandma's grocery list I will stop at the store after work tomorrow. But first, it's shower time.

You all have a fantastically marvelous day.
1/28/2018 9:21:46 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
MaryQ, No we're not moving parents. Mom's been in a health care facility for a few years now. Dad was moved into a senior Apt after he broke his hip last February. My sister, one brother and I stay at the parents house when we're here. Everything of theirs is still here and will need to be gone through. Figure we just as well do some now. Oldest brother who lives here in Ft Collins helped Dad out, over a yr ago, and bought the house. He's paying Dad every month, most of money goes to pay for Mom's care and now Dad's Apt, too.

1/28/2018 9:32:50 AM
Charlton, MA
Good Cloudy Day....but it's 47*!!!

Not much going on here. The lake is melting & tomorrow I'm off to the dentist to have a filling replaced. Today I'm doing the laundry.

Lois.....I agree the month just buzzed by. A lot of half square triangles reminds me of Bonnie Hunter.

Suzette......hope the Vicks heals you ASAP. Paper piecing can be so tricky. Maybe it will be something easy to fix.

Judi....have fun at the game. I hope your niece is OK. My DD2 said the same thing about gifts for my DGC....both their b'days are the 1st week of Feb. I get them 1 gift & a check for college tuition. Sounds like your DGD is a very blessed to have you.

Maryz.....the weather is springish here......it even smells like Spring! I'm trying to get back into sewing. I think I'll get up bright/early Tues & make a day of it. Sorry to hear you were attacked by a picture frame. Gouge doesn't sound very good. So happy Scotty is getting better. How very sad about Vicky....you doing the right thing making a paper trail. Hope her children do the right thing.

I hate to have to say this "Go Patriots"!!! Every time I watch the news it's the 1st story!

Val.....wow...that's a lot gifts. LOL...that's a great 'front page' story.

Flo....Good thing he didn't want an Armani suit they can be $5000!

Lyn....sorry to see you are having a difficult time with this big transition. It can be a challenge. I'll keep you family in prayer.

Maryq....so you have all the cold weather! I see the cold will be here in a few days.

Love & Prayers........Kathy
1/28/2018 10:17:27 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Chriss - I am doing a block of the month club at the LQS. It's called Spring Jubilee. The piecing was easy. But, it's the middle and it doesn't lay out even. So on Tuesday they have open sew at the shop and the lady that runs it does paper piecing all the time.

I am feeling better. The Vicks did the job. I love the smell of it.

1/28/2018 1:37:14 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good afternoon!

Home from church a little bit ago. Talk went very well.

Suzette - when I was doing the paper piecing on my Judy Niemeyer quilt, we used a folding template. It was a piece of template plastic, about 2 - 3 inches wide and about 12 inches long. It was so handy for folding the line where we needed to add the next piece. This gave us the seam allowance space and then we could add the next piece. It was really handy. I made mine from a piece of template plastic that was heat proof, so I could iron on it. No steam, as it curled the paper. Wish I l8ved closer and could show you.

Not much here. Went out yesterday to get a piece of fabric for the back of a quilt. Hard to find the right color, and when I did, there wasn't enough. It seemed that the bolts of fabric, sent by the manufacturers are being limited to 8 yards! Never ran into this before. So, no back yet. I did find a couple of TOT's for some other projects I have in mind. Sarah and I will go out tomorrow and try again.

Ethan will be here a little later.

We warmed up and the snow has melted off my yard. That is, if you think that 45 is warm!

Chriss - a new repurposed room for sewing is wonderful! Enjoy finding all the goodies that make it yours.

Time to scoot,

This post has been edited.
1/28/2018 3:52:53 PM
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