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Sewing Machine Feet
abrakadabra Send a Message
Ihave finished my first quilt top. I would like to quilt it by machine. I'm not sure which foot to buy. Hancock's has specialty sewing feet on sale. Should I buy a walking foot with the quilt guide or the free motion guide foot. I have a Brother CS-8060 that can use a low shank. Which one is easy to use? Any suggestions?
11/23/2007 7:58:19 AM
Susie Send a Message
Rain Country
I don't have your kind of sewing machine (mine is a Janome) but I use both of those feet. I use the walking foot for straight stitching (in the ditch, putting on binding etc.) and I use the darning foot with the feed dogs down (which must be the free motion foot) for stippling and meandering which I do in the borders. So..in a nutshell...it depends on what you want to do. Hope that helps.
11/23/2007 8:20:49 AM
quilterbee Send a Message
I like the FM foot best, Amie

(free motion)I have Janomes,too
11/23/2007 6:03:36 PM
Tiggersmom Send a Message
Depends on which type of quilting you want to do. Personally I would buy them both. the walking foot will help you also do the binding besides straight line quilting and the other one is for meandering, etc where the feed dogs are down. Eventually you will want them both, imho.
11/24/2007 10:24:29 AM
quilterbee Send a Message
Did you finish your quilt? Did you find a FM foot? Amie :o)
11/26/2007 8:17:50 PM
calicopuzzle Send a Message
quilt room
If you can, buy them both. Each has it's own great usefulness and each will be fun to work with and become necessities someday....BUT, be sure that you bring one of your feet with or check to make sure the generic feet will fit your Brother....Some machines are fussy and won't take just any foot but the one manufactured for your brand.
12/1/2007 1:46:56 PM
CindyB Send a Message
I agree - buy both! I use the darning (same as free motion) and the walking foot when I quilt.
12/7/2007 7:59:06 AM
I have the walking foot and the darning foot...I would get both. You will want to do straight quilting lines with WF and meandering/stippling with the darning/stipple foot. It takes practice in the beginning.
12/13/2007 11:34:08 AM
Polishqltr Send a Message
I have a Brother CS-8060 and think it is great. I use both feet.
Have had no problem with getting any foot to fit. In fact I have a
Pfaff from (I think) 1950 with a whole slue of feet and they all
fit my Brother. My only problem with this machine, is the throat is
so small I cann't machine quilt a large quilt. I have done a
wall hanging 40 x 40. I used the foot pedal to help quilt it and had
a hard time pushing it thru the 5 in. space. Kept hitting the sewing
button, had the machine beep at me, and kept telling the machine to
"shut up". My poor cat thought I was yelling at him, and he would
run to his scratching post and use it out of frustration.
12/29/2007 7:45:37 AM
kristilynette Send a Message
Southern OK
Hi everyone - I am new to machine quilting. I have a Brother machine also. I just quilted a small quilt and had a lot better luck with my walking foot than with the darning foot. I had NO control with the darning/free motion foot. I suppose it just takes practices, practice, practice. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. My stitches seemed to jump from small to Long and I was very jerky with it. HELP. Thanks ahead of time, Kristi
1/6/2008 12:23:26 PM
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
I recorded the series a few years back that Nancy Zieman did on sewing machine feet. I think it was creative feet or something similar. Anyway, I really like to watch it. She demonstrates how to use lots of different feet (mostly the kind that come with the machine) and shows you what they will do. If I don't use it, I forget about it until I see or read something that jogs my memory.
Jo Ann
1/12/2008 1:35:52 PM
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