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Chicken wall hanging
JayKay Send a Message


Here is my recently hung (thank you DH) wall hanging. On my new kitchen wall, lol.

2/20/2018 5:28:35 AM
DouceFleur1 Send a Message
Joyce, your chicken wall hanging is so beautiful. Love the wood frame. Great jobs!
2/20/2018 5:36:57 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Very cute chicken! love the background fabric, too! What kind of wall covering is in the background? Looks cool!
2/20/2018 6:02:09 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Joyce Your Chicken is so cute.Love the background fabric.And your wall is neat.Frame looks great too. Becca
2/20/2018 6:42:07 AM
Joyce, I love your chicken! It looks cozy on your wall. Did you and your DH DIY the wall? My DH is paneling my kitchen with cedar planks milled from trees on our farm. I love the look of any wood! The colors in your wall are wonderful!
2/20/2018 8:02:30 AM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
Your new chicken looks perfect on the rustic wall. I like all the different colors and the smaller boards in your wall.
2/20/2018 8:10:57 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Love your chicken. I like chicken things too. I have a collection of "chicken" material but haven't done anything with it yet. You are an inspiration.

2/20/2018 9:27:56 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Wow too cute. Love wood wall.
2/20/2018 10:18:35 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
2/23/2018 5:45:22 AM
javin22 Send a Message
Eagle Mountain
How fun! Looks really cute!
2/23/2018 10:44:56 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
How on earth did I not see your post.

I love your chickens and the frame is just perfect. Also love the wooden wall, very pretty.

Yours is a house I'd love to see in person, I bet it is country and cozy, like a cabin in the woods.

3/9/2018 7:47:37 PM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Joyce, great chicken job! He's so cute. I'm using that same chicken wire fabric for a my Radical Roosters. I am also admiring your wall.
3/13/2018 11:38:50 AM
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