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Meaning of Log Cabin colors
Ladylace74 Send a Message
Duluth Ga.
Hi , I am brand new to this forum. I know that the Log Cabin colors have meaning. Trouble is I cant remember all of the them. I know that the light is on one side. And the dark is on the other. The light is for the good part of life. And the dark is when things were tough. Is there more to it than that ? I remember on one of the shows Eleanor did that she told the meaning of the colors. And I cant find it any where. Any info would help.

7/27/2012 6:19:17 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
The only thing that I have heard is that the red is for the hearth/heart of the home - that is why it is the center of the block as it anchors just as it does in the our homes.

7/30/2012 8:27:49 PM
FarmChick Send a Message
In and Out
I believe yellow centers mean light in the window for a welcome home.
8/4/2012 6:44:12 PM
I also heard the center red square is the heart of the home.

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8/7/2012 5:47:18 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
How about the underground railroad by EL this might shed some light .

8/8/2012 1:59:34 AM
Also heard something about black in the center
8/8/2012 5:34:11 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
All I've ever heard is that red centers represent the heart/hearth of the home, too. But everything else makes sense. If it's not already a tradition, we should make it so!
8/13/2012 12:15:20 AM
Joannequilts Send a Message
Seems like I remember that black in the center means a "safe house" in the Underground Railroad.
8/23/2012 6:02:28 PM
Tess Send a Message
gone quilting
I heard the light side of the blocks is for good times in the home and the dark is for bad times.
10/20/2012 4:35:38 PM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
I'm with Jana on the red being for the heart/hearth of the home.

10/26/2012 6:17:25 AM
Nadine2007 Send a Message
Warrenton, Mo.
Here is a link to the underground railroad quilts messages there is infomation on the log cabin block too.

11/10/2012 7:55:09 PM
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