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Friday January 26,2018
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Good Morning Everyone and happy friday,

I'm at work and already looking for that light at the end of this week's tunnel
It's amazing when you sitting at a desk and trying to figure out where you went wrong on a quilt block and now that I have figured it out I'm not home to redo it.
Well I hope you all have a great day.
Prayers go out to all.
1/26/2018 3:22:47 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning Lois and those who follow.
I believe today is a sewing day. All chores and errands have been taken care of. I have 5 parts of the paper piecing project to finish. Then I can put it together. I can't wait. I am going to cut out the flannel pieces for the 2nd open sew this month at the LQS. Have a wonderful day.


Lois - when I figure something out like you have I have been known to take off of work early so I can get it done. LOL!
1/26/2018 3:38:27 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Good blessed warm morning. Going to be in 60s today LOL Hey if you don't like the weather stick around tomorrow it will change hahaha

Todays gonna be a run run day. First daddy to dr. then back to get meds done and toes trimmed :) Then off to church to clean.

DH is back on his feet and went to work today. I went to bed yesterday at 730 so tired. HUMM cant imagine why LOL

WEll after all my running home to sew.

I got all the silhouette blocks fused down :) I plan to work on sashing for my dresdens today and go through my block drawer to see what will go around them. HUMMMM choices choices LOL several swap blocks and lotto wins to choose from.

Well, need more java:) Hugs.

Prayers and God bless
1/26/2018 4:22:09 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Good morning, what a great day today is. It's Friday. no work for a whole weekend starting at 330 this afternoon

Suzette, this deal of the day came up in the Missouri quilt company e-mail. I thought of your Michelle, it would be a great Christmas or birthday present. https://www.missouriquiltco.com/couch-to-quilt?utm_campaign=ddemail_01262018&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ddemail&utm_content=text1&utm_term=KIT1451

Becca, what kind of cookies did you make? they sure make the house smell good. When I brought grandma home on Tuesday Jerry had a batch of peanut butter cookies all ready for her. Her day was brightened. cookies are a good thing. I think the cookie monster had the right idea.

Maryz, glad your brother got his date. I think you should try ti chai. I don't get why Vicki's kids don't put her in a assisted living place? It's like everyone knows there is a problem but no one fixes it. Did your other neighbor remove his tree?

Chickie, 200 invitations is a lot of addressing. Your DGD will be thrilled with the results. Congrats to her. My grandma is 95. I like your tip about alcohol wipes, I will have to do that.

Maryq, I like the gym because I get there, watch the timer count down on the treadmill, and want to quit but know I only have a few minutes left so I stay and finish. If that treadmill was at home it would be a clothes rack. I say go for it, some places even offer a trial membership. I probably won't join the lotto. I am even going to back away from the swaps. I want to do my own sewing for a while. You could host a swap???

Sherry, My aunt Marsha used to call me a pip you made me smile when I read that. Some places are cheaper to live in Cali than others. If we didn't have so much fresh produce here and sunshine I would consider moving. But I have to retire first.

Sharona, prayers for your cousin. Jerry vacuumed the sewing room and our bedroom and said he had to empty the dog hair and thread he cleaned up. I also got new light bulbs in my room.

Jana, I love the smell of fresh cut wood. but I love the smell of cotton more. I think you made the right decision, quilt shop over wood cutting.

Lois, I often have quilts in my head while I am working. I have even drawn designs on paper to take home. It's almost time for the weekend to start.

Suzette, I have also left work early to do a quilting something. it's amazing how a migrane can come on, and you have to go home sick then you feel better once you get home. But if you have sick leave you get paid for it.

Izzy, glad DH is feeling better and I hope all goes well at the doctor for your dad.

time for me to get moving. it's going to be a good day.
1/26/2018 5:16:43 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo

Still had a wet smell in my sewing room, so I emptied closet. Boxes of china were wet, so my sewing table is stacked with precious memories and china until floor dries and I get new boxes. I did lose some cards I was holding onto, but no big loss. Smell is better, but still there. Another day or 2 and I can vinegar the carpet.

Sew for me

1/26/2018 5:20:42 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Hello everyone,Sun is trying to peep out.We are to be 50 today.Much better than teens.

Chris I made him chocolate chip.He loves them .All the DGDs make them for him & bring them when they come.I prefer sugar cookie or gingersnaps are my favorite.Glad you get wkend break.I toowonder how people afford to live in CA.Unless you’re wealthy.

Suz I am caught up mostly. ,a few uglies still.But Laundry looms still.

Lois Glad you figured out your block.Dont you love it when the light goes off & you get it.

Izzy Your day’s are like a wk to others.Sure Glad DH is better.My DSILis in bed with the flu now.Hope you get all your running finished.

Flo You poor thing with all your dampness.Sure hope you can get it all cleaned & jobs finished when weather gets nice.

Sherry Hope today is a better day for you & sickness is all gone.

Kathy Hope your counselor is the perfect one for you.So glad you’re doing better.Sure missed you.Thanks to the little bird that sent a beautiful card.Hugs.

Lori I’m so happy you met your family.Cannot imagine what a thrill that is.And Glad you & DS can share the love of quilting.

Must get moving.Slept late but guess my body needed to.Have a blessed day to all. Becca
1/26/2018 5:49:51 AM
FlorenceM Send a Message
Miller, Mo

This is my sewing room...can't find machine

1/26/2018 5:53:14 AM
Good morning,,it is sunny here nd we hope to reach 50. I have laundry to do the kiddos are coming tonight to spend the night. it will be our last sleep over till we get back. so I have packed the fridge with goodies and we will have a good time.

I havent worked on the quilt but maybe today while the laundry is running,,,Ken is home today maybe just maybe he will get something done around here,,,we have the party to go to tomorrow qith the kids . it is at a bounce house...with all those inflatable things inside a large building, (not me) well have a great day I need to get dressed hope you get to sew...Flo I hope you get your room in order. Perhaps if you packed up some of your stuff in plastic bins they would stay dry and you could keep them packed up...I did that with all of my treasures,,and when our ac leaked into the bedroom I just dried off the bins and moved them out to fix the leak.. Take car eeveryone XXXOOO
1/26/2018 6:23:30 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Good morning!

LOIS - the good news is that this is Friday and you've solved a problem! What a lucky lady you are!

FLO - a little tidying and you'll be good to sew! I see you and I have the same 'farm table' with white legs. Bill cut a well into mind to drop my machine into. I love it!

SUZETTE - you sound like you're having just way too much fun back there! lol! How is your DH doing since your move?

IZZY - you are always such a bizzy bee, buzzing here and there and everywhere, taking care of everybody and everything!

CHRISS - you would think it would be easy for Vicki's family to have her committed, but in the state of WA, a person cannot be forced to do anything they don't want to do unless they have been officially declared mentally incompetant. Vicki is obviously incompetant, but it's never been an official diagnosis. And she refuses to go to a doctor (can't force her to do that, either!) because she knows that's what he'd say. She refuses to take medication to treat her Huntington symptoms. It's kind of a catch 22. And we are caught in the middle. The police told us the family can and should go to court to get her declared but that it takes about 6 months and about $2,000. So far, if they even know they can do it, they aren't. We rarely hear from her kids and they only come on Sunday mornings to take her to breakfast. No one checks on her during the week.

BECCA - did you say choc chip? My favorite! I love them most with walnuts. Hate to hear of flu in your family and for sure hope you don't get it!. I stay out of public places as much as possible, wash my hands constantly, and got my flu shot. So I have my fingers crossed!

JUDI - Have fun with the kids! You will soon be on your way! Exciting! I, too, have my treasures packed in plastic bins. Christmas stuff, genealogy stuff, heirlooms, and more. Has saved them more than once!

After 3 days of IV's in the hospital, Scottie is a new dog! I don't think he'll have to go back in today. Yay! We will be hanging wallpaper this afternoon but this morning I have chiropractor appt and then we're going to Kohl's to buy a couple more Fiesta Ware Bistro sets (dinner plate, small plate, cereal bowl). We have Kohls Cash plus a coupon for another 15% off. Family will be coming soon and we only have dishes for four. Another busy day. Going to make a turkey tetrazzini this morning while I have energy so we can pop it into the oven this evening.

Wishes for a happy day for us all!

mary z
1/26/2018 6:45:45 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Good morning!

Lois - so glad you figured out what went wrong with your block! Hopefully your day will fly by.

Suzette - how nice to have all the chores and errands done so you can have fun.

Izzy - wonderful news that your DH is on the mend. Sounds like you really needed the rest. Good luck with all your errands today, especially the toenail trim.

Chriss - I've had peanut butter cookies on my mind - I take Jerry's baking them for your grandmother as a sign. New light bulbs - you are living uptown, girl!

Flo - ugh - hope that smell is gone soon.

Becca - glad you got some extra sleep. Chocolate chip cookies sound good too.

Judi - enjoy the sleep-over with the grands - I know a good time will be had by all.

I had to take another trip to the urgent care center yesterday - my pulse rate was 157 and my BP was 180/101. Good times! Once they stuck the needle in for the IV, my heart reset and went into a normal rhythm - yay. So now I get to go to a cardiologist and all that other fun stuff. Since I didn't vacuum yesterday, that's on the agenda today. Have a wonderful and blessed day! XOXO Sharona

Maryz - I tapped on your head, but gently. That is wonderful news about Scottie - I'm so glad he's back to normal. I'll have to look up what a turkey tettrazini is - I've often heard about it but never checked it out. Have fun at Kohls.

This post has been edited.
1/26/2018 6:50:26 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
Everyone is busy as usual.

Lois, I would have to write it down or I would forget before I got home. I like the leaving early suggestions.

Flo, Plastic totes!! I'm sorry memories got wet. After our to water issues, everything is in plastic totes now.

Chriss, You can do it!!

MaryZ, I'm glad Scottie is better. Maybe the Vet bill will wake up Vicki's kids.

I'm under a week now, then fly home to Texas. I am getting a little sewing done. Making a few Lotto blocks for Feb. It's a fun block.

Folks are the same. Every day when I return Dad to his Apt, he thanks me over and over for all I'm doing. I don't think I told y'all about Mom sneezing a few days ago. Minnie was on her lap and Mom gave a big sneeze. I grabbed Minnie and got Mom some Kleenex. Minnie wasn't sure what happened. I told Mom that Minnie thought Mom was going to explode when she sneezed. Mom gave a big laugh!! First laugh Dad and I have heard from Mom in ages. I'm so glad I brought Minnie.

1/26/2018 7:23:25 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
Sharona, sounds like you just need hubby to stick you with a needle and you do a reset. Seriously though, I pray your doing better and they can figure it out.
1/26/2018 7:26:46 AM
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

What a nice sunny day! Supposed to get up to 44 today! Yippee!

Lois... Ah day dreaming of quilt blocks while you're at work! An AH HAH moment. Usually happens to me when I'm trying to get to sleep!

Sharon... OMG you best get that BP checked out. If I were there, I'd vacuum for you, that's one chores I like doing! Seems I do it a lot more now that I'm home. My threads from the sewing room downstairs seem to follow me up!

Maryz... SO SO glad to hear that Scottie is doing so much better. Is he eating well now? That's usually a sign that he's feeling better right? Love Fiestaware... that's the every day dishes I have too. Bought all mine when we still had the drug store. What color are you getting?

Judi... Oh I'm sure the kids will have a great time in the jumpy house! Not for me either, I don't think these old knees could handle it and it would be near impossible to get my big butt up once I'd fallen.

Becca.... Slept a little later here too, but I was awake at 0400 to potty... gosh I hate that! If you're caught up on chores, except for laundry which is never ending, are you working on a quilty project?

Flo... Oh Gosh.... your poor sewing room! You definitely need some plastic tote boxes... I have a few extra! I just can't resist picking up a couple now and then when they are on sale. Have you ever tried Borax to remove smells? I had an old mattress of my son's that had a nasty smell, so I sprinkled Borax on it and let is sit a couple days, then vacuumed really well--that helped a lot too. Or even baking soda.

Chriss... I checked out that kit at MSQ and was tempted for myself! What a cool gift that would be for someone wanting to learn how to quilt! ME? Host a swap??? OHHHHH tempting! I'll have to think about that... maybe if I ever finish putting together all the swap blocks I already have!

Izzy.. They say that about the weather in MN too... Heat on one day, AC the next. I talked to my DIL Sara this morning, they got 12" of snow at their house, I got about 4, and we're only about 40 miles apart.

Suzette... What size are you cutting your flannel pieces? for a backing? I have a couple boxes full of 5" flannel squares in storage some where, for a baby quilt SOMEDAY. If I could find them I'd happily share if you need some LOL

Finally finished quilting the sail boat quilt yesterday. Just did SITD. But remind me to never use dark backing again! Oh my gosh the lint from the batting is terrible. I'm going to take it with me tomorrow when I got baby sit Corinne and Nolan. Going to put the borders on another quilt today and perhaps get that one pinned, if I have enough backing fabric on hand. Might even make a new little valance for my kitchen window... found some white fabric in my boxes that is no good for quilting but will make cute curtains.

Need to clean up the kitchen a bit, then I'm heading down stairs. No reason to leave the house today, so I should be able to get a lot done.

wishing you all a Fabulous Friday
1/26/2018 7:35:50 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Suzette, have fun paper piecing. I've done it, but it's not my favorite thing.

Chriss, cookies are always a good thing. I'm going to make some peanut butter cookies this weekend. Hopefully there will be some left for DH to take on his flight on Tuesday. He's going to Il to visit his dad.

Becca, I make chocolate chip cookies when I don't want to eat them. lol They are not my favorite either.

Maryz, glad Scottie is on the mend. I was worried about him.

Lois, hope you remember the solution once you are able to sit and fix it.

When I went to the quilt show last week, I saw Jenny Doan standing at a booth in the vender mall. I was completely star struck. She is really tall. She is such a great teacher. Would love to take a class from her someday.

I've got some cleaning to do today, then hope to get some sewing in later.
Have a great day. Lori
1/26/2018 8:28:28 AM
scrapquilter48 Send a Message
winnipeg, mb,canada
mild weather continues and me finished another quilt top on wed. putting backing/batting is pushing it for this wknd. Have 3 to get done.. Not very good at quilting with my machines.

someone should show me like hands on.

Think I'm due for a workshop or retreat something different

This post has been edited.
1/26/2018 8:30:32 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Chriss, I make quilts for our guild. We give a lot of them to Social Services for foster children. We also do quilts for Vets. We take them to the VA hospital. I try and make at least one a month.

I've been asked to chair this philanthropy position at guild. So starting in March, I'll be making kits, layering quilts, and figuring out what charities I would like to give to this year. We give out about 200 quilts a year, plus about 150 pillow cases. It's a big job, but I have a partner to help.
1/26/2018 8:32:42 AM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
Good burrrrr morning!

We are cold with just a dusting of new snow. But to look out my windows across the valley to my mountains, it is beautiful! The mountains are snow covered and puffy white cloud cover.

Not much new here, just finishing my talk for Sunday, loading on a quilt to the LA and playing in the Batt Cave. Hopefully more work on the bathroom down there.

1/26/2018 8:46:30 AM
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