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Long Arm vs Embroidery Machine - help!
etown Send a Message
Oklahoma City, OK
Novice here! Forgetting about cost for a moment, based on functionality alone, what would be the best type of machine for my new business? I'm looking for a way to stitch designs on a 30"x30" area. I'll be stitching a map of the world. It is not a continuous design which leads me more toward an embroidery machine, but I need to stitch a larger area than embroidery machines offer which leads me toward long arm quilting machines. Are computerized long arm machines easy to use for non-continuous designs? How do I match up the design on a long arm machine when I need to be able to stitch taller than the 12" or so available on the long arm? Thank you in advance!
9/7/2017 7:26:10 PM
Pilot2b Send a Message
I am not much help, and I see you have had no response. were I you, I would visit some stores with both and see what YOU like. Functional, warranty, ease of use. I have a Brother embroidery Disney, never out of box. Have had for 10 years. So can not comment. Why, not out of box, suffer from Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome. No know cause, no cure and nothing to help. Well, sometimes I will take a Ritalin, but not very often.

Good luck, and let me know how you do in your research. Also the computer is a good start.

Good luck!

9/25/2017 8:14:20 AM
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