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Secret Santa Opening
maryq Send a Message
Good Morning Girls

I know you all are so excited to open your Gifts! I guess it's time!

I was awake at 0500 this morning, thinking about how excited we all are to open packages, but at the same time my heart is heavy for those who have not received a package yet. To say I am disappointed in those Santas who have not mailed in plenty of time, well, is an understatement. I won't get into it much here, I'd like this to be the Happy Place to post when you open. And to share pictures if you are able.

There are two elves that have not received a gift yet. Vinae and Carolyn. I will not open my gift until I am assured that they have a gift.

Next week I will post a topic for "Follow up" and there I will share my thoughts and feelings about this year's Swap and how things are going to change for next year.

Merry Christmas
12/5/2017 5:53:27 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
MARY Q - I want to thank you for doing this for us every year. It is so much fun and I know for you, it's a bit like wrangling cats. And yet you keep coming back! What a sweet angle you are!! Merry Christmas to you, my friend!!

(((Big Christmas Hug)))

Love, T.O.M
12/5/2017 6:47:21 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Hey Mary.....I will also wait until everyone has received their gifts to open.

12/5/2017 6:47:57 AM
We are blessed to have you Mary.
12/5/2017 7:08:57 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Mary Q, I'm waiting also till everyone receives. And my boys are home today because DD is sick and they love to help me open so I gotta wait for them to be back too, I hope my Santa understands :) ♡♡
I'll be back ;)
12/5/2017 7:09:04 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
Oh and Mary Q, Thank you so much for hosting this every year! I love it! I know how stressful it can be too. ... so a huge (((((HUG))))) from me to you!
12/5/2017 7:11:10 AM
sweetpeadesigns Send a Message
Clark Hill, SC
Dearest Mary,

Thank you for all you do!! I'll be waiting with you, all or nothing!! You've got my Christmas hugs!!

Linda H
12/5/2017 7:15:51 AM
Quiltmom Send a Message
Defiance OH
I am agreeing with the other posts. I will wait until everyone has gotten their gift to open mine. I have waited this long so I can wait a little longer. Hopefully theirs will come soon.

MaryQ thank you for hosting the Secret Santa every year. You are great to do this for us.

12/5/2017 7:34:48 AM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Good morning everyone.

My Secret Santa is Linda Hertzing. She was wonderful. I got a teaser that was chocolates and a pincushion. Then my gift was lots of fabric. Fat quarters, some beautiful blue fabric, some 1930's repro fabric. Plus a pattern for Christmas table runner and a wonderful quilting mug.

Thanks so much Linda.

12/5/2017 8:00:45 AM
It is same for me, I agree with what has been said. I will wait for Vinae and Carolyn to receive their packages before opening mine! Sure hope they will receive soon!!

Love & hugs

12/5/2017 9:15:26 AM
dsf618 Send a Message
Altmar, NY
Although the anticipation will hurt, I as well will wait. I hope my Secret Santa understands.

Do we need to send out packages to our sisters to make up for it?
This post has been edited.
12/5/2017 9:35:00 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
My box is screaming but I have instructed it that it has to wait:) I want the joy to be felt by all as well:) HUGS


The lil goat, bunny, chicken, rooster, other critters will be ok in box I sent. I added extra snacks to keep them happy for opening day :)
12/5/2017 9:36:04 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
I don't have a package to open as my Secret Santa, Lea, sent a gift certificate through my LQS and I used it to purchase some fabric that I wanted. But I am with our quilting sisters in spirit to hold off opening our gifts until all have a gift to open.

Mary z
12/5/2017 10:08:43 AM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
I'm with all my sister quilter's holding strong until everyone of us has our gift to open. I was going to say something more but I too will save that for another post. Anticipation is making wait, keeping me straight.

12/5/2017 10:33:41 AM
javin22 Send a Message
Eagle Mountain
I just received a $20.00 gift certificate to Connecting threads from an anonymous Secret Santa Helper. I want to thank who ever stepped in and did this for me. That was so very generous! :D I will pick out some fun things to enjoy. Thanks so much again. Merry Christmas.
12/5/2017 11:21:35 AM
cupcake Send a Message
Almost 4 pm eastern time, No mail today. I did not receive a package for opening day. It is not OK, but It is over, and we move on. However it is OK for all of you to open your packages. I want you all to be cheerful over your packages, I have known many of you for over 9 years on this forum. Happy Holidays.

12/5/2017 12:48:09 PM
Pilot2b Send a Message
The anticipation is great, however, will not open my package until EVERYONE has rec'd their package.

Mary Z thanks for helping us, you are gem and such a blessed soul.

Will check back later on to see when we have a green light to open gifts.. Zac, my adorable fur baby keeps walking by my unopened gift, sniffs around and then walks away. HA

Hugs and blessings to all!

12/5/2017 1:05:48 PM
rosebud3 Send a Message
I too will wait until everyone has their pkg.

12/5/2017 2:08:34 PM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
I am sorry. I opened mine early before I knew it was decided to wait for everyone to get there packages. I hope everyone gets their packages quickly.

12/5/2017 2:39:41 PM
Charlton, MA
LOL....my package was so "out of sight" I forgot today was the day.

I'm so sorry for the glitch....I will wait for the others.

Please let me know if extra SS are needed to step in...I'd love to help.

Those that want too could all send a thing or two = fub

Mary thank you for all you ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))

12/5/2017 6:47:03 PM
sweetpeadesigns Send a Message
Clark Hill, SC
Dearest Suzette,

You are very welcome! I am so glad that you are enjoying your gifts. I am looking forward to everyone having a merry Christmas and I feel sure that all will receive something by the end of the week.

Hugs and Merry Christmas to all!
Linda H
12/5/2017 6:49:21 PM
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