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Round robin runner
ilovetosew Send a Message
New Albany PA
I think I started something a couple of years ago in my guild when I introduced the idea of doing a Round Robin. They didn't know what it was or how to do it, but we soon learned. We all made full size quilts.

This year they wanted to do it again, but I started with a small 6 inch pinwheel block for my centre and they made this table runner for me by adding the borders. I love the bali prints and the colours have a very summery, tropical feeling!

I quilted it on my long arm with a different pattern for every round and addition. I'll take it to my meeting on Tues to show them the finished product.






8/8/2010 3:59:53 PM
busylady Send a Message
That is a cute I idea. I assume a round robin is that everyone adds a block to make it bigger. You will have to explain a little more.
8/8/2010 4:05:30 PM
Rootyr Send a Message
Selkirk, NY
Oh how pretty!
8/8/2010 4:25:24 PM
purrfect-lady Send a Message
Gig Harbor, WA
What a neat idea! I love the colors. My favorite combos!
8/8/2010 4:29:51 PM
Super job, Janie! It's a lovely, fun runner!!!
8/8/2010 9:26:34 PM
Janie, What a charming idea. That came out really nice. And to think all your quilting friends had a hand in designing it. That makes it really special. I like the idea of a table runner size. Quilts could get to be a bit large and hard to pass around or add things to.

I too would like a little more explanation for this. I want to start a small quilting group in our rv park this winter if I can get a few women together to work on things. My best friend is no longer here but I would do it in memory of her and all the other park residents that are gone now. Do you provide any of the fabric or just start it and let others add their own fabric and ideas?

Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration and giving us all a great idea to do in our own areas. God bless and hugs, Shirley Mae
8/8/2010 9:37:46 PM
Jules Send a Message
Surrey, UK
Lovely runner and so ingenius of your friends to make your block into a table runner rather than just a quilt......love it
8/9/2010 1:39:17 AM
jeri1950 Send a Message
It's pretty. I like making runners and place mats. They go together so quickly.
8/9/2010 3:41:37 AM
Becca Send a Message
Mtns of NC
I love the colors & the patterns.Very pretty.
8/9/2010 4:46:25 AM
ilovetosew Send a Message
New Albany PA
Hi Girls! Thanks for all the nice comments.

A Round Robin starts with everyone who is participating making a block, in whatever size you'd like. Mine was the darker, 6 inch pinwheel in the centre of the runner, but some in my group made 12 inch blocks, one lady had a beautiful floral fabric and cut a rectangle about 12 x 18 inches to start hers.

Then your block is passed around the group so everyone can take a turn adding a border - some do pieced work, some do plain colours - what ever the quilt needs at the stage you get your turn to work on it. While your block is growing, you are taking a turn on everyone else's block, helping those grow.

Everyone uses their own fabric to add on, following the colour story and theme, and occasionally it means a trip to the quilt shop for just the right touch!

It's a challenge to figure out measurements for the pieced borders, to keep things laying flat with all those people working on it, and to be creative in design and colour sense to make the quilt grow harmoniously with the work done before you get it. Great fun though, and we all stretch our skills to make each one beautiful!


This post has been edited.
8/9/2010 4:41:54 PM
lorettav Send a Message
Fluffy's mom
8/9/2010 8:44:24 PM
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