El's Corner: Classic - Winning Hand Quilt

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Winning Hands Quilt
TeresaK Send a Message
CA High Desert
Hi -
This is the second one of this quilt I have made.
The first one I helped my friend, Donna, make for her DS and DIL.
The second one came from Donna showing the first quilt to a friend at work and she said she would like one and asked the cost. Low N'''' behold all the fabric appeared on my doorstep with the pleas to make it for her with less quilting than the first one which was done using a LA with computer. She didn't want that much quilting.
So... Enjoy!!

7/23/2010 4:51:37 PM
Joannequilts Send a Message
Oh Teresa, this is gorgeous!! LOVE the color combo and you do beautiful quilting! It is PERFECT!

7/24/2010 6:32:28 AM
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
Your quilt is beautiful. The colors are great. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt with us.

Jo Ann
7/25/2010 3:42:16 PM
Very pretty. Love the colors. Good job!
7/29/2010 9:50:01 AM
gmaann Send a Message
That is a VERY pretty quilt, Teresa! I love the colors, and I especially love the floral sashing!
9/15/2012 6:49:27 PM
ollie1shoe Send a Message
N E Alabama
love love this pattern and the colors you
used are great
12/31/2014 6:27:29 PM
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