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MineCraft Monster Creeper Quilt made for DS#2
TeresaK Send a Message
CA High Desert
Well this is the Monster Quilt that DS#2 asked for. Initially he only gave me the picture of just the green/black center which was so boring to me so i asked him to tell me more about this monster. He then sent me 3 other pictures of it and from that I figured out the borders and my Quilting mate here, Sandy embroidered the words for the inside border. A good many of the greens came from many of you. There are 100 green/black Squares and 387 different shades and sizes of browns/grays - Whew. This is the one that lead me to buying a headlamp after having so much trouble finding the seams while ditching the black. ENJOY!!!!


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9/11/2012 12:42:43 AM
fabricgirl Send a Message
sewing in NJ
wow what an awsome quilt.

Thanks for sharing .

9/11/2012 1:45:27 AM
DouceFleur1 Send a Message
Teresa, your monster quilt is beautiful. Nice colors. you did great jobs. I'm sure your DS will love it! :-)
9/11/2012 3:57:04 AM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
I had forgotten aobut the monster... he is really cute... can't wait to see the reaction he gets when DS sees it.

9/11/2012 5:02:53 AM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
Teresa....YOur monster quilt turned out so cute. I'm sure he will just love this quilt. You did a wonderful job recreating this monster for him.

9/11/2012 5:37:20 AM
gershwin64 Send a Message
How cool! And I love that it is a Hugssssssssss monster, those are the bestest! :o)
9/11/2012 6:34:14 AM
it is cute,,,,
9/11/2012 6:54:12 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
What a cool quilt.Know it will be special to him......Becca
9/11/2012 9:14:55 AM
What a great job!!! Neat, neat quilt!!! Let us know how he likes it!
9/11/2012 9:46:49 AM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
Great quilt! So unique and personal. And as I was reading about your "monster" I heard growling in back of me!! It was Bunny Kitty, snoring! But she (and you!) had me for a split second!
9/11/2012 12:54:27 PM
TeresaK Send a Message
CA High Desert
Oh Mary - that is hilarious!!!!

Evan loves it and started chasing Stormy, his dog, all over the house with it. This from a 32 yr old - ROTFLOL!!!!

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9/11/2012 2:01:02 PM
suzette58 Send a Message
Wytheville, VA
What a great quilt. I love it.


9/11/2012 5:47:52 PM
zfatcat Send a Message
Looks great Teresa
9/12/2012 11:59:09 AM
Jules Send a Message
Surrey, UK
Great quilt Teresa.....I think those smaller squares round the border would have driven me mad :)
9/12/2012 11:28:40 PM
Sarahbearah0123 Send a Message
Ann Arbor, MI
Very cute! How many different shades of brown were used?
9/14/2013 9:08:30 PM
MainelyMe Send a Message
What a great memory keeping quilt! Just wonderful!

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9/14/2013 9:26:25 PM
What a fun quilt!!! I like the brown border you added to it.
9/15/2013 6:16:49 AM
What a perfect quilt for the guy. Andrew plays that game too. He would love a quilt like that.
9/15/2013 7:16:10 AM
Awesome quilt! It definitely does delight the child in all of us. We should all have a Hugs Monster in our lives.

You did a great quilt for your son. Had to take lots and lots and lots of patience to do all those tiny brown sqs. A true quilt made with love.

Thanks for sharing. God bless as you quilt for others.

Hugs, Shirley Mae
9/15/2013 7:16:50 AM
billizzy Send a Message
goat lady:)
Ok I was going to ask how old son was then read post 32 that is tooooo funnnny. LOL What a cute and whimsical quilt. I want Hugssss tooo from my christmas blocks teresa:)))) No wonder they are so cheerful look what you have been up to:)
9/17/2013 1:43:51 PM
toekeyotow Send a Message
Indiana Joan
Teresa, Your DS's quilt turned out so whimsical, you did a fantastic job adding the borders and the embroidery sends this over the top. Excellent job.

9/19/2013 9:19:08 AM
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