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My own Olympic Steps wall hanging
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA

While at the Houston quiltfest four or five years ago I admired a quilt entitled “Olympic steps“. It’s inspiration was taken from the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. A few years later I was hiking in the rain forest and happened upon the very steps that were in the quilt. I was elated! I took several pictures and started collecting fabrics to make my own quilt. It took another three years to wrap my head around it before I actually started cutting fabric. This is what I have been working on this week. It measures about 21“ x 31“ and is now hanging in my family room
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2/17/2018 12:08:57 PM
javin22 Send a Message
Eagle Mountain
OH WOW!! I LOVE THAT!! I will put my order in for one just like it. :D
2/17/2018 12:49:42 PM
auntjana Send a Message
Herriman, Utah
A Masterpiece! It is stunning and shows that you took the right amount of time to wrap your head around this project!
2/17/2018 12:51:27 PM
QuiltGram8 Send a Message
Wow!!!! This is amazing!! Awesome!
Great job!
2/17/2018 1:39:41 PM
WeeOne Send a Message
Awesome!!! I Love it!!
2/17/2018 1:46:49 PM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
Wow That’s a true work of art.You captured the real effect.Amazing work of art. Becca
2/17/2018 3:50:55 PM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
Mary what a masterpiece you did a fabulous job.

2/18/2018 1:14:34 AM
Maryz, your Olympic steps wall hanging is so beautiful. I agree with Becca, a true work of art. You did great jobs!!!
2/18/2018 5:41:20 AM
Charlton, MA
I love it! Beautiful!
2/18/2018 6:49:52 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
that turned out beautifully. you do make pretty quilts.

2/18/2018 7:18:54 AM
Wow, that is an amazing work of art. Must try that one day!!!
2/18/2018 8:44:47 AM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
Maryz...Awesome job, looks like you captured the essence of Washington State. You did an amazing job with it.

2/18/2018 12:45:21 PM
that's truly amazing! I had no idea they made some of those fabrics. awesome job of replicating your hiking day!
2/18/2018 1:47:03 PM
That is amazing!
2/18/2018 6:18:26 PM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
Oh my goodness! This is awesome. I love it.

2/19/2018 3:54:43 AM
womster Send a Message
Elizabeth, CO
Maryz, you are truly an artist. What a beautiful work of art.

2/19/2018 7:17:54 AM
Oasis Send a Message
West Coast
Oh Mary, I think you may have surpassed yourself with this awesome hanging!! Even the perspective of making the steps smaller as they circle around is perfect. Great Job!!!
2/19/2018 10:58:08 AM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
You are not only a prolific quilter, but an artist too! Amazing work.

2/20/2018 9:24:59 AM
JayKay Send a Message
Mary, this is beautiful......I have so many UFO’s that I hesitate to start another quilt....
But.....wall hangings are great.

2/20/2018 9:51:40 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Mary that is gorgeous wowzers love the depth it portrays.
2/20/2018 10:16:33 AM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Glad you found inspiration in Houston!!! Your wall hanging is beautiful. I couldn't do anything like that as I'm not an artist. I think you have to be an artist to be able to do something like that.
3/13/2018 11:15:09 AM
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