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Saturday January 27th
grammiequilts Send a Message
Good morning,,,I have quick minute to say hi befre the kids want brekfast,,,

we have a birthday party tonight but will spend the day with the kids before we all go.

I have a question,,,,how old do you all think a little one should bw before they get to sew on a regular machine, DD was 8 and Sophia is asking but I am just not sure,,,She still has a short attention span so I know it will be a short session if I do it this time.

well I need coffee and the natives are getting restless...ave a great day. I will check back later to see how you all are XXXOOO

1/27/2018 5:51:42 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo

Grammie, I say start her when she shows interest, but as you say it may be a short session.

Winds calm and rain came through, so burn pile today.

1/27/2018 5:58:22 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Good Morning all
Grammie I started my grand daughter at that age but was a very short session.
Yesterday went to chiro and grocery store. Went by Shirley's and had coffee.

Today going to Galesburg to Joann's and Penny's. I was told Penny's is closing up there. Need to check out any sales. LOL
You all have a great sewing day
1/27/2018 6:33:42 AM
velvet Send a Message
Myrtle Beach, SC
Good morning. Hope everyone is eager for a nice weekend. We have cousins and hubbies coming to see the new house (missus the garage). There will be snacks around 3pm should be a lot of laughs and fun. Margie lives in Ocean Isle NC about an hour from me.
1/27/2018 6:36:44 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Good morning everyone,cloudy here today.

Judi my DG started at 6 on a regular machine in sewing classes at Church.She loves it & has made a table topper ,skirt,apron & pot holders.I think I would start off slow.Just depends on child & how interested they are.Enjoy the party.

Flo Hope it stays calm for the burning pile

Maryq I Make blocks for the charity quilts at Church .Other than that I’m not into any project now.My BF That has the cancer.The one you made the scarf For is still battling.Now her lungs are filling with fluid.Doesnt sound good.

DH went to Breakfast with DS & DGS.Thats a rare treat for him.I Have Mumbo dance Going.And Have More Too go.Hope to get a game in today of my favorite team.
Have a great day everyone.Becca
1/27/2018 6:38:44 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

JUDI - If she's showing interest, I'd let her try it. This may be your window to draw her into our wonderful world of quilting. At 6, maybe a short attention is for the better. lol! Have a great time with the kids today. Doing anything special or just enjoying being together?

FLO - Oh, we have a burn pile, too, only our rains haven't left yet! Soon. How is the Big Dry-out coming along?

LORI - what a terrific quilt mission you are part of! Congratulations on such good work! I know you'll do an awesome job of heading this up! So many choices of deserving recipients - children's hospitals, nursing home residents, cops to carry in their trunks for victims, NICU's, fundraisers for schools, libraries, fire victims, veterans, women's shelters, and more. You make God smile!

LEA - I bet someone at your LQS could give you some hands on quilting pointers. Plus, as they say, practice makes purrfect!

JANA - what quilt did you load on the LA? And today is Talkday! I know you'll wow the crowd!

MARY Q - sounds like you are making good use of your retirement! lol! I am getting all different colors of Fiestaware, one Bistro Set at a time. For Christmas Bill got me Seahawk colors. Yesterday we picked up a red one and bright yellow. I love 'em! Though I still love my old dishes, Summer Chintz by Johnson Bros. And I love my R/W/B dishes (they match Eleanors!). and my Christmas dishes. and my china. Oh heck! I love dishes!!

SHARONA - oh, girlfriend! Be careful! Let Jim vacuum, and you supervise! Have you ever had BP issues like that before? Hope it was fleeting! Tetrazzini is basically a turkey noodle casserole. So many different recipes. and last night I created a new one when I had to sub different ingredients. I needed pimentos and parsley. What I had were sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Both were red and green so I figured it would work out. and it did. :oP

KATY - I was at chiro yesterday, too. Can't believe how much better I'm feeling! Hope you find some good deals. I sure hate to see any business going down, but especially such a long-revered company like Penney's.

DIANE - have a good day with your cousins! Sounds like a fun party!

BECCA - so sorry to hear about your BFF's health. I hope she can turn it around. What game are you watching?

Scott is even better today. He's finished with his nausea med and is only on Pepcid and antibx now. This morning I gave him about 15 kibbles in his little spoon of canned food. Happy dog!!

We got half of our wallpaper hung yesterday. Today is the day!!! We'll finish that job! So glad! I haven't mentioned to Bill yet that I'd really like to paint the upstairs bathroom, too. Maybe next year. Or purrhaps I'll talk my sister into doing it when she visits in March. She likes to paint and is a perfectionist.

Maybe tomorrow or Monday I can sew something! I can't wait to try the block in the February Lotto.

I hope all of you get to sew something this weekend!

mary z
1/27/2018 6:49:22 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

Was here earlier, but thought somebody else must be starting today's chat, so I waited a little bit!

Judi... as others have said, if Sophie has interest, let her try. Corinne is 8 and seems to do fine with her little machine, but she too has a short attention span. I gave Corinne a box for 5" squares and she was content with that. One of these days Corinne and I are going to have a SEW day! We'll see how that goes.

Maryz... Gosh you do have a lot of dishes!!! My china is packed away, but I haven't missed it. I so rarely have dinner guests and if I do, it's just the kids. My Fiesta is 2 each Navy Blue, Yellow, Light blue and white. You bet I have been enjoying retirement! Though I do have to stay off Pinterest for a while... so many patterns my brain is on over load! You'll have to cook Bill his favorite meal, then break it to him gently that you want to do the bathroom!

Becca..... will keep you BFF in prayers.

Diane.... Snack at 3:00? Would love to come and see your new home! Oh but I don't think I'd make it by 3.

Katy....Do you have the Joann App on your phone? Always coupons there. I get 2 ads in the mail, one in my old married name and one in my real name. I'm in need of a new cutting mat so am watching for a good coupon. Some times they have Sr. Citizen day, so I mark my calendar for that.

Have you guys ever checked out Moda Fabrics web site? They have a "Moda Bake Shop" with all sorts of free patterns. Since all my books are packed away, I've been browsing there for patterns and have run across several easy ones that can be made for the hospice home. ONE of these days, I'm going to match my fabric with patterns and get kits put together. Yesterday I found parts for a quilt I had started, so I got more parts made and will work on that today. Finished a quilt top and have it ready, just about, to pin. I really need to find a great deal on batting, it's gotten pretty pricey. The kids gave me a lot for Christmas, but it won't last long. May have to bite the bullet and buy a ROLL.

Poste a picture of my sail boat quilt. My goal is make small-ish quilts for the each patient at the hospice home, a quilt they can keep. For a while most of the kids will be there for respite care. I'd like for each of them to have their own quilt. The Home will be opening in the next week or two and they already have a waiting list.
Here's a link to the web site


Katie Lindenfelser, the founder, is my DIL Sara's sister. I'm going to baby sit Corinne and Nolan tonight so Kevin and Sara can go to the HOME PLATE GALA. Katie has a little boy named Harmon, after Harmon Killebrew, the baseball players. The MN Twins baseball team is very involved.

anyway... Gotta get in gear, tidy up a few things, then I'm headed down to sew.

Wishing you all a Super Saturday
1/27/2018 7:18:38 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning. what a great day today will be. I will be in my room shortly and will get some real sewing done.

Becca, my mom used to make chocolate chip cookies that were thick, like the dough raised. Jerry makes them flat. I prefer the thick ones but am not even going to complain. So nice to have a cookie after dinner. Tell DH I'll bring the milk. I think it depends on where you live in Cali, Not as expensive where I live as it is near the ocean.

Flo, I thought I saw your machine way in the back, but it was a grey bunny rabbit. Reminds me of the joke "Don't be afraid of a little grey hare" What are the baby pants on your wall? I'd love that story.

Judi, I think you ought to try out the bounce house. The kids could brag that their grandma was so cool, go for it.

Maryz, I'm so glad Scottie is refreshed. huge blessing.

Sharona, what are we going to do with you? Let us know how all your rest results end up. hope it all gets figured out. How did the PB cookies come out.

Lyn, I thought the same things about Sharona's blood pressure. like when a kettle, when she starts to whistle she needs a little poke. I'm glad you brought Minnie with you too. Nice that she was laughing.

Maryq, you are a sewing whirlwind not that you are retired. I think hosting a swap would be right up your alley.

Lori, hope DH has an uneventful trip back to Ill. and I hope his dad is doing well. Nice that he can go back for a visit.

Lea, there are a lot of free utube videos out there that will show you how to quilt.

Judi, when Marilyn was about 7 or 8 she made a dress for herself out of some strip sets she found. It was cute. I told her how not to put her finger under the area where the needle comes down and later I caught her pretending she was teaching someone to sew and told her student to not put her finger where the needle comes down. If Sophia has a short attention span I would get her started and when she walks away to do something else I would figure it was that for the day. Go for it.

Katy, hope you find some bargains at the Penney store. There are Toys R Us stores and Sears stores closing around us. Bet you and your chiropractor are pretty good friends by now.

Diane, have a great time with the family. What kind of snacks? I might be able to make it.

Becca, I love to go out for breakfast. I always have busciuts and gravy. so so good.

Maryz, what fun to get new dishes. Actually getting anything new is good.

Maryq, Moda bake shop is a fun place to find ideas. so neat to find something new to make.

Jerry fried up some bacon I think a bacon and cheese sandwich sounds like a wonderful breakfast. You all have a wonderful day,

1/27/2018 7:26:56 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
Weather is now getting colder had bit of blustering snow overghnight nothing major but we know it is out here matter of when.. Considering we have Feb/March left and been times where March threw us a wicked snowstorm as spring was just about to come and we had to deal with floods and winter till end may/june. OMG don't let that happen here.

So nice to hear some of you are visiting family and friends in another state wish I could be out there too in warmer climate. Of course lack of money rules my world here.

Well had lots of sleep yesterday and today did all my few chores built a huge basket of pasta salade that will serve for rest of day.
Hopefully, I'll get to travel to basement for some hours of fun sewing.

Well no sun for us this week..

1/27/2018 7:48:10 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good morning!

Judi - when I had my activity day girls, they were 10 and 11. The attention span is short! We would sew, sharing my machines for about a hour. I had 6 - 10 girls, so the time on the machine wasn't that long, but the all did very well. My biggest fear was them sewung a finger, but thank goodness that never happened. One of the girls got a sewing machine for Christmas. She was bounding off the walls at church when she came and told me.

Not much here - running through my talk - it is to be given tomorrow morning.

Time to hit the shower,
1/27/2018 8:41:58 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
Good afternoon all! Just a quick stop in to say hello. Feeling a little down today. My best friend Ann's mother passed away last night. She was 91 and been getting sicker but still a surprise. She has had so many things wrong with her for several years but always bounced back. I used to say she would probably come to my funeral. Ann said she was in the kitchen and when she went back into the living room her mom was sitting in her chair with her pencil still in her hand and was gone.

Judi - Years ago I was a 4-H advisor for sewing and we had girls 8 - 10 in our group. The only thing is their attention span isn't too long so we just did a little at a time. Glad to hear she is interested.

Well, going to go get some lunch. Have a good weekend everyone.


1/27/2018 10:05:40 AM
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