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Ragging sissors
Chrissy1 Send a Message
May I please ask what are the best recommended sissors for ragging flannel? I have the Fons and Porter little red handled ones but I was wondering if there is something even easier? I just finished up a large size fall colors and well, Let the ragging begin. Thank you
10/15/2008 11:54:04 AM
xteacher Send a Message
Karon--NE Ark.
Well, I am not at home and so cannot remember the name. They may be the F & P. Instead of having to put swollen, arthritic thumbs into handles, they have handles like pliers and you squeeze them together. I am able to use them without any problems. However, I think my handles are blue. They were a little pricey--$30-40.

Okay, I'm home now. They are Heritage Cutlery 6 1/2" Rag Quilting Snips. I bought them in a quilt shop a couple of years ago.

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10/15/2008 12:32:36 PM
tnjacke Send a Message
my sewing room
FISKARS soft touch spring action Rag Quilter Snips from JoAnns.com now on sale at $13.99. do a search on just Fiskars and they are on page 7 second line... These don't hurt your hands and stay sharp the longest. At least that is my opinion.
10/15/2008 6:04:57 PM
CoyoteQuilts Send a Message
Cottontown, TN
I use the fiskars that have a short blade. It seems to work the best & you have a lower chance of clipping to deep.

Sharon V.
10/15/2008 8:45:14 PM
sewbug Send a Message
Right Here
The best scissors I have used are Famore 8" Blue Handle Fabric Scissors
I have about every brand of expensive scissors and these are the best. They will cut 10 layers of fabric at the very tip of the blades.

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10/16/2008 8:08:04 AM
luv_2quilt60 Send a Message
Genoa, WV
I have the Heritage Cutlery Rag quilting snips ....they are spring loaded...I ordered them off line..i think like 39.00....And they do a great Job!............Beverly
10/19/2008 4:43:34 PM
Barbsjg22 Send a Message
Crosbyton, TX
I have had a pair of Fiskars softouch USA with black handle and a gold slider lock 10". They have a spring that springs open and you slightly grip to close and cut. THEY ARE GREAT. They have stayed sharp for a very long time, and ease hand tension.

Today I am hunting a good pair of scissors 5" to 7". Advise?
4/21/2017 6:17:58 PM
4/14/2018 7:04:50 PM
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