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February Lotto- - -And the Winners are!!
maryq Send a Message
Thank you all for being so patient, waiting until today to have the drawing! It was a great help having family here to draw the names!

Brother Bill drew----------------LORI
Jake (Bill's grandon) drew-------LINDA (Rose92) (can you pm me your address, I didn't keep the envelope like I should have)
Nolan drew-----------------------MARYZ
Corinne drew---------------------VELDA

So congratulations to all the winners.... your blocks will be on their way back to you on Monday or Tuesday (we're supposed to get more snow!) Will send your tracking numbers to you by PM when I have them.

Thank you again to all of you ---- it sure made my first Lotto a LOT of fun

Bet you are all surprised to see the February Lotto started by ME!

Am helping Teresa out a bit, and for now, I'll be doing every OTHER month. So February is my turn!

While going through a few of my tote boxes of fabric from storage, I can across one whole box full of pre cut 2.5" strips and got to thinkin' about how to use them up. So here's what I came up with.



All my QIAD books are still packed away, so I did a little search on Pinterest and found this easy block

SO easy..

https://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/quick-and-easy-doubly-striped-half-square-triangle-block/[/url] (oopppss sorry the link didn't work. I'll try again)

So gather up your strips and see what you can put together. The ones I made squared up very easily to 10.5" (NOTE this is a change from what I had previously said about being 9.5") I'd like to see each block be a different color-way.. like all blue, all pinks, etc, like my sample ones.

I'm copy/pasting the usual Lotto info from Teresa below.

*Never any pressure. The choice is always yours as to how many blocks you have time to make and we know life gets in the way sometimes.
*It is a great place to practice and get ready for joining a Swap.
*It is FUN TO WIN and/or see a PAL WIN and be able to WIN.
*If you make a block to keep you could have a Sampler Quilt at the end of the year :) :)

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2.5" strips
BACKGROUND: not really needed
Solids ok, but minimally
No heavy glitter.

* Pin or Stitch Address Label to the FRONT Corner of each block
* Place ALL blocks in ONE LARGE BAGGIE.
* PLEASE add $2-$3 to help with Shipping to the WINNERs

WAYS to RECEIVE your WINNING tickets ...
* 1 ticket = Let me know you are interested
* 1 ticket = Post a picture of your BLOCK
* 1 ticket = for each BLOCK you mail to me
* 2 tickets = Post a TRACKING NUMBER by the 25th

If you don't have my address, PM me and I will send it along!


In so far:

Teresa K---rec'd 4 blocks
Mary Z--- rec'd 10 blocks
Linda-Oasis-----rec'd 5 blocks
Linda-Rose92---rec'd 14 blocks!
Velda--- rec'd 3 blocks
Lyn-weeone--- rec'd 4 blocks
Lori-Zfatcat---rec'd 5 blocks
Katy-mepiece--- rec'd 4 blocks
Valerie----red'd 5 2-28
Shirley----rec'd 2

PS, I've gone a little crazy.. have made 13!
Might even whip up a few more!

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1/22/2018 3:54:39 PM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
I will try this Mary and see what I come up with. Not really a "scrappy" person, but looks fun. Some interesting items on the website also. ;)

I found this same pattern on YouTube also:

OOPS......that wasn't the same block Mary has chosen for us.

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1/22/2018 5:33:46 PM
zfatcat Send a Message
I'm in. That looks fun and easy. Lori
1/22/2018 8:50:10 PM
TeresaK Send a Message
CA High Desert
You know I am in Mary :) :) :) Thanks for helping me out. I know your first month will be AWESOME!!!!!
1/23/2018 1:17:40 AM
mepeace2 Send a Message
Count me in LOL Looks easy lol
1/23/2018 5:29:41 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
MARY, this is too tempting! A new technique for a unique new block. At least all new to me! I'm in! Now all I have to do is find a machine to sew on! lol! Mine is in the trunk of my car at the moment, awaiting a spa week.
1/23/2018 5:58:28 AM
I may try this. I think we are having a sew night (my usual monthly one) the first week of Feb. I may be able to get enough supplies out of boxes. Tentatively put my name down.
1/23/2018 6:21:09 AM
beautiful blocks!
1/23/2018 9:35:45 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Since I will be home for the month of February, count me in. Please Pm your address, Maryq.

**Linda W.
1/23/2018 11:16:53 AM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
This block is so much fun! Here are my first 2. It's early, so I will probably have more. The fabric that looks like aqua is really a cream print batik......not sure why it photographed like that. ;)

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1/24/2018 8:59:16 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
I'm thinking about trying this. I bought a few fat quarters in purples. I hope that's Ok. I probably won't get back up to the house and my stash, so will only have one color.

Just making sure I understand, you would prefer a block be same color strips, like various fabrics of red for a block, right?

1/24/2018 9:36:29 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Since Lyn is jumping in, I am going to join in too. :)
1/24/2018 2:32:37 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
I better get busy with this. I just found out this morning that my sister and brother-in-law will arrive in a week for an extended stay with us because of my brother’s surgery. So sewing time is going to be limited pretty soon

Before I start cutting any fabric, I want to clarify in my mind that each block should be in various fabrics of the same color like pink. Or another block might be all in yellows. Or the third block might be in shades of purple. Am I correct?

I Think this is such an intriguing block. Thanks, Mary choosing it for us
1/24/2018 3:26:14 PM
maryq Send a Message

Ok girls, with a little help from my friends (Lyn and Velda) I've discovered that the blocks will really square up to 10. 5" NOT 9.5"

I think what happened was that when I made the first sample block, it turned out a little wocky and didn't quite make 10.5, so I trimmed to 9.5 BUT when I did another one this afternoon, it came out perfectly squarable to 10.5.

If you have made some already that came out to 9.5, don't worry, if you want to send those, I'll just make different sets for 9.5 and 10.5, so the winner(s) will get a set of all the same size blocks.

And yes, what I would like to see is each block the same colors, like the ones in my sample blocks. That was it can still be scrappy but with some sort of rhyme and reason to the colors. Does that make sense?

PM me if you have any questions.
1/24/2018 3:40:02 PM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Teresa used to remind us NOT to square up before we mail. She always wanted to leave it up to the winner to square them to their preference.
Thanks Mary for clarifying the details.
1/24/2018 4:51:40 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Thanks, Mary, for the clarifications. And also to Velda for the reminder to not square up our blocks. After packaging, flying, and storing in my UFO box for who knows how long, I find blocks can ravel and end up being too small by the time I get to them.

My sister's visit is being postponed for a month. She was coming for our brother's surgery and now that's not until March 8th. So, once we finish with our painting and wallpaper project (hopefully within next couple days!) I will have plenty of time sew again!! I got out my little travel Janome and I've already pulled some fabrics!
1/25/2018 7:21:57 AM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message

Three blocks from me. Just using what fabrics I have on hand.
1/26/2018 12:58:02 PM
TeresaK Send a Message
CA High Desert
Linda I love the way your blocks look like candy wrappers. Great fabric choices :)

Velda you are so sweet to remember what I taught you. Makes me a proud teacher. I love your fabric choices!!! I will see if I have fabrics that will go lovely with yours.

Fingers crossed. I would love to win these

1/26/2018 7:10:48 PM
WeeOne Send a Message
Picture was too small, so reposted.
This post has been edited.
1/27/2018 11:17:02 AM
WeeOne Send a Message
Here are my 4 blocks.

1/27/2018 11:24:39 AM
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