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My top thread keeps breaking...Asking for tips.
Tulpje Send a Message


Juki machine.
Pinnacle Quilt frame.

I use Gutterman thread. for Top and bottom.
New Schmertz sharp needle.

I thouroughly cleaned and oiled my Juki.
Checked and rethreaded numerous times.
I go pretty slow and steady.
It is doubly frustrating because this quilt is for Derek, made by forum members.

I'm about to take this quilt off my frame, and load one of my own quilt tops on it.

Any advise anyone can give me please?

9/13/2008 1:39:45 PM
petlover Send a Message
Hi Tulpje. I've never used the Guttermann thread but assume it is a good thread that is made to run on a frame/machine system?
Lots of different things that could be why your thread is breaking. Is this the first quilt you've had on the frame? Or have you had it awhile? First, check to be sure your take up roller is about a finger's width off the bed of your machine. Is your needle in correctly? Is the needle threaded correctly? Is your 'sandwich' too tight? What kind of batting are you using?
I can't think of anything else to check right now. I need to get to bed. I'm sure you'll get more help in the morning.
I'll check on you later this week to see if you figured out what it is that's breaking the thread.
9/13/2008 9:57:59 PM
Cathy32078 Send a Message
Okla. 4 now
The only thing I would think to try is another brand of thread. Or even another spool of thread. If your thread is too dry it can break easily. It can get drier as it ages is what I have been told but I don't know that to be fact. We have had this problem and changed to a different spool and it worked fine. Some machines just don't like certain threads too. Have you used Guttermann before? I haven't to machine quilt with, so I have no knowledge of it. Please let us know what you find out the problem is. You will get it figured out Sweet Tul.

Hugs & Love
9/13/2008 11:03:29 PM

Thank you for your answers.

My take up rail is indeed a fingers width from the machine,with the backing rail high enough not to have the layers sloped.
I swear I might stock up on Medlers thread, which I heard creates a lot less lint. It's El tha uses that thread, what I don't know if she only uses it for piecing her quilts.

I have used this thread before yes.
I'v had my frame since I bought it in Paducah. (April 2008)
So no I have only ran pracice quiltts on it so far.
Then last week I loaded an actually real quilt on it for PepperDawg, who doesn't mind it too much if I havea few oopsks in her quilt.

I kept going a bit slowing hoping to see WHERE the thread was breaking and it was happening in that thread tension setting unit.
So I adjusted it to a very low tension, and it seems fine now.

I hope this is the end of this problem, sice I would like to have Dereks quilt done by the end of this weekend.

9/13/2008 11:45:39 PM
Quilter7 Send a Message
I do not have a Juki and I am sure others who do might have better advice. I do use Mettler thread though. Gutterman is a shorter staple of thread from my understanding. However your Juki may be fine with this thread.

After numerous thread breaking while doing embroidery I realized I was not raising the pressure foot. In order to create the correct tension you must raise the pressure foot when threading a machine. You may lower the pressure foot when threading the needle itself though. Raising the pressure foot causes the tension disks to be threaded correctly thus preventing thread breaking. I hope this helps.

9/14/2008 8:20:11 PM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Tul, on your Juki you do have to have the presser foot up when you are threading it. Look in your book to see if you have the correct size needle for your thread. Also, if I am standing on the needle end of my machine it does not like quilting/moving from right to left.
9/15/2008 10:36:23 AM

Cindyg and *C7* were SO right. I indeed had to adjust the tension on the thread with the presser foot UP. So CooL, now the thread does not break anymore.

LOL Cindyg, I think because the Juki is such an extreme high speed, that it will 'squak' if and when you would go in straight lines from right to left or visa versa. I have to really slow down in speed when I need to make straight quilting lines from right to left.

The only last problem I now encounter, and thank goodness this is not happening very often, is when the needle breaks. The needle clamp screw on the Juki is not very user friendly to get to, to change.

Are you saving up for a LA machine as well? That might take me a few years, but that's okay :).

9/16/2008 12:17:43 PM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Tul - I have not had a problem with my needle breaking. I have no idea what would cause that.

Oh, I would love a mid-arm but that's way down the road. I just hate how limited I am with my set up BUT it does get my quilts quilted.
9/16/2008 7:25:44 PM
longarmnewbee Send a Message
I too have a problem with thread breaking when I am quilting on my frame. I bought a Brother PQ1500 and this last quilt I had a lot of thread breaking. I have read the other comments and it sounds like a good idea to raise the foot while threading. I do not know if I was doing that each time. The thread seemed to be fraying. A lot of lint. Thought it could be that I bought the cotton thread from Walmart. The quilt before I bought the varigated thread from JoAnn Fabric. This is new to me so am very interested in the problems others are having.
9/19/2008 7:39:23 AM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Longarmnewbie - I'm pretty new to it myself. Other than threading the machine with the foot up, make sure your frame is at the same height all the way around. If your thread is real linty, clean your bobbin case periodically while quilting. I suggest using a good quality thread to help with the lint problem. Also, if your thread seems to be shredding, try a different size needle.
9/19/2008 11:07:08 AM
longarmnewbee Send a Message
Thanks Cindyg, I will try what you told me to do. I appreciate any help I can get.
9/20/2008 7:09:24 AM
Have a Tin Lizzie 18 and had difficulty with thread breaking and tension problems. Switched to King tut thread and all problems went away. for La quilting.
10/1/2008 7:16:33 PM
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