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Merryman House 2016
gmaann Send a Message
Hello Friends!

Once again I am asking for quilts and pillowcases for the women and children at Merryman House. Merryman House is a shelter for abused women and their children in Paducah, KY. Every year at quilt show time the city of Paducah rolls out the red carpet for thousands and thousands of quilters. In 2008 Linda Parker, QIAD's Director of Marketing suggested that El's Angels do something to thank Paducah for the wonderful hospitality. Since that time we have provided well over 150 quilts and probably that many pillowcases for the women and children at Merryman House. They are SO appreciative. If you can provide a quilt or a pillowcase I will be collecting them before the AQS show, which is April 20-23 this year. Items can be sent to me if they will arrive by April 10th or to my attention at the QIAD store in Paducah, where they will hold them for me. Or, if you are coming to the show, look for me at the QIAD facility!

This is a great comfort to the women and to the children. And Quilt in a Day is so happy to put some joy into the lives of women who have been abused and have needed to seek shelter from their abusers.

PM me for my address or the address of the QIAD store in Paducah if you can help.

Thank you!
Ann Drothler/gmaann
1/30/2016 6:24:34 AM
maryq Send a Message

It must be ESP... I was just sitting here thinking it was about time again for Merryman house quilts!!!!

As soon as the painting is done around here.. I'll be finding something I can send!!! I have a lot of gorgeous seersucker!!!

I do love making pillow cases and have been cutting up some of my fabric pieces into pillow case kits... I can make quite a few a day... if I ignore house chores... which is getting easier and easier to do!!!

1/31/2016 7:32:42 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
Ann, I have one ready for you. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Lori
1/31/2016 8:41:50 PM
JayKay Send a Message
Ann, so good to hear you will be at Paducah this year.

Already have one in the works for Merryman House and if things go as planned, hope to have 2 finished by then.

I think that some of the great swaps that I have participated in will make a charming quilt to donate. I have several of those waiting, lol.

2/1/2016 6:56:36 AM
gmaann Send a Message
So great to hear from Linda/Oasis, Sonya, Maryq, Lori, and Joyce! I so appreciate your offers, and know that Merryman House and the women and children are blessed by all the contributions.

Just to make it clear: Any size quilt is welcome. When we first started this project, we made all Quilt in a Day patterns. But that is not always what people have to donate, so we ask for anything that you want to donate. Quilts can be quilted or tied. Bed quilts are certainly welcome, but ALL quilts are wonderful. Sometimes a child just wants to HOLD a quilt. It's a comfort thing - a security bankie! A cheerful pillowcase is also a comfort to a small child - and even pillowcases can be in different sizes.

All contributions are wonderful, and I am pleased to donate them on behalf of all of El's Angels!

Please let me know if I can answer any question!

Thanking you!

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2/1/2016 3:27:33 PM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
I too will have one ready for you I made tops last year this year will get them backed and quilted I pinky promise

Hugs Izzy

I will be there and will hunt you down at qiad


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2/3/2016 7:06:27 PM
maryq Send a Message
Here's what I finally finished... will send to Ann for Merryman house


2/14/2016 5:44:44 AM
gmaann Send a Message
Just beautiful, Mary!! A cheery quilt for someone who needs cheer at Merryman House! Thank you so much!
2/18/2016 7:29:06 AM
zfatcat Send a Message
I will get one in the mail this week. It's been in the box for weeks.
3/19/2016 6:05:04 PM
gmaann Send a Message
I just came home from the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge, TN and Mary's quilt was waiting for me. It is even lovelier in person than in the photo here, and I know it will be a great comfort to someone at Merryman House. Mary has been supporting this project for many years, and I am appreciative, as I'm certain they are at Merryman House.

I will be heading to Paducah on April 14, and will take any quilts that arrive here before then. If you are making a quilt and cannot get it here by then, please send it to the QIAD store to my attention and I will get it. I usually contact Merryman House near the end of the AQS show so that those who are bringing their quilts to the show can get them to me at their convenience.

Thanks again to ALL who support this project!
3/20/2016 7:01:22 AM
gmaann Send a Message
Today 8 EIGHT! darling mini-quilts arrived from Oasis/Linda! They are just beautiful and are mostly flannel, so will be so cozy and a comfort to many little ones at Merryman House. I know the mothers of the children will also be appreciative. Many of the quilts have center squares of Winnie the Pooh characters, so familiar to children.

Thanks so much to Linda for being a faithful supporter of this project for many years.
3/25/2016 2:37:03 PM
gmaann Send a Message
Lori/zfatcat's quilt arrived today. It is a very cheerful, colorful quilt and will be loved by a little girl AND her Mom at Merryman House. I have had no luck posting photos on here lately, but am determined to try again, as I want you all to see the beautiful quilts so many caring forum members have made.

Thanks, Lori, for being a faithful supporter of this project for so many years!
3/31/2016 2:13:44 PM
gmaann Send a Message
Dear friends,
I have been remiss in reporting on the Merryman House project, and I apologize!

A lovely lady came to collect the beautiful quilts you donated. Her name was Belinda, and she shared with me the fact that she had been a resident at Merryman House, and was now an employee. She did not bring a form for me to fill out, as was always done in the past. However I have one more quilt to donate, and I will mail it to them. So I imagine I will get an acknowledgement for all the quilts. I truly appreciate your contributions and know that they do also.

Do you all remember Bland50 and her quilting grandson, Gavin? Gavin has donated quilts in other years to Merryman House. They came to Paducah again this year, along with another grandson, Nicholas. They brought a big bagful of crayons for the children at Merryman House. It was so great to see them. I think Gavin was about 8 years old the first time I met him. He is now quite the young man! And as charming as ever. I was cutting fabric for customers when they arrived and sadly did not have the time I wanted to talk with them.

I left Paducah on the last day of the AQS show (Saturday) and drove to Nashville, left my car at the airport and flew to CT, where I attended a bridal shower for our grandson's bride-to-be. i also had my daughter's help to find an appropriate dress for a 75 year old grandmother 'flower girl ' to wear at the wedding! The bride has asked all 3 grandmothers to be flower girls in the wedding!

While in CT something happened to my back. I have been in pain ever since. Had an MRI today to see if they can figure out what is wrong. It's a feeble excuse for my tardiness in reporting, and I am so sorry. In the past year I have recovered from hip replacement surgery and 2 strokes faster than this. I'm beginning to feel my age!

Love to you all,

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5/23/2016 6:47:17 PM
zfatcat Send a Message
Thanks for the update Ann. Hope you feel better soon. Lori
5/30/2016 3:36:32 PM
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