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What glove to wear while using a rotary cutter?
Loves2HandQuilt Send a Message
Does anyone use a glove when they use a rotary cutter? After using a rotary cutter for many years with a few minor cuts, I took off the tip of my finger and the nail yesterday! I was using an old cutter and blade - I was cutting paper!

My DH suggested a glove - think I agree!
3/24/2009 12:08:54 PM
TooMuchFabric Send a Message
Windy Country
Mary Ann always wears a glove on the Fons & Porter show so they probably have something available.
3/24/2009 12:35:22 PM
ctherrie Send a Message
Ouch! Hope you heal well and get back to quilting. I know for a fact that Fons and Porter do sell them.

3/24/2009 2:52:10 PM
Fons and Porter have a glove but I've read conflicting reviews. There are also meat cutter gloves that might work. I hope someone has used something so I can get a first hand account.

3/24/2009 3:13:44 PM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
My DH bought me the 'Klutz Glove' from Fons and Porter for Christmas. It is not like a regular glove. If you search for it online you have to put in "Klutz Glove", not "quilting glove". I like mine because I was always nicking the back of my right hand (the glove hand)after I had made the cut and was trying to move the fabric with the cutter still in my left hand. Now I don't nick myself anymore. The glove fits either hand. Unfortunately, they are not inexpensive, but I guess that is because they made out of a special flexible steel material that you can't cut through.

3/24/2009 5:59:47 PM
Linda -
So the rotary cutter will really not cut the glove?

3/24/2009 6:04:55 PM
Rose92 Send a Message
Central CA
Well, now you made me go and actually try to cut my glove with the rotary cutter!! It would not cut! I'm not going to try scissors on it, though.

The glove looks like a tightly knitted glove with rubber dots all over it for gripping, yet it is flexible and strong. Just my 2 cents.

3/24/2009 6:24:11 PM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
I have a Klutz Glove.....now if I can just remember to use it.
3/25/2009 6:41:49 AM
SueSwan Send a Message
Northern Cali
I cut my finger day before yesterday, my first one from a rotary cutter. I should have been wearing my Klutz Glove ... I have been wearing it since. Luckily it was a shallow cut, but let me tell you how sharp those blades are ... it was just a graze, yet there was plenty of blood. If you have the Klutz Glove, WEAR IT. If you don't have one, consider getting one. That is my 2 cents.
3/25/2009 7:08:20 AM
cindyg Send a Message
TX-Houston sub
SueSwan - you are so right. I will get mine out and keep it out so that it's handy for when I want to cut.
3/26/2009 6:17:36 AM
I've ordered a glove. By the time my finger is healed, I'll have it. Thanks for all of the help!

3/26/2009 1:20:20 PM
sewbug Send a Message
Right Here
Any safety glove you buy will be cheaper than a trip to the ER. Shoot fire!, the Go! die cut machine is way cheaper than going to the ER. Rotary cutters have always scared me even though I have used one for years.
3/27/2009 11:20:41 AM
BarbieJean Send a Message
Another way to protect your fingers when using your rotary cutter is a nadle on your ruler. They make the Gypsy Gripper and market it for rulers, but you can also purchase these handles for use on the walls in a shower for the elderly or handicapped and they are less expensive. This gripper also helps keep the ruler from sliding as you are holding it at a better angle. By holding the ruler with this handle your hands are up and away from the ruler.
3/29/2009 10:39:32 AM
judyquilts Send a Message
Albuquerque, NM
Hope your finger has healed but I can't imagine the hurt you had. I am going to get a glove for myself and one for my daughter. Thank you for the info of putting in "Klutz Glove" as I have not been able to find one in the stores and when I did they were all small. My daughter just got back into quilting but cannot get even a little knick as she is on blood thinners. It scares me to think of her having an accident.
4/9/2009 10:41:17 PM
judyquilts Send a Message
Albuquerque, NM
I recently looked at some of the gloves on the net. I saw Fons and Porters' and lots when I Googles "Klutz Glove". All kinds of prices and I am wondering if the ones that say "cut resistant" are really good and how does the Kevlar make them any better as they sure are a lot pricier.
4/13/2009 9:08:46 PM
I most definitely wear a glove after slicing off the side of my finger. I use a Kevlar glove that has the fingertips coated in rubber. Non slip and not much gets through Kevlar.
12/14/2016 3:47:52 PM
Quilter7 Send a Message
I use a Klutz glove. Recently, I was in a class and using a glove to cut fabric. The instructor came over and said it was a good thing. The year before while teaching one of the students had cut her hand and the paramedics had to be called. NOT fun!

We all spend time alone at home cutting fabric, it would not be smart to cut yourself. A Klutz glove is a lot less expensive than a trip to the Emergency Room to get stitches in your hand or finger!

I keep my rotary cutter and Klutz glove together so I can find it.

2/28/2017 10:23:20 AM
I know this is an old discussion but I use chefs’ gloves. You can find them on Amazon. I thought about a butcher’s steel mesh glove but that seemed to be over kill.
9/29/2018 9:34:08 AM
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