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How Far Apart to Quilt - Another Perspective
Jmeyer4 Send a Message
Pine City, NY
Well - I hope this doesn't sound dumb but I've got a question. All instructions on batting indicate how far apart you can quilt, usually 4-6 inches. Let me see if I can explain myself -

Say you're machine quilting on a simple diagonal quilting pattern. Corner to corner, the rows are say 4" apart according to instructions. My question arises when I don't know if this is enough. In other words, it is enough to quilt every 4 inches in width and not in length. If I am quilting from corner to corner, I need to put the rows 4" apart but how about the length of the row - do I need to seperate that into 4 inch sections or is it just enough that I have done it width wise --

Oh I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say -
Thanks for your help -

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12/29/2009 2:08:56 PM
Marilynsgrammy Send a Message
Hi Jmeyer....

I think it's enough.... I made this quilt quite a while back.. it's all flannel but I only sewed in the ditch on the long rows... I didn't sew across only lengthwise.... it's still holding together and it's been washed quite a few times....

the blocks were 5 inches wide before sewing them together so my quilting is 4 1/2 inches apart....


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12/29/2009 5:39:00 PM
quilterbee Send a Message
There is another lady here that lives in the SAME town you do!! Her name is Vicky, do you know her? Amie :o)
12/29/2009 6:05:49 PM
Jmeyer4 Send a Message
Pine City, NY
Amie -
Wow - it's a small world. I would love to know who she is, don't think I know her but you never know. I've only lived in Pine City for about 3 years now.

How do I find her ?
12/30/2009 8:33:13 AM
auntmarie4 Send a Message
Beverly Hills,Fl
very lovely quilt!!!
1/23/2010 3:05:35 AM
Joannequilts Send a Message
Chriss's quilt made me think of something to share...

I've noticed that the less that you quilt, the more flexible and soft the quilt. The quilt becomes "stiffer" the more quilting you do. So, if you want a quilt that will drape nicely (like a lap quilt that you use alot, or a bed quilt that you sleep under)the less you quilt, the better. But maybe a wall hanging would hang better with alot of quilting...just a thought!

1/23/2010 6:18:08 AM
lorettav Send a Message
Fluffy's mom
I have 5" squares from one of our swaps some time ago well long time ago and I am quilting a flower in each block.
1/23/2010 4:18:04 PM
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