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Pin Size
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
I just discovered that pin size matters. I never knew pins were difference sizes (width) so I just bought what looked pretty. Then I saw a discussion about pin width and investigated for myself. I found that most pins sold are about 40-55 mm. They are pretty thick and make the fabric mound when you use them. I always hated that. Then I discovered some 35 mm pins and tried them. They are long and skinny with blue glass tops. They are so sharp and slide into the fabric so easy, without the fabric mounding. And I rarely hit them with the needle now if I choose to sew over them (when nesting seams). So no more thick pins for me unless there is a good reason! Check it out for yourself.


7/29/2016 4:37:55 PM
Linda I agree with you that pin size matters! I too, use the thin glass head type. Thanks for sharing information. :o)

7/31/2016 12:28:43 PM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
Linda - I use those glass head, thin pins, too. They bend real easily but I just bend them back. I like them because you can iron over them and they don't melt.
8/1/2016 5:53:50 AM
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